5 Tips to Help You Choose a Custom Steering Wheel for Your BMW

5 Tips to Help You Choose a Custom Steering Wheel for Your BMW

Are you upgrading your BMW’s interior and want to make unique changes to your vehicle? Many people want to add their personality to their car and create their own style, especially if they are going to be driving every day. Of course, this means that the upgrades are more than cosmetic. They also want to be upgrades that feel good and make your BMW fun to drive.

So, this is where a custom steering wheel comes in. The steering wheel is often considered the focal feature in the front of the car, and this is your opportunity to put your stamp on your BMW. Here are five tips that are going to help you choose a custom steering wheel.

Choose Your Wheel Shape

Let’s start by thinking about the steering wheel shape. You will have different options, such as a round and traditional steering wheel, as well as a flat bottom and semi-flat bottom shape. This is going to be something that is your personal preference. For example, some people find it easier to turn with a round wheel, while others like a flat bottom to tell if the wheel is straight. A semi-flat bottom can give you something in between, as well as feeling more like a sports car.

So, think carefully have the steering wheel shape to begin with. In particular, you want to be comfortable driving your BMW with this shape. So, consider what is going to be best for handling, as well as the style and how it looks.

Consider the Material

Next, you want to think carefully about the material you choose for your new steering wheel. This is going to be something that stands out, and it can be the first thing you notice when you get in as a driver or passenger. For example, some people like the classy and luxurious leather style, while others enjoy the sportier design of carbon fibre. To see what options you have, head to Kezr Automotive to see the BMW customisable fibre steering wheels they have on offer. Indeed, you can choose the material you like for the wheel and customise the colour of the stitching used.

Love the Design

Let’s be honest and say that a custom steering wheel for a BMW is not going to be cheap. Indeed, it can be quite an investment, and this means paying out a lot of money on this one modification. You do not want to be disappointed later on by your choice, which can happen if you rush or do not pay attention to the design. So, you want to take your time and select a design you love.

Think about the custom steering wheel and how it is going to appear in your car. You might want it to match other accessories you have, as well as the style and colours in the front of the vehicle. Really try to envision this new modification and be certain that you love the design. After all, you want to keep it for many years and feel good every time you step into your BMW.

Select the Grip Material

Yes, a new wheel can look sportier and cool. But, you also want it to be a practical addition to your BMW. In other words, you want to make sure that handling is good and that you feel in control of your vehicle.

Thus, something you want to pay attention to is the grip material. This is going to be on locations where your hand will sit on the wheel. It should be a comfortable material to hold, as well as provide plenty of grip and control. Some quality materials you should consider are perforated leather, napa leather and Alcantara.

Look at the Installation

Something that you cannot forget to investigate before you buy a custom steering wheel is the installation. You want to make sure that this is a process you can handle if you want to do it by yourself. So, once you have selected the material, design and shape that you love, do not forget to read about how you install the wheel. The last thing you want is to select a design that is amazing but not be able to fit the wheel by yourself.

Most good steering wheels will only need a few tools in order to get started. For example, this can include a wrench and screwdrivers. If your custom steering wheel has features like LED lights, other tools might be necessary. Again, just make sure you read the installation instructions in advance so that you know if you can handle the process. Of course, you can also choose to hire someone if you really like a wheel but do not have the tools and experience.

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