Data Sharing Websites – Important Features of File Sharing Websites

Data Sharing Websites – Important Features of File Sharing Websites

Data Sharing Websites. Why File Sharing Websites were developed? Important Features and Names of File Sharing Websites/Software.

In the old times, people used to write all important things on paper. These papers were compiled in the shape of books and files and were the means of sharing knowledge and important documents.

Also, With the advancement in the field of technology, papers have been replaced by digital documents/files.

All the work of even the largest firms, institutes, and departments is available on a laptop or simply a hard drive.

At times, these files contain certain data/information which is of high value, may it be the personal data of an individual or financial data of a person/firm, in both cases it needs to be handled with care and responsibility.

A need has been felt to develop means and ways to share such files without compromising on the security and privacy of both the firm and person.

Why File Sharing Websites were developed?

CDs, USBs, and hard drives were used for sharing the data from one computer or laptop to another. Emails were also used for several years as an effective means of communication and sharing.

However, it was not found much suitable for this purpose owing to the security challenges and limitation of file size, i.e. 5 to 10 megabytes. Therefore, such websites were developed to resolve the file-sharing problems with safety and security.

Data shared on these websites is fully encrypted and password-protected, thus providing a sense of satisfaction to the user. In this article, we’ll discuss secure file-sharing website and their importance.

Financial data including CPA files need to be considered very important and hence require more secure means to be shared on the internet. Various websites are available in the market which helps the user in secure file sharing. The file is one such software that plays an important role in sharing financial and personal information with utmost security. Files shared on ICFiles are not only encrypted but also password protected. It is like keeping the files in a locked safe with only one key in your possession. Various other software is also there on the internet which connects multiple users at the same time to access the same file.

Important Features

File sharing websites have many features which make them the best option for both client and firm/institutes to share their sensitive and personal data. Some of these features are:-

  • It has made it easier for clients and firms to access the same file and carry out discussions and amendments at the same time. All team members can access a file and give their input and brainstorm collectively.
  • These websites have replaced the emails completely and allow the user/firm to share huge files with a single click.
  • Both free and paid versions are available in the market and one can always get it as per the requirement/workload.
  • The website itself has several periodic checks and monitoring levels to ensure privacy and prevention of data loss.
  • File sharing websites can easily be used and accessed by users and firms. It can a user-friendly interface and can be used from the comfort of a home using a laptop/computer.
  • Files are not only placed secure while at rest but are protected during sharing process as well.
  • You can share files in seconds and get notified in case someone sends you a document.

Important File Sharing Websites/Software

Several websites are available on the internet offer services of file sharing. The main feature of these is the safety and security of information being shared. Another important aspect is the file size that it supports. Some of the famous file sharing websites in the market are:-

  • ICFiles
  • Google share.
  • Dropbox.
  • ShareFile.

Data Encryption

Secure files/documents dispatch is a difficult task in the modern world. As they contain information like, name, address, phone number, and financial details and cannot be afforded to lose or going into the wrong hands.

However, file-sharing websites have played an important role in making it possible. ICFiles is one the most reliable software in this regard as the information sent/stored is one-way encrypted.

It is a type of encryption in which only the user has the password and it is not being shared/stored by anyone else. This feature secures personal information help prevent identity and data theft.

The file-sharing websites can help share data ranging from 4 GBs to 10 GBs and more dependent upon the version of the software. No random person can access the files as they are safe and secure.

 Security of information in the modern world is a top priority of every firm and person. The file can be shared with satisfaction and without the fear of losing it.

Password protection and data encryption have added to it and provided satisfaction to the client and firm for sharing sensitive information.

 However, passwords are required to be kept safe; should not be given to other people as it may cause leakage of information to undesired persons/sources.

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