Detect magic 5e || dungeon and dragon spell || complete guide of 2021

Detect magic 5e || dungeon and dragon spell || complete guide of 2021

What is Detect magic 5e? The Famous Attributes (range, target, damage, components, duration, creature) of Dungeons and Dragons fifth spell.

1: Introduction of detect magic 5e?

Detect magic 5e spell is the most versatile and prominent spell in the game of dungeon and dragon. The user or player can easily detect the magic spell by using this kind of spell in his game. Also, This magic spell has available in many colors, and every color has its significances and qualities. The user or player can easily choose or select them according to his need at the game time.

We can say, in these words, that detect magic 5e is a versatile spell in all spells used for the user’s convenience. However, Many players are most commonly used to this spell in his game for digging through piles of loot to find all the magic items. The user or player can also search this kind of magic spell through the newest edition, which provides some commonly overlooking applications.

Although, The user or player can use this spell for the duration of making sense of the presence of a magic spell within 30 feet from the player or user in the game of dungeon and dragon. Suppose any player can sense magic in their way. In that case, the player can use his playing of action to see a faint aura around any visible creature or object in the gaming area that can bears magic in the game time, and then the player or user will be able to learn its school of magic from this.

Magic spell :

The detect magic 5e spell is such kind of magic spell that can penetrate most barriers in the game. Still, it is blocked by 1 foot of stone for the attacker or fighter, and this spell 5e has become 1 inch of common metal and a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt covering distances for the player in his game time.

The rules of playing this game are varied accordingly to the situation and tension at the game time. When any user is struggling and is getting rid of a problematic situation, he can use or cast this kind of magic spell in his game.

 So the rules for Detect Magic 5e in the dungeon and dragon game will show the potential beyond the future and can simply be finding magic items with the help of detecting magic spells. It is also allowing the caster to see magical effects on many objects, articles, and creatures. It also lets the caster know all the school of magic that is affecting the animal or item as well in the game. There are available few limitations that provide for the user or player game. The spell can be blocked by various materials and their essential features and abilities, and varying thicknesses.

2: What are the attributes of Detect magic 5e?

In this article, we try to relate all the information about this spell and provide all details on detecting magic 5e.

The user or fighter can find these attributes for helping material for his game in dungeon and dragon.

The casting time of this detect magic spell is only 1 action.

The name classes are bard, cleric, druid, paladin, ranger, sorcerer, and wizard.

The name of the components is V and S.

The concentration-time of this magic detecting 5e spell is yes.

The duration and timing of this magic spell are only up to 10 minutes in the game time.

The name of level which is this spell mostly seen or using is 1.

The full name of this famous spell is Detect Magic 5e.

The total range of this spell is self.

 Detect magic 5e has the ritual is yes.

The name of the school is divination.

The target of this spell is self.

3: What are the colors and their availability of colors ties in different Auras?

The different colors are becoming the symbols for detecting the magic in other auras in the game dungeon and dragon for all users. All colors have their significance and meaning, which is also representing their special meaning.

The abjuration has the color green.

The enchantment has grey, which resembles the silvery texture with a tinge of blue light in the game time.

The conjuration has the color orange.

The divination has the color of white.

The evocation has the color of deep red.

The illusion has the color of a transparent aura.

The necromancy has a black aura and black color.

The transmutation has the color purple.

4: What are the colors of magic?

The term colors of magic meaning that detecting the magic or magical colors and other abilities which are allowing to the specific user or player for seeing the fantastic magic in the game time,

 and this is often showing such a presence through an aura emitting different colors of magic from the magical object in dungeon and dragon. 

In addition, The user or player has the opportunity to know without a more direct and identifying the Detect magic 5e of spell; which has a granting period of magic that has the full caster knowledge of the magical item and object.

 Suppose any user or player can see the aura of magic. In that case, he will be able to see a magic system of varying colors denoting the school of magic; and the magic is basing on the colors and their availability.

Moreover, the aura of spells may have different characteristics and qualities; granting the dungeon master and their abilities to give their descriptions with a little more content for the game and attacking time on any creature or monster.

Also, Most of the players and fighters have such a flame-like movement and their significances of colors. There are dense elements of hue colors surrounding the object; which are fading colors and their lights after an inch or two.

 There is a crackling and electrically surging aura that can denote the game’s intense power.

The player or fighter will slow and transparent molten aura, ending cleanly; and all players have the facility of without fading the lights in detecting magic.  

The players or attacker can also find an almost reflecting coloring shimmer and scheme that reveals itself and other qualities of magic when it is inspecting and so on within the game. 

5: What are the different schools of magic?

The different school of magic which are readily available in the player’s handbook.

 And are also available for the user’s convenience in-game time. There are also many available opportunities for different classes,

 and their names are abjuration, conjuration,

 divination, enchantment,

 evocation, illusion, necromancy, and transmutation.

     Additionally, when a user or player is casting the spell; they are also using it to Detect magic 5e and the color of the school of magic.

And the player will see visible and temporary colors by those players or users who cannot see magic auras in the fighting time. 

All the users or players will see the main difference between all classes and their available colors. This is all done due to the spell’s potential energy, and it gathers the lights; the density of colors that can concentrate magical power that becomes visible for everyone.

Also, We can say this all the above mentions detail into these words that it should be almost self-evident and have the self- range facility within the dungeon and dragon game. And all the colors which are representing the school of class at the time of fighting. The user or player will clarify all these situations like this: 

 The abjuration has the color of gold and (yellow).

 The conjuration has the color green.

 The divination has the color of white.

 The enchantment has the color of silver and (Teal).

 The evocation has the color red.

 The illusion has the color of a rainbow.

 The necromancy has the color black.

     The transmutation has the color blue.

6: What are the additional colors of detect magic?

The other and additional colors of Detect magic 5e are mentions here in this article


This color of grey resembles pale and appears on more ancient magic that denotes something magically to do with allowing the transmutation, enchantment, and divination. This color of grey is generally indicating goodwill for the player or user. But this color is not always a good symbol for the player.


This purple color represents a more dangerous magical object and the creature relating to necromancy,

 evocation, and transmutation within the ranges of the game. 

While grey and brown colors may also indicating equally dangerous for the user or player.

 Any magic item with a purple aura often indicates the creator who had more of a sinister and dangerous nature.


This brown color may vary in strength and depending on the user or player’s stamina. There is much power available with the magical objects and creatures; which also appear on ancient magic spells but refer to something beyond in the future.

7: Does detect magic 5e spell is good or bad?

Detect magic 5e spell is very useful in many circumstances and situations for the player or users. And this is mainly asked questions from the side of many players and users.

The user and players commonly use this magic detection for quickly and heavily sifting the game through loot piles and for magic items.

The magic 5e spell has some practical uses and benefited from any adventuring group and trips. The user or player can also use to identifying many illusions at the attacking or fighting time.

The users or players are responsible for potentially revealing the traps, passages, and enemies or creatures.

 If any enemy or creature is founding any object resembling detect magic; then it could also give a cursory glance with above all feature at what they are working with the type of creatures or monsters.

But we must say one magically thing is that detection of magic also has a time of duration comprising up to 10 minutes. And this is allowing the user or player to casting this magical spell in the game and then rendering it preemptively cast this spell in anticipation of objects with importance.

 However, It is essential to note and remember that all the players or users have a total duration of is only 10 minutes within the game; the casting of this magical spell, and might be best and very useful as a general scan; or as a way of confirming the user perspective of magic in any described area.

8: Is detect magic spells is helpful for the invisible creature?

Detect magic 5e spells is very useful for invisible creatures or monsters, and sometimes it is not working either. So the answer to this question may vary accordingly to its specifications; sometimes it is yes or no from the side of the user or player.

Detect magic can pairing with and also identifying to solve more complex issues and terminologies. The user or player will cast this detection of magic and revealing it to the players or users.

 Suppose there is any magic affecting the targeting of any creature or object. In that case, it will cast and identify to figure out all the given detail and discuss what that magic is for the players in the dungeon and dragon game. 

The final words:

Detect of magic spell is a handy and compulsory magic tool for both players and the targeted creatures. The user can differentiate many colors in the game time accordingly to his fulfillment of all needs and requirements. So we can say that this is the best kind of spell, which also has the versatility itself.

Detecting magic is such an excellent spell, and it is also very famous and popular in the dungeon and dragon game.

The user or player can use different colors for casting the spell in the game time; then the user can attack the creature with the help of detect of magic spell 5e.

Detect of magic spell 5e is maybe in different colors for the convenience of the player.

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