Difference Between Logo Design and Branding: Effective Conversion Tools for SMBs

Difference Between Logo Design and Branding: Effective Conversion Tools for SMBs

According to Zippia, branding can increase a company’s revenue by 33%, and around 75% of people recognise a brand by its logo.

Logo Design and branding are the most essential elements for small and medium businesses; as these help connect the brand with its target audience, and reflect its authenticity and message. However, people often perceive these two elements as the same thing and use logo design and branding as synonyms. With the help of an AI logo generator, you can craft a unique logo and establish a cohesive brand identity.

Branding and Logo Designing are closely related and work together cohesively; but they are two different yet the most essential processes for SMBs. Branding is giving meaning to a specific organization by shaping or creating its essence in the customer’s mind; whereas logo design is a visual communication tool, a symbol or design, which is used to signify a business.

Navigating these processes can be challenging, and that’s where professional design services come in. Consider BrandVillage, for instance, which is renowned as Melbourne’s leading logo design service provider. Their design experts can assist in both creating a brand identity and designing a memorable logo; thereby helping in achieving the desired results and effective targeting.

If you’re looking for the difference or details of logo design and branding, this blog has covered all the details. Scroll down to the facts below to explore these two most effective conversational tools for SMBs!

Concepts of Logo Designing and Branding 

Logo Designing, as the name suggests, is the process of designing a logo for a brand, and branding is building a brand. As simple as it sounds! 

But this short description does not justify these two terms’ in-depth meaning! 

Discover the importance of branding and logo design for your brand with a detailed yet simple overview in the sections below! 

What is a Logo Design?

 On average, a customer takes only 7 seconds to judge a brand; and the first point of interaction between a brand and its customers is a logo. 

Therefore, the logo is a small window where brands can condense everything related to their company or deliverables; and it helps create a lasting impression on the customer’s mind and sets the brand apart from the competition. 

Logos are the composition of color, text, shape, and illustrations and serve as a self-explanatory image that is the face of your business and influences customers’ decisions. 

Let’s take the example of the Starbucks logo. Detailing some of the intricate features of the logo, let’s explore the meaning of the Starbucks logo! 

Logo Design and Branding
  • Illustration – Siren’s flowing locks have emerged from thin lines to broader details. 
  • Shape – The circular shape, which expresses eternity. 
  • Colour – Striking colour combination – Green and White. 
  • Text – Simple but bold font. 

Starbucks has precisely incorporated all these four logo elements and presented a timeless brand identity, which has helped it with easy recognition and brand memorability. 

About Branding 

As mentioned by Kotler and Keller, Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a brand. 

In simple terms, branding is the process which gives meaning to a business or brand; shaping and creating its look and feel in the customer’s mind. Also, The strategy aims to help people instantly identify and experience the brand; give customers a reason to opt for their products; and retain loyal customers and stakeholders by always aligning with their desires. 

Logo Design and Branding

Starbucks logo has helped with its identity, but Branding creates an image of the brand in customers’ minds, which helps them instantly identify its message, deliverables, authenticity and message. Also, Customising customers’ name on cups is one of Starbucks’s most effective branding strategies; attracting customers and delivering constant brand satisfaction with enhanced details helps retain the customers. 

Logo Design and Branding

Elements of Branding 

As already discussed, branding is a process of building a brand, which involves different tools, like – 

  • Brand Definition – Values, purpose, promise and brand message. 
  • Also, Brand Identity – Name, voice, and visual identity design (which also includes logo designing). 
  • Brand Positioning Statement. 
  • Communications and Advertising. 
  • Product and Packaging Design. 
  • Pricing Strategy. 
  • UI/UX or In-Store Experience. 

Importance of Logo for Branding Purposes 

Logo Design and Branding

The logo is one of the branding elements, but it holds a significant spot, as it appears in most touchpoints like brochures, websites, packaging, advertisements, stores, uniforms, products etc. 

  • Therefore, it is a leading graphic element which serves brand identification purposes. 
  • A multipurpose and timeless logo used consistently on different platforms represents a brand on different communication channels. 
  • Also, A unique and innovative logo design by professional designers will make a brand stand out and appear more trustworthy and reliable. 
  • People instantly connect with a brand when they come across a logo, facilitating an emotional connection with stakeholders and boosting brand loyalty. 


Summing up all the details, the logo is a graphic element representing a brand, whereas branding combines all intangible and tangible aspects representing a brand. Also, Without branding, the logo is simply a graphic element with no real meaning. 

However, a well-combined logo design and effective branding strategy can help an organisation reach audiences effectively and creates a resilient, industry-leading brand. Also, If you’re an entrepreneur planning to launch a new brand, don’t mistake underestimating the power of a well-designed logo aligned with a powerful branding strategy. 

However, Connect with logo design professionals and expert branding strategists at BrandVillage- the award-winning design agency in Melbourne, to strike the perfect logo design and branding alignment for the next unicorn! 

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