Why You Shouldn’t DIY Structural Demolition

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Structural Demolition

Doing the demolition work on one’s own may seem like a good option to homeowners who want to save money on home improvements. You can have fun while saving money with DIY demolition.

But DIY demolition projects carry several dangers, both in terms of health and finances. We’ll review some of the risks you run and why it might be best to bring in a professional.

DIY Demolition is Hazardous

It is the primary justification, and we can’t stress it enough. Asbestos, a naturally occurring material, has been linked to cancer and can be found in the walls and ceilings of many homes built more than 30 years ago. Exposure, even in small doses, is harmful to health. Asbestos removal contractors should handle this work. Lead paint, which you can find in older homes, is another potential health hazard. Silica dust exposure presents its risks. According to numerous studies, chronic bronchitis, silicosis, and even lung cancer have all been linked to silica exposure. You and others around you are in danger from falling objects, such as glass fragments.

DIY Demolition requires the right tools.

The sledgehammer you bought at the hardware store won’t be enough to tear down a building. Demolition crews and contractors have access to high-quality instruments that they use carefully around the property to avoid damaging any areas that require upkeep. Intentionally or not, you might break something if you start banging on items with an ordinary hammer. That leads us to our next topic.

DIY Demolition can damage your home.

Can you tell the difference between drywall and a wet wall? Don’t try to undertake your demolition on a wet wall if you don’t know where the plumbing is, as this could cause serious harm.

Similarly, active electrical cables are going through your building’s walls. You may start a fire if you hit one of those walls with a sledgehammer at the right or wrong angle. These are just a few reasons you should hire professionals instead of attempting a demolition job on your own.

DIY Demolition can be exhausting.

Although wrecking things may seem like a good time at first, the reality is that it is a tiring and nasty job. A person of any age or level of the physical condition might suffer serious injury from the repetitive strain of lifting heavy debris and pounding on a structure with a sledgehammer. A professional will have the right tools and insurance to complete this task safely and successfully.

Hire a Professional

What are your plans for clearing the site if you do all the demolition work yourself? Throwing hundreds or thousands of pounds of trash into a dumpster will eventually dispose of it in a landfill. When hiring commercial renovation contractors to clear your property of demolition debris, you can rest assured that recyclables will be saved and put to good use.

If you hire experts to help with the renovations, it’s probably best to let them handle the demolition. Demolition may appear like a lot of fun on home improvement shows, but it’s not something you should try if you don’t have the proper tools and training.

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