What to invest in clothes-wise for your first office job

What to invest in clothes-wise for your first office job

There’s nothing wrong with rocking the same pair of jeans and a tee every day, but when you have to spend your workday in an office, it’s important to be dressed appropriately. Below are six tips for dressing well and buying dress shirts at the office:

1. Wear smart shoes

Your shoes are the first thing people notice, so make sure they’re clean and polished. If you’re wearing sneakers, make sure they’re not ripped or worn out—a good pair of leather sneakers will last forever if you take care of them!

2. Use a good wallet

You don’t want to be caught without your ID or worse—your wallet stolen! Make sure you have a quality wallet that fits comfortably in your pocket so that it doesn’t fall out when you sit down (or worse… when you stand up). It also looks very unprofessional if you want to give someone your business card, and you pick up a busted card holder … Invest in a great wallet, such as a bifold minimalist wallet with a leather exterior. 

3. Buy quality pieces that will last

When buying clothing for workwear, look for high-quality items that will last through many washings and still look great on the job. Quality pieces will save you time and money over time because they’ll last longer than cheap clothes that need replacing often. A good rule of thumb is to invest in one high quality item every six months; this will help keep your wardrobe fresh while saving money. 

4. Don’t forget your accessories! 

Make sure you have a nice watch on hand (or wrist). A watch is something that will last you years and help you stand out from the crowd if you’re trying to make an impression at work… or anywhere else!

5. Buy some cotton dress shirts

As we mentioned before it’s better to buy quality over quantity. But when buying dress shirts, you might as well opt for both. Buy a few affordable dress shirts you can switch out but not too affordable you’re basically wearing plastic. Opt for cotton or another natural fiber. 

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