The Comprehensive Electric Scooter Lights Guide: Safe Riding At Night

The Comprehensive Electric Scooter Lights Guide: Safe Riding At Night

Driving is a technical venture that requires you to stay alert, intelligent and void of distractions. At night, it becomes a different experience demanding five times the amount of attention you would put into it during the day. Some folks do not even attempt to drive or ride at night, which is quite understandable. At night, your electric scooter needs bright lights to enhance visibility while you ride and for other road users. For electric scooters without lights from purchase, you need to purchase and install a headlight, brake light, and LED strips as you deem fit. If you are not very satisfied with its intensity at night, you can also get a replacement with one that shines more brightly. Riding during the day may not require lights, but if you have plans to ride the e scooter at night, you need bright lights on your motorized scooter.

Types Of Electric Scooter Lights

Various kinds of adult scooter lights serve different purposes. For a better guide to making a good selection, here is an introduction to these electrical scooter lights:


The headlight is the most crucial light your electric scooter needs. It is a must-have, especially if you would be riding at night. Varla scooters for adults come with a from the point of purchase. But you can buy and install either one or two extras separately, depending on how you choose the arrangement. 

Most times, the headlight sits on the stem of the electrical scooter since it is the perfect spot for the best illuminating effect. As a motorized scooter owner, riding with a functioning headlight helps to stay out of harm’s way, and without it can be a recipe for disaster. Also, note that the angle of light influences the direction of rays it casts on the ground. It determines the distance ahead of you that would be covered by the light. You can adjust the headlamp to the direction that suits your taste. 

LED strips

Pimping your electronic scooter here and there is never a bad idea – it is yours to revamp. You will find value in getting the LED strip if you like flashy and colorful things. This LED light comes in different colors and designs that you can use to line the lower deck of your adult scooter to give you that bling at night. You can also use it on the stem of the motorized scooter, the sides of the deck, or on wheels. It is mainly for fun and decoration, especially at night, but you should not always expect your electric scooter to come with them.


The taillight, also called the brake light, is another essential part of the electric scooter. It’s always at the back of the motorized scooter – usually on the fender to send signals to road users behind you that you are slowing down or about to make a stop. They come on when you use the brakes and could either be a steady light or blink to alert others. All Varla electronic scooter comes with taillights, but you can replace them with new ones. It is against the traffic laws in most cities to ride a adult scooter at night without a brake light, so let this guide your purchases.

Reflective stickers 

Although reflective stickers are not essentially light, they can significantly increase your visibility at night. You would most likely need to buy them as a separate accessory after you purchase your motorized scooter. Light bounces off the reflective stickers and reflects a shiny color at night. You can buy as many stickers as you will and paste them in strategic parts of your bike or even all around it. 

The Reasons For The Electric Scooters Lighting

There’s an argument that the making of adult scooter was with day-riding in mind, and the early manufacturers didn’t expect people to ride them at night. If you consider your best electric scooter to have poor lighting, it becomes your responsibility to install lights that would be more effective for night riding. Here are some reasons and extra measures that compel scooterists to ensure the electric scooter for adults has sufficient lighting.

Traffic laws: 

Riding any vehicle without functioning headlights and taillights, especially at night, is against traffic regulations, and the electrical scooter is no exception. Ensure all main lights are in proper condition to avoid trouble with the authorities.


You have to consider that there are always other road users, whether in the daytime or at night. Giving proper lighting to your motorized scooter would enable you to see the path ahead of you and help others see exactly where you are every time. The lights needed are the headlights, taillight, turn signals, and so on.


Safety is easily the primary reason to install effective lights on your electronic scooter. If you know about the adult scooter safety guide, you will understand how having proper lighting ensures that there’s no room for an accident. Drivers, pedestrians, and pets can easily see you. You can even go as far as lightening your helmet so that there is no questioning your presence on the road. 

How To Choose A Good Electric scooter Lights?

When choosing the right escooter, you should consider the lights. You want to carefully research to determine the kind of light that would work well for you. Some lights can be so bright that it makes other road users unable to see clearly, which could result in an accident. Some other adult scooter lights are not bright enough, so electric scooter adult might not be able to see the road clearly. 

So what should one look out for when choosing good motorized scooter lights? Here are some tips that you would find helpful:

Light intensity

The light intensity is a crucial point to consider when trying to light up your best electric scooter. The degree of brightness of your headlight or taillight determines the kind of ride you would have. If the lights are too dim, you are sure to have a bumpy ride, but if they are visible enough to guide you, you can have a smooth ride. The brighter, the better.

Light color 

You don’t want to hit the road with a red or green headlight or a blue brake light. It is not only against traffic laws but also not visually appealing, especially at night. Your adult scooter headlight should be bright yellow or white, and the tail light must be red or orange. You can then decide to line the corners with LED strips in any color of your choosing.

Lamp size

Since your electric scooter is not as big as a car. You would need a lamp that isn’t as big as a car’s headlamp. These lamps come in different sizes and so the one for your electric scooter for adults light should not be bogus but should fit perfectly

Battery capacity

Those lights need to be powered somehow – this is where your best electric scooter battery power comes in. When choosing a motorized scooter light, you must make sure your scooter has enough battery capacity to power the type of light you want to purchase. The Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter runs on a 48V/15.6Ah Lithium-ion battery, which is strong enough to power all your lights and ensure visibility.


The design of the scooters for adults allows you to turn on and adjust the light intensity to suit the weather or the time of day by tapping a button on the dashboard. As a scooterist, you would undoubtedly need lights on your electric scooter for different reasons. It could be for visibility, decoration, signals, and so on. Whatever the reason is, ensure you have a lit-up motorized scooter.

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