Sigsync for Centralized management of Outlook and Office 365 email signatures

Sigsync for Centralized management of Outlook and Office 365 email signatures

Does centrally managing email signatures offer more benefits? Sigsync is a highly reputed, secure, and cost-effective email signature solution.

Email signatures allow prospects, clients, and partners to recognize your company’s brand. The signature must include all elements of the brand identity, including the company name, logo, corporate fonts, and colors. When the recipient scrolls down, he or she will see your company’s style at the bottom.

As a result, consistency in the design creates brand recognition and awareness. One of the most difficult challenges for large organizations is centralizing signature management. Different teams will have different designs, which is the absolute opposite of brand consistency.

For example, if a marketing team wants to design and manage their own signature across their entire team, the manual method leaves them no choice but to create signatures on their own and use them across all employees.

Does centrally managing email signatures offer more benefits?

Email signature creation with the native Office 365 solution is a tedious process. It requires writing scripts, setting complex transport rules, technical know-how involving IT administrators, good HTML skills, and so on. These factors make the process cumbersome and risky, without any assurance of timely updates. A signature that appears perfectly fine on your desktop browser may appear completely misaligned or distorted on a smartphone.

The best way to deal with all of these uncertainties is to centralize the email signature management for Office 365. Using an email signature solution simplifies signature management for all employees across an organization without affecting design or requiring HTML coding knowledge. As a result, it is preferable to use a secure and cloud-based solution like Sigsync for Office 365 email signatures to add signatures to your emails.

What are some of the limitations of the native Office 365 email signature

Predefined signature templates are not available in Office 365.

In reality, not everyone can be a copy-paster of a programming language to maximize code functionality. In fact, some would desire personalization when it comes to software programs and usage.

It is not possible to delegate signature management.

When the marketing department needs to create an appealing signature, the control is transfer to them. However, they must obtain permissions for mail flow and cannot handle the signature management on their own.

A signature cannot contain empty Active Directory (AD) fields.

The majority of users do not want to be contacted directly through their mobile phone numbers, so they conceal their information. Users with an empty AD field in their signature cannot be tracked by Office 365. A blank field also piques the sender’s interest and may appear suspicious.

There is no option to include a profile photo with the signature.

A picture communicates more effectively than words. People tend to categorize details through visuals rather than text, so a picture perfectly sets the tone. A profile image connects the dots and elevates the overall appearance of a signature. Unfortunately, Office 365 does not have an option to automatically embed photos into signatures and can only include them as an attachment.

A sent item doesn’t display signatures.

A disclaimer should be included at the end of every email to protect businesses from legal entanglements. With the native Office 365 method of adding a signature, you cannot find out whether a sent email includes the required disclaimer unless you send yourself a test email every time.

Introducing Sigsync email signature service

All employees in your organization can use Sigsync to have a centralized, web-based email signature that is always consistent across devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, etc.). Signatures can be add using a variety of devices or email clients, ensuring that the design and layout remain consistent. Cloud-based email signature services, such as Sigsync, are simple to use because you only need to know your login credentials and do not need to install any additional software.

How can Sigsync overcome the limitations of the Office 365 native signature solution

Centralized and Company-Wide Web based Signature Management

Sigsync’s signature management software allows users to create signatures without being certified in HTML programming or advanced programming languages.

Allows users to attach a personalized photo to the image

This service provides a wide range of customized templates that make it very easy to attach a personalized image on the fly and connect with your audience.

Signatures are automatically updated in the Sent Items folder.

Sigsync automatically updates the disclaimer added to an email in the ‘Sent-Items’ folder and assists companies in adhering to legal standards and laws.

Removes empty field in an email signature

Because Sigsync’s AD fields are dynamically populated; they are removed when a specific AD field is left empty, making it appear less strange.

Sigsync is a highly reputed, secure, and cost-effective email signature solution

Sigsync is a top-rated, secure, and award-winning centrally managed Office 365 email signature solution. It is an ISO-certified Microsoft-approved service with a number of useful features; Centralizing email signatures has never been easier than with Sigsync. You can ensure that email signatures are consistent across your entire organization in order to promote your brand.

With email signature rules and 100’s of professional templates at your disposal; you can easily customize your signature for different needs all in one place.. There is no need to install any additional software or go through difficult setup procedures to start. You can start adding signatures right away by requesting a free live demo. Furthermore, Sigsync provides 24/7 customer support and discounts of up to 90%; making it a very affordable service for every user.


Consistency in the design and layout ensures brand recognition and awareness. Using the native method, it is difficult to centralize and achieve consistency in email signatures. As a result, businesses require another solution to manage and control adding signatures for the entire team. Sigsync Office 365 email signature solution is a highly secure service; that allows you to centralize and personalize your signatures on the fly. Because it is a cloud-based service; it works on all devices and email clients and is the best suite for adding professional email signatures.

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