Euro 5 to Euro 6 converter

Euro 5 to Euro 6 converter

The emission of gases into the atmosphere by motor vehicles is an issue that is strictly regulated by the European Union. Thanks to this approach to the matter, extensive control is possible, which contributes to the improvement of the natural environment.

Due to the fact that with the passage of time the objectives regarding the protection of the atmosphere are becoming more and more ambitious, new emission standards are constantly emerging in order to adapt the current situation to the applicable requirements. Currently, the prevailing standard in the EU in terms of ultra low emission is Euro 6. It entered into force in September 2015; and all cars that were produced after that date must be adapted to it.

Meeting the new European Union standards

In accordance with the applicable regulations, older vehicles must undergo technical modifications to meet the new standards of pollution reduction. If your vehicle was made in accordance with the Euro 5 standard; the current situation requires it to be adapted to the Euro 6 standard.

To change the standard of a car sounds like a major operation. However, it actually does not have to be a huge effort. This can dealt with relatively simply and quickly by using a Euro 6 conversion kit. It is a set of ready-made solutions that allow you to convert the parameters of the car so that its operation is fully compliant with the latest emissions standards. For example, the Euro 6 guidelines set the emissions limit for NOx gas at 80 mg/km. The conversion kit allows you to adapt your motor vehicle to meet these and other requirements.

Technical solutions – from Euro 5 to Euro 6

However, the EU standards specify not only what emissions level a car should meet; but also what technical solutions should be included in it. It allows each car to achieve a level of efficiency that pollutes the atmosphere as little as possible. One of the technical solutions that should be included in a car compliant with Euro 6 standard (e.g. in diesel vehicles) is the SCR system. Its noteworthy that the technical solutions should adapted to the specific model. If there is no synchronization in this case, the operation of the system will turn out to be faulty; and thus counterproductive. Repairing a faulty SCR system can be very expensive. So sometimes it is worth opting for an adblue emulator.

Euro 5 to Euro 6 converter helps in choosing the right technical solutions for your vehicle. Everything you need to adapt your car to the latest changes can be found in the well-equipped Blue Truck 24 store. Use this site to reduce emissions and get technical solutions that meet Euro requirements.

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