8 Most Helpful Excel to PDF Converter Tools in 2021

8 Most Helpful Excel to PDF Converter Tools in 2021

How to Convert Excel to PDF? Here are 8 Most Helpful Excel Converter Tools which can Easily Convert Documents from Microsoft Excel to PDF.

The right converters find things simple to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF files with all of their formatting preserved. This is particularly relevant because Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program in the world, with one of its many features being the ability to create visually appealing tables and charts that make your estimates and calculations appear off the screen.

However, some Excel viewers can show your data differently to the reader when you send XLS files to others, as not every device has Excel enabled, particularly with the abundance of other spreadsheet software platforms now available. On the other hand, PDF is a widely used file format that can be accessed on virtually any computer. Converting your XLS files to PDFs ensures that your audience sees your content the way you intended. Featured in this article are the best available PDF Excel converters.

1 PDFBear

Convert Excel to PDF to simplify your workflow and share data easily and safely with PDFBear. All of this can be done with the system’s Excel to PDF converter in just a few taps, with no need for registering or program installation. Excel to PDF conversion is straightforward with PDFBear! It is fully safe and risk-free to use. No files will be held or processed for more than an hour. To know more information, check their Privacy Policy and more of its features, and start transforming your Excel documents right away.

2 Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a packed PDF editor that comes in both desktop and cloud versions. and is flawlessly capable of accurately converting XLS files to PDF documents. Soda PDF can also transform a variety of other file forms into PDF. The online tools are just as effective as the downloadable computer software system, and the interface is simple to use.

A license is available for a monthly or annual subscription at a fair price. Alternative payment levels are also possible based on how many additional items, such as password authentication, are desired. If you plan to modify your files after they’ve been transferred from Excel to PDF format, Soda PDF is a great option because it has some of the most convenient and efficient PDF editing software widely available.

3 Nitro Pro(Excel to PDF Converter)

Nitro Pro is a Microsoft Windows-based PDF converter and editor. Nitro Pro, unlike many of the other converters on this list, doesn’t have an online edition which is very helpful for those who don’t have consistent internet access, so you’ll have to install it on each desktop machine you need to use on.  The resultant PDF table cells can be very tiny when converting Excel documents, making them hard to manage within Nitro Pro’s editor interface.

Nitro Pro’s main advantage is its batch production. Multiple Excel documents can be imported while rules modifying the created page size and data compression can be specified. After you’ve converted your documents to PDF, you can use batch processing strategies to add details and codes.

4 Smallpdf(Best Excel to PDF Converter)

Smallpdf is a fun online PDF converter that works for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and JPEG documents. And since basic single-file conversions are free, the amount of conversions you can perform without buying a Pro account is restricted. Like a desktop app is available for download, but it can only be used with a premium subscription. Smallpdf’s editing capabilities aren’t as intuitive as other competitors’, even though it allows compression, merging, separating, eSigning, and password protection of PDFs.

Much so Smallpdf is a decent option for a one-off Excel to PDF conversion now and then; its 256-bit encryption allows among the most reliable online converters; but it lacks functionality if you need to do a lot of post-conversion editing on your PDFs.

5 PDFElement

XLS to PDF conversion is possible with Wondershare PDFelement. While it’s a desktop-only approach, there are applications for both Mac OS and Windows.  Excel to PDF conversions are quick and effective, but Wondershare PDFelement’s outstanding PDF editing software makes it a candidate for the best Excel to PDF converter. It isn’t an inexpensive choice, but it does come with loading time. A free trial edition is downloadable so you can try it out for free; but the unlicensed version adds a watermark to saved PDFs.

6 Hipdf

Hipdf is one of the best tools for converting Excel to PDF online without any hassle. A glance at the website reveals that it is merely a simple tool, but it is very powerful. If the feature has been selected, the document must be uploaded. The website is also safe since all of your records are removed from the server within an hour of conversion. You can now save the production to your screen.

7 Cometdocs

Cometdocs makes it easy to handle your files and formats when you’re online. Netbooks and cell phones can also use the process. The site’s interface is simple to use, enabling you to submit your desired document and then choose whether or not to convert it. You must enter your email address after the conversion to obtain your recently converted PDF document.

8 Zamzar

Zamzar is on the list since it supports a wide variety of file types. It’s difficult to find an online converter with the same level of versatility as Zamzar, which is why it’s so famous. The website is fairly simple to navigate, with a straightforward home page to prevent any ambiguity. With Zamzar, there are four steps to getting your PDF document; an upload stage, a format selection step, an email account entry step, and eventually a conversion step. After that, the conversion is sent to the address you got, and you’re ready to go. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is restricted, which can make the conversion process take longer if you have a batch of files to transform rather than just one.

Last Note on Excel to PDF Converter:

Online Excel to PDF conversion is often inaccurate, and it often necessitates a trial-and-error technique. Furthermore, the method can be time-consuming and, of course, can raise safety concerns; especially when uploading accounting transactions, which is often developed using Excel. Most online PDF converters will only allow you to convert your document; they will not provide you with any extra editing tools or enhancements that you might find in a downloaded desktop PDF converter program. Hope that with the mentioned converters, you are now aware whether which of them are worthy to be used.

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