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Free spins technology in pokies

Learning about the technology behind free spins for pokies. We give you a deeper insight into how free spins work.

Free Spins Technology

Free spins are one of the most exciting bonuses on the market. It’s not just the promotions that online casinos offer to players, it’s the free spins rounds that are triggered inside the games themselves. We’ve taken a closer look at how these work and suggest what you can expect to see from them.

Triggering the Round

Most people know about the free spins rounds in pokies. They start up, and players get some free spins to use,  OnlineGamblers.com? To put it simply, they use a similar process to the standard pay line system in the game.

Almost every software developer on the market uses free spins in their video slots. From NetEnt to Pragmatic Play, free spins are a big part of making the game fun. While there are some games out there that use different methods, the vast majority of games use scatter symbols to start the round.

The scatter symbol is a symbol that can trigger a reaction, no matter where it lands on the reels. The normal number to start things up is 3. It means that on every spin, as well as checking the pay lines for winning symbols, the game will also check the reels to see how many scatter symbols are on the reels. If there are 3 or more there, then it will start up the bonus round.

How do Free spins technology Work?

It’s not a complicated process when describing free spins. They essentially work as the name suggests. They spin the reels, and you don’t have to spend any of your budgets on them. There are a few little details that are important though.

Firstly, the spins are staked at the same level as you were playing when the round started. So, if you were playing at $5 per spin, each of the free spins will also be set at that stake.

Secondly, the wins don’t pay out instantly. They payout when the round has finished, totaling up all the wins across the round. So, don’t worry if your balance doesn’t increase on a winning spin, it will all be added on at the end.

Added Features

This is what really grabs the attention of players. Some free spin rounds have extra features in place. So, when your favorite pokie starts up a free spin round, you might get some added goodies coming your way.

One of the main features that are added to a free spins round, is multipliers. Some free spins will add multipliers to the reels, which will increase the size of all wins during the round. This obviously makes them much better paying than the standard game.


It’s not just multipliers though, there are also more advanced features that can be included. This is part of what makes them so appealing to players, you never know what you’re going to get. That, and the fact that the wins during these rounds tend to be much higher than the base game.

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