FreeTTS Review: Key Features, How-to Guide, and Price

FreeTTS Review: Key Features, How-to Guide, and Price


Ever wondered if there is an option if you are tired of reading and still want to keep in touch with content that may only be available in written form? Worry no more. A TTS reader helps one do that by converting written text into audio files you can listen to. This article takes you through all you need about a TTS reader. 

What is a TTS Reader?

A TTS reader is a read-aloud technology that translates written text into audio. One needs to initiate the process with a simple button click. This technology is important to help focus when one is slow in reading. The technology can be integrated into any personal device, whether a computer, smartphone, or iPhone. The good thing about this technology is that it converts all types of texts into audio, including messages, documents, and web pages. 

FreeTTS Overview: What is it?


FreeTTS is an accessible online text-to-speech conversation technology programmed using the Java language. This AI voice generator makes it possible for someone to go about their daily business while listening to texts being translated into audio. With this app, you can save time by listening to text-converted text as you cook, walk the dog, do your laundry, or do whatever else you must do in your daily routine. 

The tool has accurate translations in several languages. The advantage is that this software is always available online. It also comes in handy in situations where it would be uncomfortable to read, such as in a moving bus which would be shaky. 

How Does FreeTTS Work?

FreeTTS’s work process is straightforward. You upload or paste the text that you want to convert to speech. Then choose the desired output language and proper voice style. Click the “Convert to MP3” button, and FreeTTS will start the transformation process. Once done, you can preview the effect by playing the audio online. FreeTTS also offer some customization features for you to customize your output. For example, you can change the AI voiceover’s speaking speed and volume. 

Introducing FreeTTS Key Features 


High Accuracy 

FreettS uses the latest machine algorithm technology to identify text that needs to be converted into speech accurately. And it can generate AI voice based on the text you input accurately. There will be no misinterpretation or ambiguity here. 

Multiple Languages and Voices

You can find nearly all the main languages around the world here. The supported languages include English, Spanish, Arabic, Swedish, Bengali, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, etc. 

There are also various options for the voice type waiting for your exploration. For example, once you convert text into Swedish, you can let AI read out the content using a standard Swedish male voice or a personalized Wavenet female voice. 

High-Quality Output

Freetts offers various voice types to fit your needs. Whether you choose a standard American female voice or a cute girl voice, you can get a natural-sounding voice in seconds. This software intelligently imitates a realistic pronunciation environment, making the output pleasant.

Customization options: 

In addition to languages and voices that can be switched, FreeTTS also offer some simple customization features to make your voice more personalized. For example, you can change the sound’s playback speed, pitch, and volume to suit your preferences.


This text-to-speech software is a web-based AI voice generator that can be accessed anywhere and anytime with an internet connection. You don’t need to install software on your computer or open it on your phone. 

Get Started with FreeTTS: Step by Step 


If you want to get started using FreeTTS, please follow the stepwise guideline below;

Step 1: visit the official website 

Open any of your browsers and visit FreeTTS’s official website. This TTS reader supports most browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. 

Step 2: paste or enter the text 

Once on the website, paste or enter the text you need to convert. This TTS software allows free users to convert up to 1000 characters in a single session and up to 10000 per week. 

Step 3: Select language and voice 

Choose the language and voice type you like. There are Google and Amazon voice engines that cover different kinds of voices. Freetts supports over 70 languages around the world. 

Step 4: play audio before download

Once the language and voice are selected, you can convert text into speech by clicking the “Convert to MP3” button. Generating an AI voice that sounds natural and realistic takes only a few seconds. 

Step 5: Download the MP3 file 

You can enjoy the audio file before downloading it. Click the “Play” button to play the sound and see if this MP3 file is something you want. Click “Download MP3” to save the audio file if you are satisfied with it. 

What Can FreeTTS Do? 


The FreeTTS is a valuable tool for the following reasons;

Reads text for people with low vision  

Some people have poor vision for whatever reason it is. They either cannot read at all, cannot read during the day or at night, cannot read under low or high light, and many other unique situations that can limit people’s readability. FreeTTS solves the problem by eliminating the need to read because all the person has to do is convert text into sound and listen to the exact content. 

Help Enhance Students’ Learning Process   

In cases where students are either slow readers or generally slow learners, it becomes easier to learn while listening. The student can practice pronouncing the words by listening while following the text. This is made possible by the use of the FreeTTS. 

Read any text out loud to you in a customized voice.

You should listen to written text rather than read it. However, it is one thing to listen to unfamiliar voices and accents and another to hear the same voice consistently. The FreeTTS will enable you to convert any text to a customized voice that fits your liking. 

Free voiceover for video creation

It is only a video if it has audio and visuals, right? Right. FreeTTS is handy when creating videos since it has multiple options for sounds, accents, and languages. As such, people who make videos use the tools to voice over their content for the perfect effects they want in their video content. 

How Does FreeTTS Charge for Text Reading Service? 


Like many other online tools, the FreeTTS is offered in three different packages free plan, a monthly problem, and a yearly plan. Each package has various offers, limits, and accessibility options, as explained below;

Free Plan

The free plan option is just that. Free! This means you do not have to pay anything to use this plan of FreeTTS. It allows you to convert 10000 characters every month. You are limited to converting only up to 1000 characters per conversion. With this plan, you only get the standard Google Voices but can translate into multiple languages. This plan and supports only the SSML file format. 

Monthly Plan

This plan costs $19 each month. The features of this plan are better than the free plan. Once you opt-in for this plan, you will have to get a limit of 1000000 character conversions per month, 5000 characters per conversion, all languages, and 24/7 support. It supports the SSML format. 

Yearly Plan

The yearly plan is the highest, requiring subscribers to pay $99 monthly. This plan has all the characteristics of the monthly plan except that its limit for conversion is 10 million characters per month. 

It is important to note that the renewal happens automatically for the monthly and yearly plans. This does not apply in the case of the free program since no payments are needed for that plan. 

The decision of which plan to subscribe to depends on your needs, especially the number of characters you need to convert monthly. Therefore, there isn’t the best subscription option per se, as that will depend on your monthly conversion needs. Plan out your work and strategically decide on which plan to subscribe to. 

FreeTTS: Advantages and Disadvantages 

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using FreeTTS. 


  • It is a complementary tool for slow learners. 
  • It enables users to listen to content in uncomfortable reading situations. 
  • Allows for free voiceover services during the creation of video content. 
  • Useful for readers with low vision. 
  • Can convert text into diverse languages and accents.
  • It allows for voice customization


  • To access higher character conversion per month, one must pay for subscriptions.
  • They produce unnatural and robotic voices
  • It is a threat to language proficiency since it offers automatic voice solutions

Pro Tips to Make the Most of a TTS Reader

Below are some tips I have for you to make use of this tool. 

Choose the plan that suits you.

As we have seen, FreeTTS comes in three package options; free plan, monthly plan, and yearly plan. Each of these options can be helpful, and all you need is to know the number of characters you need to convert or translate each month and other service needs. After that, subscribe to the most cost-friendly option. 

Choose the Right Voice

As you convert your text, you must be conscious of your chosen voice. Choose a voice that you can comfortably understand the accent as well. 

Pay Attention to Pacing and Intonation

Lastly, you need to customize the pace and the pronunciation of the voice of choice to fit the content and context. This is especially true when voicing over video content. 


In conclusion, FreeTTS is a helpful tool to help convert text into speech. There are diverse situations in which the service comes in handy making it easier to understand a written text in the form of a sound. The tool has three subscription options free, monthly, and yearly plans and all one has to do is strategize their translation or conversion needs and settle for the suitable subscription option. 

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