Which Live Casino Games Are The Most Popular?

Which Live Casino Games Are The Most Popular?

Games with live dealers will help you immerse yourself as much as possible in the world of excitement and big money. Taking into account the demand of players, which is growing rapidly,  live casino online Australia offer customers a live section. Here are games that you can play in the company of a real dealer. Gamblers can watch his actions and ask questions.

Fans of gambling should be careful, some dishonest casinos offer to play not with a real dealer, but with his computer simulation. The presence of a Live section in a club is an indicator of the institution’s honesty. 

Only licensed clubs from the online casino rating can spend a lot of money on renting premises, installing equipment and cameras, as well as paying dealers. Thus, having a real croupier is a guarantee of honesty and high quality.

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Advantages of playing in the Live section

The latest technologies are used to organize an online game with a live dealer. Advantages of live casino:

  • you can play 24/7;
  • the prospect of receiving a real profit;
  • more relaxed betting requirements;
  • a chance to communicate with other players;
  • saving time (no need to go to the ground club).

Features of the live section that a player should know before joining the table:

  1. the client can choose the size of the bets;
  2. different tables are provided for low rollers and high rollers;
  3. it is impossible to transfer money between two tables;
  4. joining the table is possible if there is a free seat;
  5. during the game, the gambler can change the perspective by switching cameras;
  6. webcams and a headset are used for real-time communication;
  7. the player can get as close as possible to the dealer’s hands in order to follow his movements and control the course of the game;
  8. in order to make a bet, a time limit is set;
  9. after the end of the distribution, a list of participants who won and their prize amounts appears on the screen;
  10. money is credited automatically.

You can join a table with a live dealer only after registering and replenishing your account. It is impossible to play for bonuses in the live section with live dealers.

Features of the game with a live dealer

Before agreeing to play with a real croupier, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and its management. Just like in a real institution, bets should be made quickly, otherwise you can lose money. The gambler must think in advance about the size of the investment and his strategy.

Unlike the classic game of slot machines, the player has the opportunity to write to the dealer in the online chat. You are allowed to ask questions about the game and discuss other topics: weather, favorite movies, etc. After winning, the dealer congratulates the player on his victory. The croupier also welcomes new players and wishes them a good game. Nuances when playing with a live dealer:

  • the game in the company of a real dealer is slower;
  • there may not be free seats at the table, as a result of which you will have to wait your turn;
  • dealers are most often attractive girls.

Players should not forget about good manners. Swearing and obscene expressions are prohibited, as are threats against croupiers and other players. For violating the rules, the gambler’s account blocked along with his account.

In the online casino, you can play the following games in the company of real croupiers:

  • online roulette;
  • blackjack;
  • baccarat;
  • poker.

Only licensed casinos with big profits and serious intentions can afford to organize games with live dealers.

Blackjack is very popular among players. The rules of the game are no different from having fun at a real table. Advantages of playing in the live section:

  • the cards that have been played do not fall into the shuffle, only the dealer can cut or destroy them in the dark;
  • cheating on the part of the system is excluded;
  • players who know how to count cards have every chance of winning;
  • The croupier shuffles the deck.

Baccarat characterized by simple rules, which makes it very popular among beginners. Players can find many strategies and tips to help them win. Baccarat is also loved by high rollers who can make a big bet and win some serious money. Online baccarat in the live section attracts with realism and dynamic development of events.

Roulette is the queen of excitement. It ranks first in popularity among online entertainment. Communication with the dealer and other players adds realism to the game. The number of online participants is not limited.

Poker is the most popular card game. In most countries of the world, its recognized as a sports discipline. The game characterized by complex rules, and the result depends on the skills of the players and their experience. Live poker is the most honest card game.


Games with a live dealer online are a promising direction for the development of virtual casinos. The live section attracts gamblers with a pleasant atmosphere, excitement, and the opportunity to follow the game process.

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