How to Engage Gen Z Learners in the Workplace

How to Engage Gen Z Learners in the Workplace

Gen Z is a tech-savvy and digitally connected generation raised in an age of rapid technology evolution and adoption. They now want access to a comprehensive mix of learning resources regardless of the circumstances. They are also the workforce of the future. So, it is crucial to first understand the behavior and needs of the rising workforce and then find different ways to keep them engaged and interested in learning. 

Below are some strategies that may help you keep your Gen Z learners keep engaged in the workplace: 

Mobile learning

 Nothing turns off these Gen Z learners more than continuous clicks before actual instruction and knowledge begin. This generation checks their mobile phones every minute and never lived in the no-internet era. So choose a solution that is accessible from a smartphone and has social learning functions such as Tovuti. Therefore, Using technology to build a positive experience with Gen Z  heightens employee morale and engages them in the long run.

Customized and on-demand learning

Gen Z grew up being able to find the answers to any questions that pop into their heads from Google and with an expectation to learn on-demand. So, the more modified your course could be to each employee’s required skills and role, the more engrossed Gen Z learners will be. Moreover, offering them freedom and choice in their subjects of study, when appropriate, is the prime way to help develop self-confidence and motivation. 

Snack-media habit

Gen Z pass most of their time watching tik toks and reels these days. And they always want something crisp, short, and easy to understand. In fact, there’s a rumor around the internet that Gen Zers take only 8 seconds to decide whether a piece of content is impressive and worth their time or not. So, expect workplace technology to be accessible, intuitive, and easy to consume. Therefore, you need to adopt bite-sized learning modules, to keep Gen Z’s attention.


Cross-training, rotation, or mentorship programs across various departments may help boost Gen Z’s curiosity and increase motivation to evolve within the organization. Do not let lack of experience may discourage you to provide them with an opportunity to explore and take initiative, however, the quality of creativity and ideas of these young employees could be surprising. 

Career and personal development

Gen Z employees want to learn skills with the immediate on-hand application; which will keep them even more engaged in learning and are directly proportional to career growth. However, besides career development, they are also deeply driven by personal growth. Hence, giving health benefits, paid time-off, room for personal growth; and possibilities for job advancement could be one of the ways to a GEN Z’s heart. 

Transparent communication

Gen Z’s are the first generation of virtual natives and are used to accessing information through the internet. Most of them prefer staying connected with their colleagues in real-time digitally through social media platforms and mobile apps. In fact, an organization must also embrace digital communication channels that are mobile as well as desktop friendly. Thus, companies should share the big picture such as the company’s goals, the outlook for the company; the key initiatives, etc. with them and try to be as much transparent as possible. 


While GEN Z takes over the workforce; it’s necessary to understand their needs and how it influences the way they work. From offering ongoing feedback to fostering a continuous learning environment there are multiple ways to keep them engaged and produce a positive working experience. However, you don’t need to invest in expensive technology or gimmicks for Gen Z learners’ engagement. Just follow above mentioned strategies and you’ll engross Zers efficiently and effectively. 

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