What Is The Requirement Of A Golden Visa In Belgium To Gain Financial Freedom?

What Is The Requirement Of A Golden Visa In Belgium To Gain Financial Freedom?

Belgium opts to be one of the leading countries in terms of generating revenue. This country offers the non-EU applicant to obtain a permit for residency and even Belgium citizenship by investment in its economy. Also, Belgium’s golden visa programs are quite popular amongst foreign investors to fetch a higher standard of lifestyle; retirement, and tax breaks and get proper business opportunities. To provide you with better access to Golden Visa Belgium, you can get in touch with a professional who can explain everything you need.

Understanding the Belgium Residence Program and How it is Advantageous for You

Foreign clients interested in contributing to Belgium’s economy need to proceed ahead with the application for Belgium golden visa or Belgium investor visa. Become a temporary resident in Belgium first, eventually leading them to the title of permanent residency. 

Just after the successful completion of 5-year tenure, apply for Belgium citizenship by the investment made via naturalization. However, Like other countries’ schemes, EU countries even proceed with reviewing applications based on a basis giving no importance to specific requirements. Belgium is the headquarter of the European 

Union and opted for a business-friendly country. Also, Its stable economy holds the attention of investors who are more inclined to gain Belgium citizenship with the only perspective of establishing their business with greater ease. However, The excellent standard of living and affordable real estate makes Belgium the best place to live, work, and foster study. Belgium golden visa or Belgium citizenship comes with added benefits which justify initial investments. 

  • You get the right to live, work and study all across Belgium
  • No requirement for previous business experience
  • No need to reside within Belgium to get a permit for Belgium residency
  • Obtain permanent residence or citizenship after five years of successful completion
  • Dual citizenship is allowed along with visa-free travel across 26 Schengen member states. 
  • Offer access to liable healthcare and education system
  • Open for nationals of different countries

Things required for the Approval of Belgium Golden Visa Investment

The Belgium permanent residency program never considers any requirement of minimal investment. But the general rule implies an investment of at least EUR 200000 to begin the venture, including all costing. Also, Through the process of naturalisation, citizenship achieved by investment of 100K to 200K. However, You can invest in well-established businesses or a new venture in Belgium using a residency by investment program. Also, There are no options available for real estate or any passive investment. Therefore, it’s necessary to apply for a business visa. Let’s discover the options in detail:

  • Open Public Limited Liability Company: This is the most common type of Belgian BVBA Company, which shares similarities with a limited company. Also, The only thing needed is an office and suitable jobs that should be associated with it.   
  • Investment in an Existing Belgium Company: It is quite similar to investing in opening a business, excluding all of the investment of a substantial amount in Belgium companies that are involved in creating jobs and even have an office in Belgium. 

Costing for Belgium Investment Program

You can get Belgium citizenship through an investment program that involves an investment of an inclusive amount listed below:

  • Spend EUR 95,000, which is applicable to get the permit of one-year residence for the main applicant, and EUR 20,000, which is applicable per family member. 
  • Renewal costing can head to EUR 25000 per year accompanied by EUR 10000 rose for each family member. 
  • However, After completing 5 years, you can obtain Belgian citizenship for EUR 35000, and EUR 20,000 is considered to be applied for each family member. 
  • The cost of introducing a company is estimated to be roughly EUR 20,000 for 1st year, followed by EUR 5000 yearly. 
  • Apart from all this, extra costs involved in legal fees, consultation, renting offices, company maintenance, etc.  

Plan to get Your Golden Visa in Belgium today!

The method included for fetching Belgium’s golden visa is worthwhile in terms of effort. Also, Belgium citizenship is the key to making you an EU citizen giving you complete rights across the region. So, take your time knowing which is good per your requirement. Your task is simplified with the involvement of Pearl Lemon Visa, which can offer you the best visa seamlessly. 

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