Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Life

Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Life

Every person has their own dream home. Some people like a huge villa with many rooms and corridors, others like a small house in the forest. However, everyone definitely needs a cozy home where they want to constantly return from travels or just after a hard day’s work. Why Do You Need Home Automation?

Where every corner of the native is waiting for you, where the light is programmed so that it turns on only where it is needed and with the necessary brightness. Your favorite music sounds in your dream house, and maybe even different in every room. The temperature itself is maintained at the desired level. Your home knows you’ve left for work and goes into economy mode, turning off all outlets, just in case.

Well, with a home automation system – such a house is not a dream, it is a reality.

Being creative enough, you can implement many interesting ideas using and automate the pieces of furniture in the kitchen, or make your TV screen hide inside of the stand, motorize your livingroom windows letting them close and open themselves when the temperature differs outside, etc. These examples show only the smallest part of the real home automation possibilities people can enjoy. 

Why Do You Need Home Automation?

Home automation is a fun, energy-saving, and convenient process that makes it easy to connect appliances and devices. Who would have thought that a person could talk to a speaker to control their light? Not only is it easy to do, because the number of DIY home automation products is growing, but the cost is constantly decreasing. Depending on the product, the energy savings will offset the price you paid in the first few years of installation. These energy savings allow you to spend money on other things you love. In this article, we will tell you why you need to automate your home right now!

1. Remote control

Forget about constant worries about unplugged irons or TVs – with a smart home it is very easy to turn off all the sockets in your house from anywhere in the world, with just a phone and the Internet.

2. Intelligent security

Feeling safe in your home is the most important thing. Feeling the peace of mind before putting your head on your pillow at night will help you prepare between your ears for every day. Smart products you didn’t think of will give you peace of mind, in fact.

Lighting – Control your lights remotely from your phone, Alexa, or shopping mode Google Home, shopping mode Apple Watch, or set a schedule so the lights are on when you get home. No one likes to come home from work or walk around in a pitch-black house or apartment. If you’re on vacation, get instant peace of mind by leaving the lights on at night to make everything look like someone’s home.

Smart Doorbell – Smart doorbells are becoming more and more popular. Current products detect movement at the door and send alerts via text message, email, or in-app notification. Other security-based benefits of the app include dogs barking when you’re away and someone rings the doorbell. Chat with unknown visitors and more.

Security cameras are the obvious thing you are probably looking forward to. Smart home security cameras are outdoor devices designed to detect motion and keep your home safe. Many major players entered the camera market, such as Honeywell, Ring, and others. Access real-time updates, chat with attendees, and receive notifications through your smartphone.

Home Security – If some of these products are too high-tech for you, motion sensors are another alternative. These motion sensors are products that give you access to information when people or even objects trigger it. Please note that some sensors do not send notifications for small to medium-sized animals such as a dog or a cat.

We all know that safety is one of the most important things. If the products are not both reliable and safe, then what is the point of using them? Whether it’s lighting, security, or just love for the product, smart home technology is not only safe, but it can save you money from hacking.

3. Intelligent lighting and dimming control

Different groups of light in a huge house can be controlled using only one smartphone or stationary tablet. You can easily change the brightness and intensity of the light, add an accompanying light at night, and much more.

Controlling warm and cold light is critical to achieving the most natural lighting in your home, which in turn guarantees your visual and psychological comfort. The system will help balance natural and artificial lighting, thus reducing glare and discomfort.

When it comes to setting up individual groups of lights in your home, scenario management is very important. After all, the atmosphere in the house can change constantly, you just need to reduce the brightness of the lamps.

4. Audio and video devices

Home automation will help you control audio and video devices and thus create a relaxing atmosphere at home.

5. User Interface

The automation system is designed for comfort and convenience. With a simple mobile application, you can easily control the overall atmosphere of your home.

How Home Automation Helps Save Energy

This is probably one of the main reasons why home or apartment owners decide to automate their home space.

The first principle of economy, which is embedded in home automation systems, and which can apply to absolutely any intelligent control, says: “You control what you measure!”

For example, a smart home, intelligently built using Z-Wave wireless technology or any other topology, makes it easy to measure energy consumption by providing client gadgets with visual graphs of statistics used not only for electricity but also for other natural resources.

With such information, it will be easy for the user to make the right decision on how to optimize energy consumption, and what steps should be taken to do this. And also, pinpoint where overspending occurs and how it can be minimized. I’m sure everyone will agree with this fact. However, the benefits of home automation do not end there.

Performing the correct setting of a smart complex, first of all, its work should aimed at maximizing the efficiency of using each system by itself, as well as their mutual work, in order to achieve a synergy effect. Below are examples of each subsystem of a home or office where home automation actively involved in energy savings.

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