Who is Hongkongdoll? Age, Bio, Boyfriend, Career, Facts & Face Reveal

Who is Hongkongdoll? Age, Bio, Boyfriend, Career, Facts & Face Reveal

Hongkongdoll is very famous in her twice countries like she belongs to China and America. Her mother is a Chinese lady and her father is an American native. And thus the outcome and product come to the duo of two wonderful personalities and course countries like China and America.

Introduction of HongKongDoll:

She is a Chinese, American-based Actress & Model. She is very famous and popular for her amazing photos and videos. Moreover, she has a popular star and social media personality. She is an influencer and worked as an adult model and star too.

Hongkongdoll has worked with various kinds of studios. She came into the limelight of media and other social networks after her pictures & videos went viral on the internet. 

The doll is among the most trending stars in the adult world and also the adult movie industry. She has worked with many types of top brands & studios in the adult industry. Also, She is known as an adult star and icon. She has worked with many adult male stars for filming her videos and pictures over the internet. All her videos took storm on the internet. 

In this article, we will share all the information about her wiki, biography, age, height, birthday, profile, films, videos, body & many bizarre photos and movies. We will also tell her latest and ex-boyfriend’s rumor and controversies here.

HongKongDoll early life & early education:

As we all know that she is a very talented model and Instagram. She is also known as an influencer. She is working with so many top-notch adult male actors and models.

Also, She was born on the 1st of August 1994 in Shanghai, China. She is only a 27-year-old model and actress. Her zodiac and birth sign is Gemini. When she was very young at her age then she left China and migrated to America for further livelihood with her parents. She is a very hardworking girl and model.

Hongkongdoll did and finished her schooling with a good position at a local high school in Shanghai, China and then she graduated from the University of Washington, America. 

Hongkongdoll wanted to become a professional model & actress in the American film industry but she could not place her real value there then she decide to become a social media star and also a social media pro. She created various accounts on many social media platforms and then she gained a huge following after her pictures and videos went viral.

Moreover, she got placed in the adult industry, and then she found success in AV Movies & Shows.

HongKongDoll parents & siblings:

She was born and raised by her parents. As we tell her that her mother is a Chinese lady and her father is an America. But she lived with her mother in China for a long period. Then her mother moved with her children to her husband in America. Her father’s name is Mr. Hong Kong and her mother’s name is Mrs. Hong Kong. 

Hongkongdoll has three siblings, but we did not know her names and profession also. And is a private persona and celebrity. Even she did not share any detail about her parents too.

So, we did not know their names also. Hong spent her childhood days with her parents and siblings in a cherished way. Her mother has supported her to fulfill all of her dreams. She did not share any private life with any media. We did not know or have any records about her boyfriend, husband, or past relationships.

A doll is a single girl. She is not involving any affair or any relationship. She is also known as an AV actress. Hong Kong prefers to keep hidden all her family life from any media sources.

HongKongDoll modeling and profession career:

As she has started her career with various production companies and also she started her modeling journey as Hub or as an AV actress. 

The doll did many photoshoots in bikinis & lingeries. In her modeling and professional career, she has worked with various topmost adult actors and actresses from the AV industry. Her acting and modeling skills are appreciated by her many fans and followers. Though, she can perform almost every character and role. Moreover, she is a very smart and thin body.

And doll has a flexible body. Hongkong has been seen in many romantic and adult scenes and movies as well as she has seen in many brutal scenes. She adopts her acting and modeling according to the situation. 

Doll has performed many significant roles like a student, teacher, girlfriend, friend, step-family, and many other family members. She is a very confident and strong candidate for AV movies and videos. She has seen many acting and performing different scenes full of passion and love. Dolls can take any risks to make every scene fantastic.

HongKongDoll height, weight & body Measurements:


Her height is not known to anyone but she may be 5 feet and 6 inches tall. And her weight is 48 Kg. The doll has blonde hair and she has dark brown eyes.

Her dress size is 4 according to the US and her shoe size is 7 according to the US. The doll’s body measurement is 32B-24-34. She has a cute smile, an attractive body, and a very flirty voice. She is making my films and videos of her flirting and romantic videos and all her videos make all films more fascinating to watch.

HongKongDoll Net Worth and income details:

According to 2022, her net worth is estimated to be USD 100K. And her main source of income is coming from the adult industry. And she is doing many films and web series adult and porn series.

She is doing many web scenes, movies, and photoshoots for many banned and adult websites. Doll also does webcam series on onlyfans & other dating sites for her premium users and followers.

Fandom about HongKongDoll:

Here is some useful and essential information given here:

Her real name is not known to anyone. But she is known as a HongKongDoll. And her account name is Du Maal. Her nickname is also Hong Kong Doll. And her date of birth is 1 August 1994. The doll’s place of birth is Shanghai, China. Her age is 27 years old. Her nationality is a duo and she is considered Chinese and American.

She has the profession of actress & model. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Her Debut Year is not known to anyone. But her Debut Studio is also known as Model Hub. She has so many film studios. She has so many co-stars in many adult movies and banned websites. 

Hongkongdoll is doing many illegal tasks and working with her many co-workers and models. Her height is 5 feet and 6 inches. And her weight is 48 Kg. The doll’s body measurements are 32B-24-34. The doll’s hair colors are black and her eyes very shiny and her eyes color is brown. 

And her dress size is 4 according to (the US) and her dress size is 35 according to 8. The doll’s face shape is oval. And her nose type is sharp. She is very pretty and cute and attractive and she has a very beautiful and fit curvy structure & she has a cute face.

Some Rumors Facts:

Her school name is not confirmed but she is getting high at and local school in Shanghai, China. And her college and University of Shanghai, China. 

Her father’s name is Mr. Hong Kong. And her mother’s name is Hong Kong. She has 3 siblings. And we have not known any relationships with her. She has no ex-boyfriend nor any husband. Hong Kong’s favorite hobbies are Photoshoot, Makeup, Shopping, and Beach relaxation. And her net worth is about USD 100K. And her income sources are actress & model.

But we did not confirm her brand endorsements and also did not know her salary packages. Hong’s favorite colors are Black, Pink, Blue & Red. She has a favorite actor Tom Cruise. And her favorite female actress is Angela Jolie. Her favorite destination is Paris and New York.       

HongKongDoll social media, contact Information & profiles address:


As we all know, her hometown is Shanghai, China. And her residence is not known. Doll’s website is www.hongkongdoll.com. And her Email address is not available here. And her phone number is 208 543 00991.

What do you know about her face reveal?

When we are talking about her face and gestures, then we realize that she is a very cute and charming personality. She is very fantastic in all her behavior. And she has 3 younger sisters. she has a doll sister and she can also become a very famous and popular actress and a model. And she is also an adult actor. Hong is wanting to reveal her beautiful face and then she made her pics on Instagram and Twitter pages and accounts as well. 

Some Facts about HongKongDoll:

There are some facts and figures about her gorgeous and charming personality and these are mentioned here:

She became famous at a very young age.

Hongkongdoll started her modeling career and acting career on various social media platforms, especially on her Instagram and OnlyFnas accounts.

A doll is well known and famous all over the United States of America, China, and Hong Kong also.

She has double nationalities of China and the United States of America. Her Instagram username is @HongKongwow.

She was born in Shanghai in China.

6: She is a very beautiful and pretty model.

Hong Kong is also available on her OnlyFans account. And her Onlyfans account subscription is free for her all users and consumers. A doll is famous and popular due to her adult modeling videos and photos on Instagram and OnlyFans and many other social media platforms.

Hong Kong has a fit body and she has an accuracy of figures.

You can see all her stunning and adult images and videos taken from her social media handles.

Hongkongdoll loves to make amazing reels and videos for her social media accounts and handles. You can easily check out her performance.

You can also check out her most viral videos on her social media accounts.

Hongkongdoll loves to make various Tiktok videos. And you can easily check out her performance and availability.

A doll is a fashion Enthusiast and a big celebrity. And her Instagram is full of adult images and videos also.

She has an Instagram account of her account and she has loaded with 3.9M+followers.


Most Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Does Hongkongdoll drinks alcohol? 

Ans: Yes, she drinks.

2: Does Doll smokes a cigarette?

Ans: Yes, she is love to smoke.

3: Who is Hongkongdoll? 

Ans: She is a Chinese and American adult celebrity, actor, and model. She is also a big personality.

4: What is the age of the Doll? 

Ans: As of 2022, her age is 27 years old.

5: When is HongKongDoll’s birthday? 

Ans: She is celebrating her birthday on 1st August 1994.

6: Where was she born? 

Ans: She was born in Shanghai, China.

7: What is her height of her? 

Ans: She stands 5 feet and 5 inches.

8: What is her body figure? 

Ans: She has hot, curvy, and amazing body features and she has measured as 32B-24-34.

9: What is the net worth of Doll in 2022? 

Ans: As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be $100K.

10: What is her weight of her?

Ans: Her weight has only 48Kgs.

11: What is the occupation of Hongkongdoll?

Ans: Doll is a famous and popular Porn Star.

12: What is the name of her Twitter account?

Ans: Her Twitter account can be located under the user name as@HongKongDoll00.

13: What’s her Instagram account name?

Ans: Her Instagram account under the user name is @HongKongDolloficial.


The above details and information are searched on different websites and sourced from various online reports and articles. This website does not guarantee 100% originality of content and data also.

The Final Words:

HongKongDoll is a very famous and popular model and Instagram user. She is a big celebrity and personality. The doll becomes an adult star at a very young age.

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