How to put a cover on home furniture

How to put a cover on home furniture

The longevity of home furniture depends directly on how carefully the owner treats it. After all, if you dine on your favorite sofa, allow children and animals to move freely on it, the appearance of furniture in a few months will be terrible. How to solve this problem? At a minimum, be more careful and treat the purchase with care. It is desirable to buy a cover for the sofa together with it. Slipcover sectional to find today is easy enough.

The fact is that hundreds of companies in the U.S. are engaged in the production of protective fabrics for sofas and other home furniture. If a potential customer is considering buying a quality product, he or she should definitely consider offers from Mamma Mia Covers. This is one of the leading brands that specializes in the production of high quality covers. The company stands out against its competitors with adequate prices. Also, there are discounts on certain products. If you are lucky, you can get a case for half its cost.

How to put the cover on the sofa? It is worth using the following algorithm:

  1. Unpack and straighten the cape, take out the existing seal.
  2. Determine the side, try on the furniture.
  3. Mark for yourself the center of the product.
  4. Before you put on the cover, you need to align it on the edges.
  5. Using rubber bands or clasps, fix the corners on the back and top.
  6. Pull it over the seat and align it.
  7. Tie an elastic band to the leg of the upholstered furniture.

The process of putting the cover on the furniture is simple enough, the only difference between corner and straight sofas is that you need to take into account the back and sides of the corner sofa in the process.

Also, putting on a corner sofa cape-cover is to move the product away from the wall, so it will be much easier. In order for the cover to look good on the sofa, you should take into account not only the style of the product, but also its size.

Many potential buyers are wondering how to put a cover with a skirt on a corner sofa? It is easy to do, because they go on an elastic band. You just need to stretch the cape around the perimeter and fix it in the right position. 

Why is it so important sofa cover

Cover for the sofa is a universal thing that allows you to protect the upholstery of upholstered furniture from premature wear and tear. If you buy such a cover when buying upholstered furniture and start using it right away, you can keep a pristine look of the product for a long time.

Cover can be put on any product, whether it is an armchair or sofa. Thus there is a full surface protection from external factors. Much depends on the material from which the cover is made, since there are less durable – they will not last long and can not provide full protection, but those that are reliable, made of quality material will keep the appearance of a sofa or chair for a long time. Also, there are certain models of covers, which when used home furniture cover and armrests.

First of all, the purchase of the cover should seriously consider if you spend a lot of time on the couch. That is when the probability increases that you will smear food on the furniture, or spill a conditional Coca Cola on them. Also, a protective fabric comes in handy if you have small children, or animals in the house. For example, dogs or cats after a walk outside can get dirt on the surface of the couch. If it will have a cover on it, however, you will only need to wash it.


Fortunately, most high-end covers do not lose their pristine look after washing. Progressive homeowners are seriously considering the option of buying multiple protective covers at once. Thus, you can regularly change the interior with new colors. For example, bright shades can be used for the holidays, when in everyday life, more subdued tones are ideal.

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