How To Setup Your Office for Hot Desking and Save Money?

How To Setup Your Office for Hot Desking and Save Money?

Did you know that office space cost is rising across America and is actually higher than pre-pandemic levels? Hot desking, where you share the desk space with multiple employees, maybe an option when certain employees are working from home or only need to be part-time. It’s a great way to cut by 30% your office space, without having to reduce staff.

Here are the top 10 tech markets that surpassed 2019 rental rates:


Increase since 2019: 15%

Charlotte, North Carolina

Increase since 2019: 11.2%

Austin, Texas

Increase since 2019: 11%


Increase since 2019: 9%


Increase over 2019: 8.3%

Los Angeles

Increase over 2019: 7.4%

St. Louis

Increase over 2019: 6.2%

Nashville, Tennessee

Increase over 2019: 6%

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Increase over 2019: 6%

Salt Lake City

Increase over 2019: 6%

Activity Based Working and Hot Desking

If your company has Activity-Based Working (ABW) then hot desking is a possible solution where you can reduce office floor space and get people working together on projects. Companies like Microsoft, Google, ANZ Bank, and others are starting to embrace ABW work styles. With hot desking booking apps that allow employees to book desks and parking spaces during the week.

In order to get your office set up for hot desk booking, you need to make sure that your workers have important hardware already set up. Here is a checklist on how to set up your office for hot-desking while keeping your employees happy.

✔️ Software and tools for hot desk set-up

1. Internet access

An office without reliable WiFi is a nightmare for the IT guy and makes people frustrated. Make sure each hot desk is equipped with a high download and upload internet package that can support multiple connections.

2. Hot desk software

It’s great to have a way for employees to book their desks and car parking during the week. This way they know exactly where to go and there is not a mad dash for the 5 best-positioned desks when the office doors open. Lobbytrack visitor management software has a hot desk booking map that allows employees to book their desks ahead of time. If certain teams need to work together, this can be set up so that a specific conference room is booked for those meetings.

✔️ Hardware that is stationary

1. Monitors

If you want to implement hot desking across the entire office or for a few teams you will need a consistent monitor setup so employees can easily plug and play. You should ask employees what the 3 important hardware items they would need on the coworking desks so it will create a more ergonomic work environment. This way you keep your team involved with this change to hot desking.

2. Mouse and keyboard

Nothing is worse than having mismatched mice and keyboards, or when people have to bring their own devices and they are not syncing. Plus, disputes can arise when you brought your $100 silent mouse to the office, and it suddenly “disappears”.

3. Chargers

Instead of making everyone carry their own set of chargers, make sure each hot desk has the right chargers. You can always make a survey in the office and see the most popular model of laptop, or give a company laptop to all employees so you know what chargers to provide.

4. Docking station

A docking station is another piece of essential hardware that should stay on each hot desk. It’s an easy and effective way to expand the connectivity options. Especially when people are collaborating on a project, they can share files via USB or connect to a large television screen for presentations.

5. Power outlets

Hot deskers should be able to get their workstations up and running as quickly as possible since time is money. Its best that all desks have power sockets easily accessible, so they don’t need to bend under the table to connect. It will avoid awkward stares when people are bending under tables to connect.  

✔️ Office furniture to support flexible seating

1. Adjustable desks

Since back pain is common in the workplace and great way to promote more body movement is by having adjustable desks with sit and stand capabilities. This way, people can easily work from a standing desk and have the option to quickly switch over to a seated position if that’s more convenient.

2. Comfortable chairs

It’s always a good idea not to buy cheap chairs. When you are hot desking, there are different users of the same chair, which means a sturdier chair is required. You should look for chairs with height adjustable arms and lumbar support. If the chair is being used by multiple people, then you should have one that adjusts up and down so it can accommodate both short and tall people.

3. Office storage cabinets or lockers

Since employees will sit at a different desk every day it’s good to have an office locker where they can store their purses, food, and personal belongings.

4. Closets and coat racks

What to do when there are 50 employees with rain jackets and umbrellas and no personal desk? To keep things clean and organized around the office, consider setting up coat racks for hot deskers to store as soon as they get to the office. This will avoid a puddle of water in the main entrance and a pile of jackets piled up in the corner.

5. Sanitary wipes

To keep the workplace sanitary, hot desking involves wiping down the keyboard and mouse after each use. It’s a good idea to equip each hot desk with sanitary wipes or even an alcohol spray that is designed for sensitive electronics.  

If hot desking sounds like the right fit for your company, it is as easy as setting up a free trial at They have helped thousands of companies and they can help you too.

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