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How to Tell Funny Jokes To a Girl If You are a Serious Type?

How to Tell Funny Jokes to a Girl? Learn How to Tell Funny Jokes in Your Speaking and How to Write Them so They Work Good for Your Audience? You can learn how to be more humorous even if your body doesn’t have any interesting bones.

Funny people tend to be liked by everyone, and anyone who knows how to lighten up with the right funny jokes is welcomed by any company.

But being funny doesn’t just mean knowing how to make a joke. It’s the way you say it rather than you say it, and it makes you funny guys and gals. Think of it this way. If the robot says it (if the robot manages to make a joke), even the most laughable joke in the world won’t be received enough to do it.

If you’re a serious type, you can infuse your personality with light humour without fear of becoming a clown. Instead of remembering jokes, look at the humorous things about your everyday situation. If possible, share your witty (or at least a little funny and entertaining) remarks with your friends and colleagues.

First Understand a Person:

Don’t worry if no one “understands” you. Everyone has a different sense of humour and we can’t please everyone every time. If someone doesn’t laugh at your best joke, don’t take it personally. You will sometimes encounter blank gazes from some people. Who knows, maybe it’s those who don’t have a good sense of humour-not you. As you continue to strive to create interesting situations from spooky situations, your technique for telling jokes will quickly improve.

If you’re a serious type, don’t suddenly start making “dirty jokes” if it makes you uncomfortable. You don’t have to lose dignity just to make a fool laugh! Avoid making controversial jokes. Political jokes are one example. The jokes you say are completely harmless, but they can still be hysterically interesting.

No matter how funny you find it, don’t start laughing while you’re joking. If you’re a serious person, make a joke with your usual voice tone and facial expressions and laugh only when others start laughing. That way you can be confident that they will actually laugh with you, not you. how to tell funny jokes?

Don’t feel the pressure to come up with something interesting. Do you really want to be labelled as a “joker”? Of course not. You are the only serious man or gal (and being a serious person is not a bad thing) and want to add a little fun to their lives and the lives of those around you.

Die to the self-what it really means to drop the ego:

Die to self-experience:

Early on a sunny summer morning, I went for a walk along the beach. It was a very good day. An expensive-looking yacht was moored in the bay. Unlike the unanswered questions that confused me, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the tides were as calm as a water wheel swamp.

Over and over again, I replayed the sequence of events that led to this moment, the loss of all money, the death of my business, and the imminent death of my reputation when filing for bankruptcy.

Feelings of despair, feelings of failure, the shame of family failure …

I found a quiet spot on a cliff path adjacent to the beach, sat on a bench, focused on breathing, and meditated. Also, I paid attention to the sound of the sea crashing on the beach and the seagulls overhead … I felt calm and peaceful.

However, About 30 minutes later, my family woke up and didn’t know where I was, so I decided I should go home. The most unusual thing happened as I was walking down the road back to the beach. Suddenly, I felt like it was two-dimensional and thin like a piece of paper, without prior warning of what was happening. It was in the form of an open door frame … and that happened …

I suddenly noticed a huge surge of energy flowing through the shape of this open two-dimensional door frame. I saw it flowing from behind me and rushing far away. how to tell funny jokes? It was like a river about 4 feet deep and 6 feet wide … and it flowed through me … it swirled through me … and I next in my head I heard a voice like:

“I am life, the energy of life, I flow through you. I always have, and I always do …”

In other words, I returned to myself and the moment was over. The sense of that experience remains with me and remains with me ten years later to this day. The veil was lifted and I was able to get a glimpse of a reality far deeper than the world of my thoughts.

Has my life changed suddenly? No. Things were still tough and remained that way for a while. But my sense of the underlying reality I experienced changed my perception. From that day on, I abandoned my heavy thoughts and acted much more intuitively. In a very profound way, I understood the meaning of going along the flow.

How to drop someone for you-Tips on how to be loved:

There will come a time when it seems very urgent to love and be loved in any person’s life. You love someone, but that person doesn’t feel the same to you. However, hope is not completely lost. Just knowing how to drop someone for you will definitely enjoy the bliss that love can bring.

Focus on yourself first

The first step in fulfilling this mission is to accept and love yourself. Admit that you are a lovely person. Feel confident and comfortable with yourself. Your appearance, emotional, intellectual traits, etc. Who you are and what you are now is already great, but think of ways to reinvent yourself and improve yourself. If you are a man, you may get a new hairstyle or change your clothing choices. If you’re a girl, a new hairstyle would be nice or another lipstick shade like red. Be positive and think positive so that you can help imagine a wonderful future with the person you want to fall in love with. This answer how to tell funny jokes?

Spend more time together

When you are always with someone, you start to depend on that person and get used to the feeling that he/she is always by your side. It doesn’t have to be a romantic date, it can be a casual activity. You can watch TV programs together. Help him/her do her housework. Help him/her finish his / her school work and more.

Laugh together

However, The sound of love is laughter, and laughing with that person you are about to fall for you will make his / her girlfriend accept the love you are willing to give. It’s not just about acting like a clown just to make him/her laugh. It’s about laughing spontaneously together for your natural sense of humour.

Be patient

When you love someone, it is true that you also want someone to love you, if possible. However, this is something you can do right away. However, If you want to be with that person for serious and devoted love, don’t hurry. In a hurry, you may get a fling that can disappear quickly. Patience is the key you need to use. You need to take the time to work on fascinating his / her girlfriend. Persuade his / her girlfriend without choking or clinging. Similarly, Remember that love is not like the material thing you can buy. It cannot be forced. Let’s move everything forward at a natural pace.

Know each other well

In the meantime, you have the opportunity to know more about each other. If you really love him/her, you are open-minded and will accept any new things you discover about that person. In conclusion, He/she will understand and feel what you are trying to do. He/she will find that you are the one who can really understand her / her girlfriend and eventually be free when you are in your company. The person begins to be more open to you and feels happier and more comfortable in your company. After reading this you are able to answer how to tell funny jokes?

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