15 Cute Attractive Things Girls Do That Guys Love – Things Guys Like That Girls Do

What Cute Attractive Things Girls Do That Guys Love? What do guys find cute in a girl? What type of girl do guys find most attractive? What things women do that men love?

Let’s be honest – girls usually don’t have to try much for guys to like them. But, it’s also true that the majority of girls do attempt to be attractive. In all their effort they seem to neglect the fact that the things that men find the cutest are those little things girls do often without even thinking about them. Whether guys are just starting to date a woman or are in a committed relationship, the things they like most about their girlfriends usually end up being really tiny eccentricities and habits that girls rarely know that they need. Here are some of the small things a girl does that guy find very cute:

1: Cuddling

When it comes to cuddling and men, there are many different opinions on whether or not they like it. The truth is, guys really like when you cuddle, although some of them are reluctant to admit it. They sometimes try to hide how much they love it, but when they truly like the girl, they love it when she is wrapped in their arms. It makes them feel manly and protective of her and they like that feeling. Besides that, most guys find cuddling relaxing and comforting and it increases the level of intimacy in the relationship. They simply find it charming when you are being cuddly and they appreciate the closeness of the act. This is the first Things Girls Do That Guys Love.

2: Playing with her hair

A girl’s hair alone is very appealing to men because it is one of the signs of femininity. And when you play with your hair, they find it very attractive and sexy. Whether it is done mindlessly or as an intentional move, a guy will love to see you play with your hair. They enjoy looking at girls flicking their hair around or putting it up and then down again or tucking their hair behind their ears or simply touching it. Guys find girls playing with their hair not only cute and attractive but also feminine and graceful.

3: Biting her lip

Guys simply love it when women make the sensual bottom-lip-biting move. It just makes them go crazy! Biting the lips is a classic girls’ move to attract a guy. It is an ancient form of flirting, and there’s something about it that makes guys drawn to a girl. Girls usually do it intentionally when openly flirting or talking to a guy they like. But if a girl has a habit of biting her lips unconsciously, this really adds to her personality. It makes a man fall crazy together with her everywhere again.

4: Laughing heartily

There is something in a girls’ laughter that makes them more desirable to men. A free-spirited laugh that lights up your face is often very contagious. Guys find it irresistible when girls have a hearty laugh. Not only does it put guys at ease, but it also makes them more attracted to girls. When a girl laughs, she seems relaxed and inviting and that makes guys fall for her easily. A big, happy smile not only shows your confidence, but it makes you appear friendly and open. And if it’s their jokes that made a girl laugh, that is really a jackpot!

5: Blushing

No one likes to be seen blushing; we feel it is embarrassing, especially if we blush around someone we like. But, psychologists prove we are wrong! People, in general, see those who blush as sincere and honest people and not embarrassing at all. And when it comes to dating, guys simply adore when a girl blushes! Blushing shows a man that you simply are sensitive and vulnerable, which makes him feel safer about approaching you. Also, they find blushed cheeks very cute and it makes them feel special if you blushed because of them. These attractive Things Girls Do That Guys Love.

6: Natural makeup

Some girls like to do makeup a little too much and sometimes don’t even leave the house without heavy makeup no matter what time it is, but they don’t realize that guys usually don’t like that. Guys find a natural look very cute and sometimes irresistible. Although guys occasionally love it when a girl gets all dressed up and looks glamorous, in an everyday context, they really appreciate it when she has little makeup and goes natural and comfortable around them. It shows that she doesn’t need to be fully dressed up to feel confident about how she looks, and that is very attractive to men!

7: Wearing glasses

Guys often find it cute and sexy when a girl wears glasses. A woman wearing glasses appears to be the studious type. Glasses give that brainy look of a self-confident girl with whom you can talk about a lot of different topics. Wearing glasses apparently sends a message that the girl is confident about herself and doesn’t care what others think of her looks. The days when glasses were viewed as something you should be embarrassed by are, thankfully, long gone. Wear your glasses proudly and watchmen go crazy!

8: Wearing his clothes

Although girls may think it might be annoying for guys, it really isn’t! They love seeing girls in their clothes, which are a little too big for them. Not only does it make them look adorably cute when wearing his oversized clothes, but it also makes them look hot. It makes guys feel like girls are comfortable around them. Wearing his clothes can make you look funny but that is what seems to be attractive to him– dropping all your inhibitions in front of someone you love, being yourself and feeling confident even in his old worn-out T-shirt. This is the most attractive Things Girls Do That Guys Love.

9: Asking for help

Even something as simple as asking your man for help is very cute to guys. When a man helps a woman he feels powerful, manly and happy, knowing that he was able to impress a woman with his abilities. And when a man feels good about himself, he’ll obviously like the girl who helped him feel better about himself. Don’t forget to thank a man when he helps you. Complimenting a man with a flirty smile and sparkling eyes will definitely make his heart skip a beat.

10: Have pleading eyes

This is one of the cutest moves girls make that makes guys like them very much, and most guys agree that girls look really cute when they do this. There is something appealing about those big, popularly called “puppy dog” eyes. Men simply can’t resist a girl looking at them pleadingly and they are willing to do pretty much anything you ask them while looking at them with big pleading eyes.

11: Dancing like no one’s watching

Most girls might be embarrassed to let their man catch them dancing at home like crazy, but it turns out guys love watching them dance like nobody is watching. Girls who dance relaxed and not caring about what others would think are very attractive to men. Guys are infatuated with the female body and when you are busting a move casually and confidently that can make them like you a lot. Some scientists explain that girls dancing are so appealing to men because dancing, especially hip movements subconsciously indicate youth and fertility. Whatever the reason might be, let your hair down and dance!

12: Being playful

Recent studies have shown that playfulness is on a ‘must-have’ list of qualities that men look for in a partner. Whether it is laughing at you or being silly and fun, many men love a girl with a youthful, playful side. Playful girls are viewed as friendlier and more exciting which men certainly prefer to boring, always serious personalities. Men generally find women who don’t take themselves too seriously more attractive because they see playfulness as a sign of confidence which they always find very hot.

13: Having the bedhead look

It may come as a surprise to some girls, but it turns out the best look you can have, according to guys, is the ‘I-just-woke-up’ look. Messy hairs, dreamy look in the eyes… It makes a girl look very innocent and vulnerable and yet very sexy. There is something very attractive about that look. When a girl rocks this look – all comfy, no makeup, hair not styled – without caring about her appearance, it makes her irresistible to men.

14: Touching him when walking

Some actions can show a lot more than words. When girls casually or intentionally touch or lean into the guy in public, when walking or talking it melts him inside. This simple act is a sign of real attraction. When they are really into you, they will enjoy shows of affection like this. The little things like taking his hand while you’re walking, hugging him while waiting in line, or hooking your arm into his will make him feel closer to you and shows that you’re proud to be with him.

15: The way girls get scared

Men love how girls can be incredibly brave when it comes to real-life problems and challenges and at the same time get insanely terrified of rodents, spiders, bugs or snakes. Actually, of anything that is creepy and/or crawly. That kind of somewhat irrational fear makes a girl look very cute to men. Not only that, but frightened girls give men a sense of strength and purpose. Above are some attractive things women do that men love.

They are more than willing to finish the beastly thing that scared you and deserve a smile and a kiss from their adorable damsel in distress! These were some of the things girls often are not aware of, but that is very attractive to men. There are others – making a pout with your mouth, taking food from his plate, giving him nicknames, and many more.

Knowing these things can help in the dating process or spice up your long term relationship. These attractive Things Girls Do That Guys Love. These are the attractive things women do that men love. The little things go a long way. It is all about those little things that make you unique and that show off your personality and self-confidence. There are many things guys like, but it all sometimes comes down to being yourself and feeling good in your own skin, which is visible in these small things girls do that guys love.

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