Kekma net 2021 – Why famous among many people and countries?

Kekma net 2021 – Why famous among many people and countries?

What is What kind of content, images, and videos is uploading to this website? Facts, Features, and Famous comments

In this article, you may find all the content is abusive and disturbing for the rest of the people, and you can see this website is terrible in its contents and features. And this website is also known as the shocking website and this website is not recommended to ill and weak people because this type of website may include such kind of content and stuff which becomes harmful for others. 

This article may contain disturbing content for others, including themes of rape, themes of murder, and videos about abuse and suicide of people. This website also tells the videos and aspects of drugging and crime. However, this website is full of content that is base on disaster and tragedy, etc.‎ We are also advising those who have to suffer any disease or disturbing mental disorders, so we inform our readers of this kind of content discretion.

What is is such kind of terrible website which has the name of formerly kekma. Ga. And this is such a kind of website, also known as the bait and switch shock website. Also, this website was firstly hosted on April 23 in 2019. And this kind of terrible website was created by Obok MeatGod. And he is also known as Kekmaguy. The website supports all that kind of purports, an alt-right and Reddit clone, especially famous for Donald and Voat.

What type of content is displaying on this website?

Whenever any of the users is open this website, then this website is suddenly displaying an 18+ age content and warning messages to that users. And this type of website is also showing the links of the Kekma community site and also This website is specially designed for those who do not have any happiness in their relationships in real life.

What do you know about stump grinders?

 The stump grinder is a link over the internet that is using to go to a Discord server, and this link is a ban on the internet. When any user clicks the community link, which goes to the and connects the 18+ content, the warning messages are forcing to the user’s web browser. Which is displaying on the entire screen of the user’s personal computer or device.

This terrible and banned website shows the content about some triggers that involve several extremely loud noises and distortions of Loud Nigra. And this website is also leading the result of screaming sounds. And this website is also playing a video of a man squatting in a swimming pool of semi-clotted blood. Also, this website is forcing a large but bloodstained industrial screw down the user’s urethra. consists of all adult and abusive types of material for its users and consumers.

What kind of content, images, and videos is uploading to this website

This website,, shows multiple types of content, showing different kinds of videos and images that are inappropriate for internet users. And this website is also showing some content which is belonging to March 13, 2020. This video was a medical experiment and recording of pork or tapeworm cysts squeezed from a human liver. 

Then it also shows another video of the cursor and an image of 4 deforming -looking penises with bloodstains on them. They are presenting the swastika Flag with that penises. The background of this video is also flashing into two images showing a person who is ejaculating to a baby with Harlequin Fetus disease. Still, it was a prop and considered as the creator states of mind.

 And another video is about a black man having sex with a corpse, and this video was so terrible for the users over the internet then. Obok, the owner of this website, claims that these states were photoshopped, and then after publishing photos and videos, all content was removed from the website. On the owner’s behalf, he did not want people to think “his website is considered the CP site.” 

In October 2020, this website changed the background image, which shows the appearance of a guy and his face smashed by a bear. This website also offers the idea of an inappropriate image and a baby who is suffering from Harlequin Fetus disease. And this image becomes very terrible and sorrowful for the users and customers.

But one thing remains to maintain on the website, which is the industrial screw video. But the GIF also changes the exact image of the man’s head, which is smashed and decapitated by the injured arm.

Some facts about is formerly known as the Kekma. Ga. And this website is not appropriate for all the users over the internet. It is a shocking website that is displaying the content about NSFL. And this type of content has been used in many raid attacks on several subedits and Discord servers in real life.

This website contains a rapid flashing of NSFL images accompanied by a high-pitched ear rape of a person’s screaming and an NSFL video in the center of the main page of this website. When any user is opening this website or main page of this terrible website; he comes to know that the page enters a full-screen mode.

And when the user is deciding to leave or quit back from this website, his attempt to escape the pages of this terrible and shocking website producing confirmation of window message, also slowing down the exiting process of the user’s system or device.

What do you know about the origin of this website?

It Is telling about April 23, 2019, when this website keema. Ga (KEK MAGA), which is a shocking and terrible website, was created by ObokTheSecond. And when this guy is entering the website or the main page of this horrible website; this website displays a warning message to the user that it “contains dark and adult humor.”

And whenever this website asks their users and customers if they wish to proceed with the following procedure to their browser and system. If any user clicks on the link, the website visitor is taking to the website’s main page. And this main page displays a

GIF that is base on two NSFL images and a video.

This all stuff and content are accompanying by high-pitched ear noise and the sound of rape which has the name of “World’s Loudest Orgasm.”

What is the site content of

This website has NSFL content on kekma. ga are including the features of:

1: there is a flashing background, a GIF based upon a photograph or image of a dog hung up by its hind legs and skinned, which is horrible to see.

 2: there is a central video of a man squatting in a pool of blood and forcing himself a large industrial screw inside his urethra.

3: when any of the users are opening the main page of this darkwebsite. Then he comes to know all the dark sides of this website.

4: This type of dark website requires a different kind of confirmation for closing the main page; and this all process slows down the user’s system.

What do you know about the term of spread?

The earliest very first post about this dark website was a document posted on social media on July 15, 2019. And this video has received a lot of comments from all over the world, one of the most famous comments was to this video” Why they don’t tell you about Hitler’s “Shrinking Markets” problem.” During the summer and Autumn season of 2019, there is a link posting on several YouTube channels. People found them are very using these Discords servers of several YouTube channels and some Romanian imageboard creators.

What is the live information of this

This dark website which has the name is contacting with 5 IPs in 3 countries. And this website is also crossing with four domains to performing 16 HTTP transactions over the internet.

This website is also involving the primary IP address is:

2606:4700:3037::ac43:b0f5, which is located in the United States of America and belongs to the CLOUDFLARENET of the US. The primary domain name of this dark website is

Live information and other details:

This dark website has the quality of Google Safe Browsing; and there is no kind of classification for prevailing here.

The current DNS of this dark website is a record:

(AS13335 – CLOUDFLARENET, US) And the Domain of this website is creating on the date of July 30, 2020, 19:10:05 (UTC).

And the website has the Domain registrar is PDR Ltd. d/b/a

What are the Domain and IP information of this website?

The further detail about domain and IP information are as follows here:

1 2a00:1450:4001:828::2008 15169 (GOOGLE)

1 2001:4de0:ac18::1:a:2a 20446 (HIGHWINDS3)

12 2606:4700:3037::ac43:b0f5 13335 (CLOUDFLARENET)

1 2a00:1450:4001:827::200e 15169 (GOOGLE)

1 2a00:1450:4001:810::200e 15169 (GOOGLE)

What are the famous comments about this

As we all know, this dark website’s former name is; which is also known and considered the domain hack for kek maga. is a shocking kind of website for its users. And whenever if any of users are opening this website or entering the world of this dark website; he comes to know all details and disadvantages of this dark and banned website.

However, if any of the users enter the website, he is automatically changing this web page’s settings to the entire screen of the user’s system.

Then the user may find a confirmation message and a piece of warning news for entering the world of this website. The user can see a letter full of his consent and a confirmation message popping up on his screen. When a victim of this dark website wants to leave and exit from this, he may meet many types of videos that depict the worst and terrible situation of an NFL video of man who is shoving a screw into his penis.

And then, another video from this website is surrounded by a GIF of the dog being skinned alive; and his flashes between negative and non-negative models are website shows. Also, there is another video or GIF, an ear rape of version of sound called “the world’s loudest orgasm” shown.

Interesting Facts:

Then this website is also playing very horrible in the background soundtracks. The cursor image is also changed when the user of this dark website, unfortunately, visits and enters the world of this dark website. This contains all dangerous and abusive materials. is removing some of its contents due to their immorality. We warn all our users and readers that if you have faith in God and have a genuine love for God; you do not enter or open such websites. You do not try to visit ever on this website. It is because it contains adult videos, images, memes gifs. Mentally weak or ill do not stay this kind of website due to its wrong or horrible and adult type of stuff.

So we advise you not ever to try to visit this type of website that is harmful to you. And if there is a post seen on any social media platform on your personal computer or devices; and this message yelling to you to come and visit this type of dark website; you should not go or check-in such a website with the name

And you should not click ever on the link. This type of website is not suitable for all consumers and users. Do not try ever to click it!

The final words: has the earlier name kekma. Ga. And this is such kind of website which is immorally wrong and bad for their users and customers. This website has all the content of inappropriate and adult. Also, This website is considering a dark and terrible kind of website. This website contains the wrong images, videos, memes, and GIFs.

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