Marketing Strategies to Promote a Dating Service

Marketing Strategies to Promote a Dating Service

What General Considerations Need When Marketing a Dating Site? Top 10 Marketing Strategies to Promote a Dating Service in 2022.

Not even the best business can survive without marketing. Having the best product or service means nothing if no one knows it exists. Opposite to that, having an average product with a huge awareness usually means big success. Some of the biggest companies in the world are producing drinks that have no nutritional value, but they are earning billions. There are many similar examples.

Don’t get us wrong; we don’t suggest you create a mediocre site and invest everything in marketing. We’re just illustrating the power of marketing. You still should create a site that helps its users get the exact kind of dates they want. And then promote the hell out of it.

Apply Different Approaches for Various Sections

Specializing in one kind of dating may seem like a bad strategy because it leads to losing many potential members. However, that’s the best and most fundamental strategy for creating a successful dating service. It helps to raise awareness among a specific group of people which helps to earn their trust. Not only that, but it’s also much simpler to promote a service when you know who your target audience is.

Flirt and Regular Dating

Dating sites focused on regular dating should avoid using any words directly related to sex. All of their members seek long-term relationships and want to get more than physical satisfaction from the site. Of course, they’ll flirt and have sex with other members, but that’s not their priority. Approaching them from an angle focused on sex will repel those people. Instead, show how your site can help erase loneliness and find a soulmate.


Some successful sites don’t aim at LGBTQ+ members differently than straight people, but it’s always better to focus on a specific group of people. Although straight people and LGBTQ+ members want the same thing, they use different languages. Approaching them from the right angle is the key. For instance, female LGBTQ+ members feel safer on a lesbian site reserved only for them, so earning their trust is much simpler if you decide to make a site only for them.

Casual Dates and Hookups

People who don’t want to settle down and commit to one person won’t join a site for regular dating. They join sites that promise to connect them with singles who want the same as they do – casual sex and hookups. One kind of dating promoted in a way the target audience understands is the key to their successful marketing strategy.

Senior Dating

Seniors are another specific group of online daters. Some want casual dating; others seek love, which means they can join generic dating sites too. Still, they are more relaxed on sites where they aren’t the minority. Knowing they are among people their age boosts their confidence. Making clear that age isn’t a problem on your site is the thing in marketing a dating service to seniors.

General Considerations When Marketing a Dating Site

After deciding who you want to help and what kind of dating you want to promote, it’s time to take care of some general marketing strategies for dating services.

Invent Your ‘Special Thing’

The special thing or USP (unique selling point) is what makes you different and better than your competitors. For example, Amazon built its brand, claiming they sell everything from A to Z. They are one of the biggest companies in the world because they were the first online retailer who showed buyers everything is available on their site. USP of your site can be a new feature, pricing plan, or anything else that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Provide Integration with Social Networks

Everybody uses social networks, even people who claim they don’t. Because of that, it’s crucial to integrate a dating site with social networks. Maybe not all of them, but at least those your target audience prefers. Allowing new members to sign up with social media will boost UX because creating a profile won’t take more time than necessary.

Plan Ads and Cooperate with Bloggers

Paying for ads on social media and browsers is a part of marketing that can’t be neglected. Without paid and planned ads, marketing a dating site takes more time and effort. Cooperating with thematic bloggers like lesbian influencers and content writers is another fundamental part of marketing for dating services. They can explain to your target audience what to expect from the site. And they can have an enormous impact on your SEO rank because the content is still the king.

Put Effort into SEO

Talking about SEO, it’s impossible to create a successful Promote a Dating Service without a solid SEO strategy. Putting effort into SEO will cost some money at first, but that’s the best long-term SEO strategy for marketing any online service.

Acquire Quality Links

One of the most important aspects of SEO is link building; ranking high without quality backlinks is almost impossible. Seek relevant sites that accept guest posts and hire a content writer who’ll put a link to your site into well-written articles. Another strategy for getting quality backlinks is creating valuable content other people share on their own. As your dating site becomes more popular, more people will share it and add a link to it on their sites.

Motivate Users to Share Their Positive Experience

The last tip for Promote a Dating Service is related to social proof. Without it, you can’t expect to earn anyone’s trust. People like (buy) stuff and services because other people did it before them and were satisfied. As we know, lesbian, gay, and queer people are usually active online, so ask current and previous users to share their positive experiences to show potential members your dating service works. Nothing beats that when it comes to marketing. Even the best site can’t thrive without social proof.

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