Mediatatakeout – Truth behind gathering a large number of readers?

Mediatatakeout – Truth behind gathering a large number of readers?

Introduction to Mediatatakeout :

Mediatatakeout is a blog-style online site created by Fred Mwangaguhunga. What makes this platform different from other gossip platforms? He began his overall career by capturing similar scenarios as a director as well as a videographer for a long time. However, during his college years, this time he would go on to take these skills seriously.

Some time passed and he founded and became the CEO of This is a website that totally runs on a gossip-style blogging method. The urban blog has famously appeared on CNN, NBC as well as NYP, and many more names to include.

Furthermore, there are advertisers improvising this platform even more. It boomed so amazingly that the site would go on to buy emerging competitors as subsidiaries. Due to such expansion, not only the traffic has been increasing, but its popularity as well. Today we’re diving into how mediatatakeout became so influential in the first place.

How was the Mediatatakeout platform started?

At the start, Fred was running a stable laundry business known as Laundry Spa that was mostly operated via the web. This business worked well with the partners as well as the clients and allowed them many laundry options. Due to such customizations, business took off pretty well from the very early stages of its inception. This was a time where he spent most of his time as well as finances on the blog.

Not only to expand but also to improvise the Daily Candy blog site. Throughout this time, he began to notice and started focusing on a blog with more tech focus. The business was later sold and he stepped into the world of blogging. This was perhaps the starting stage where he would end up running his blog from now on. The mediatatakeout worked so well that this decision proved totally beneficial for him.

How much did it take to properly start the business?

In the start, there were only the basic domain and account expenses he needed to take care of. Since his family background was already in the business industry, he had a legit idea on how to take the start. Then there was a financial plan as well as a business plan is done to estimate the upcoming expenses of the site. Therefore, the starting costing of the business didn’t take that much as well.

What makes Mediatatakeout different from other gossip platforms?

The internet is full of thousands of blogs within this specific niche and there is no shortage of it for sure. However, the amount of influence, traffic as well as the overall appeal of this platform is a bit higher than the rest. The best approach they ever took was to expand on the overall social media platforms as well as through startups.

Most of the time of mediatatakeout spent building up the actual equity of the brand. Their main focus was to catch readers instead of making a profit in the early half. Surely, it is the thing that boosted the overall expansion of the blog in the first place. Furthermore, it also resulted in a positive outcome with respect to finances and profits.

How did the site choose what to deliver its readers?

In the start, the site decided to go all unique using a custom CMS build instead of any third-party web management systems. In the start, they began by offering our readers a large variety of choices in this niche. They added, songs, stories, sports as well as anything that is going trendy at that time. With time, it all narrowed down to what the readers found the most appealing.

How the site did gather a large number of readers?

With mediatatakeout, the main focus always seemed to be on exclusivity. In the very early days, it was responsible for breaking some of the best urban stories ever. It could be happy, sad, exciting, or tragic, the urban community was always in its eye. Aside from that, the actively engaged audience there due to the more authenticity. In simple, keeping all this in such a friend as well as maintained tone is what kept the site going. Not only does it boost its appeal, but also its readers and community range.

How much competition is in front of the site in terms of traffic reach?

While the major focus of the site is on African American content, the content gathering is almost global. Since the site has one of the largest mainstream content on the web, it is sure to have large competition. While looking at the 2019 stats, its 87 million view score was only behind five big entertainment names of the US. Ranking at the 6th best and most visited entertainment site is surely an achievement in such a short period on the web.

How do advertisers react to the site?

The site saw a major increase in traffic when traffic rating services began reporting its popularity in the late 2008s. No matter how unlikely it seemed; it was still the case and the overall numbers were huge. Not to mention that this was the early time of the site and hence the budget was even lower than the initial stages.

However, with such popularity, the site began to close deals with billion-dollar companies like Viacom as well as AOL and BET. These deals would go on to write a totally new step of brilliance for the growing site. Not only did it increase its appeal in the urban market, but also with every aspect on the web.


With mediatatakeout, it is pretty simple how making the right decisions often led to a faster success path than others. No matter how difficult it seemed at the start, innovation always spices things up, especially when it comes to advertising platforms. Since the site keeps growing at an amazing pace, we can assume it will only grow more with the course of time. However, this pretty much sums up the interview of the site’s founder. As well as everything that you needed to know about this amazing site.

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