Minecraft Medieval House Ideas – Easy Steps of Building Medieval House

Minecraft Medieval House Ideas – Easy Steps of Building Medieval House

Minecraft Medieval House Ideas. Complete step by step Guide to Build a Medieval House in Minecraft with Different Designs. Nowadays Minecraft houses are very famous on our earth planet. It is the second famous thing.

When it is released to their fans and players then it becomes a popular object in this game. Everyone had an addiction to building medieval houses of this Minecraft game. In Minecraft world, you can make every type of house in your fantasy world. You can layout the design structure and build houses. Also, You can make the whole living like you can make and design a full town of living.

However, With minecraft medieval house You can make bridges, bunk roads, roads, Trucks, make the garden, grow trees and flowers, make aeroplanes, make boats, and make the sea and the big boats, the colour of your imagination. Also, You can make some kind of trees and some type of herbs. You can make skyscrapers with a rooftop garden. You can make your imaginary castle for your living. For those who are new to this game, I will help you for making the medieval houses in the Minecraft game. Let discuss some easy steps for building the houses in this game.

A Basement:

You can make a basement portion area in the medieval house where you can store many chest materials.

A Kitchen:

You can make a kitchen usually in the first-floor area where you can design also a walkout area and a walkout balcony for sniping. If you need kitchen-related top product reviews with the ultimate buyer guide check it now!

Second Floor:

You can make the second floor of above right from the first floor. Where you can put a library room and some restrooms there.

Top Floor:

When you build the second floor in the Mine craft game then you can also build the top floor for an extra relaxing type of area.

Farming Area:

You can build a farming area behind your house. You can make a restroom and a stable for your royal Horses and the Donkeys.

So now the question is what things or materials you need to build your house in this game.

Here we discussed some very easy steps which below:

Some easy steps of building a Minecraft medieval house:

Layout and Materials needed:

It is the first step to building your house of medieval. In this step, you should plan some kind of layout and a structure or a portrait of which kind of home you want to make. I am presenting here all the key features of layout design materials which you need

1: Oak Trunks

2: Cobblestone

3: Stone brick Stairs

4: Cracked stone bricks

5: Glass Panes

6: Door of your choice

7: stone brick slabs

8: Spruce trapdoor

9: Acacia wood planks

10: Acacia wood stairs

11: Wooden tarp doors

12: Acacia Slabs

13: Fencing of your choice

14: Fence gate

Find a good flat place for medieval house:

If you want to make a house then you need to build a basement area. For this purpose, you have to require an L-shaped piece of Land where you easily dig out a basement there and if you want to make a nicer flat then you should require some other type of piece of land.

Build The Foundation of Minecraft medieval house:

At this stage, you can make a house in this game. You layout the house and also you find a good place for your house and make some decisions to building the house. Now you need to build the foundation of your house and for this, you need some material things. You are required to randomly texture the walls, Cobblestone, and stone bricks. You should build some corner blocks of your house with polished andesite. Try to keep the pattern random to give some natural look or appearance.

Build a Doorway and add the flooring of the house:

This step is for making the Doorways and Flooring of your houses. In this step, you draw and build your path to go to your home and also adds a floor to your home. You make the entrance of your home here.

For this you required some kind of stones, place three stones, three spruce Fence, Putting three spruce trapdoors and finally add the main door. Now take some spruce planks and then starts filling your ground floor. You can repeat the same process for the top floor to make the base for the second level.

Add the frame in medieval house:

Here we discuss the process of adding the frames of your houses in the Mine craft game. This level is for building the upper level of the house. You can be made upside down spruce planks on the sides of the house and use regularly the spruce slabs in between them. Four spruce slabs in the middle of each corner. And the additional six strips of spruce slabs for making the blocks high. If you forget the making connection on top of the pillars then you never build the top of the floor.

Construct the wall and Towers:

We are making new walls and towers for our home here. For this purpose, we need some smooth sandstones and wide blocks. We need four blocks high.

To making a tower we are needing some smooth sandstones some empty blocks. All putting in square format and raised them until they are in quantity in nine.

Build the Roof of Minecraft medieval house:

For making the roof of your house, you are required some Oak stairs and some spruce slabs for placing them on each other for giving the roof in height. You should make an A-line roof for your design it will give a smooth design to your home. If you want to make a tower roof you need to be oak planks, dark oak planks and dark oak stairs.

Add windows and Shutter:

 At this is the stage of adding the windows and shutters of your home. A home is incomplete without windows and shutters. So now we are giving a luxury look by putting some windows there. We need some glass panes, spruce trapdoors and shutters

Add the Chimney:

In this step, you can add a very decent chimney. The chimney will be 2×2 in measurement. The chimney will be made of some cracked stone and brick stairs


It is the last step of making your imaginary Minecraft medieval house. You can put some extra storage cabinets, a stove and a heater. Balcony with bedroom and add a master bedroom.

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