How to Improve Mobile App Monetization by Using an Ad Network?

How to Improve Mobile App Monetization by Using an Ad Network?

With the growth of mobile apps and game development, mobile publishers’ need for mobile app monetization also increased significantly.

Introduction to Mobile App Monetization:

Every mobile app publisher today looks around to find the best strategies and models to monetize their mobile app. The mobile industry no doubt has witnessed massive growth over the past decade especially when the world was hit by COVID-19. The pandemic pushed people to stay confined to their homes with limited physical and social interaction. This is when the need for mobile apps and games is amplified. The digital space was the only place where people were not just connecting socially but were also availing services and finding leisure together.

Where the usage of mobile apps grew, the usage of mobile games also accelerated significantly. People actively started to invest in playing multiplayer mobile games which not just acted as a good pastime but also added some thrill to their monotonous routines. Besides these, service-based apps such as food delivery apps witnessed a huge increase in installs and usage. With this massive growth, mobile apps caught advertisers’ attention from around the world, becoming one of the biggest marketing channels.  

Mobile app monetization:

With the growth of mobile apps and game development, mobile publishers’ need for mobile app monetization also increased significantly. Whereas, on the other hand, the advertisers wanted more and more apps to advertise in. Keeping in mind this development in the industry, mobile ad networks came out as a bridge between publishers and advertisers. With this, mobile publishers got a convenient chance to monetize by using in-app advertising and advertisers gauged a powerful medium.

Mobile ad networks play an essential role in leveraging in-app advertising for mobile app monetization. However, there are multiple app monetization models and strategies that exist but in-app advertising stands out among all. The global in-app advertising spending reached $295 billion in 2021. It is not just the mobile app industry but also the mobile ad networks that have evolved into feature-packed platforms. From providing spot-on mobile app monetization to offering in-depth analytics and transparency, mobile ad networks offer just the right solution for publishers to enjoy.

There are thousands of mobile publishers actively monetizing using in-app advertising for monetization with the assistance of mobile ad networks. But how can they improve revenues and performance conveniently without much work? Here is what you need to know…

Tips To Efficiently Improve Mobile App Monetization

In-app advertising is one hassle-free way of mobile app monetization especially when the world has some wonderful top-performing mobile ad networks to choose from. However, there is always room for improvement, and we are here to fill that up! Following are the amazing tips to improve mobile app monetization at ease:

Maintain the right balance.

It might just seem great thinking that more ads bring more revenue, which is partially true. But an even more enticing fact is that few quality ads within a high-performing app or game bring out greater revenue. This means publishers need more and more users to make monetization with in-app advertising more effective.

By mentioning all this, the goal is to create awareness of the importance of maintaining a balance. An app or game publisher needs to understand the importance of user experience before adding ad placeholders. More and intrusive ads annoy users, eventually pushing them not to use the app or game, or just uninstall it. This directly impacts the daily active users resulting in lower impressions which then adds up to lower revenue. Hence a healthy balance between ads and user experience is highly important.

Native is a success!

Native ads are all that your mobile app or game needs to earn seamless revenue with higher conversions and brand awareness. You must now be thinking that native ads are only meant for apps, so what to do about mobile games? Your concern is valid but here is a solution!

Games like Shoot to Kill – FPS Commando Gun Shooting Game is seen using a unique ad format. The Immersive ads are actively being used by 2D and 3D games today, which act similar to native ads for apps. These ads blend well into the mobile game environment and generate impressions like no other. Thus adding more value to in-game revenues at ease.

Different Rules for Different Apps

Not every mobile app or game works on the same mechanics, similarly, not every mobile app or game has the same user base. Keeping this in mind, it is essential for mobile app publishers to realize that different in-app advertising strategies will work differently for each of their apps. If one chooses to use interstitial ads for monetization, there might be a chance that these don’t work great for your app. Hence, to make it simple, understand your mobile app and game with reference to user behaviors and place ad placeholders accordingly.

For doing so, you need to execute A/B Testing. Make your app available to two different sets of users with different ads placed. Monitor performance and revenue generation, then act accordingly.

Explore New Monetization Techniques

The top mobile ad networks today do not bound mobile publishers to just stick to in-app advertising for monetization. Besides, they offer other strategies that leverage in-app revenues at ease. Best performing mobile ad networks offer multiple campaigns such as in-app features and in-app purchases alongside in-app advertising. Hence, publishers can earn from both ends.

Where in-app advertising brings in revenue based on impressions, publishers can earn more by promoting in-app purchases. A mix of monetization techniques opens new opportunities for mobile publishers to gain revenue at ease.

Mobile ad networks have surely added many conveniences to mobile publishers’ lives. These feature-rich platforms enable a publisher to earn greater revenues with just a few easy tips and tricks.  

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