Reasons why you should choose the multibit wallet 

Reasons why you should choose the multibit wallet 

If you have crypto assets or trade crypto, you need to pay rapt attention here. The crypto space is a large ecosystem, and you must consider everything that makes the crypto community remain lucrative. The crypto community is not just where you only buy and sell; more than that, you need to understand how to keep your assets safe. One of the most effective means of achieving this is by entrusting them in the hands of secured crypto wallets. Depending on your preference, you could have your assets in hardware or software wallets. However, you must choose the one that best suits your preference. 

The software crypto wallets are those types of wallets that are stored online. Either on your PC or mobile devices makes them readily available, accessible, and relatively cheap compared to the hardware wallets. One of the most popular software crypto wallets is the multibit wallet. It was developed in 2011 and is now one of the products of Keepkey. It is no news that this software remains one of the best, especially regarding the storage of bitcoin and other crypto-assets. 

There are several reasons why the multibit wallet remains the most preferred crypto wallet software, and here are some of those reasons. 


It will interest you to note that multibit is one of the most user-friendly crypto wallets you can adopt to store your asset. You don’t need to possess technical knowledge before assessing the software. Because of its user-friendly nature, its popularity has grown exponentially for a crypto wallet developed in 2011. Not many crypto wallets developed at that time still have relevance to date like multibit. In simple and plain steps, you can send, receive and store your crypto assets without needing a third party to help you facilitate the setup. 

Compatibility with various operating systems

Having a wide range of compatibility with popular operating systems is also one of the reasons why crypto enthusiasts and investors choose multibit wallets. The wallet is compatible with LINUX, Windows, Microsoft, and even Mac, making it an interesting pick. Contrary to what you must have heard of software wallets being prone to cyber-attacks, the multibit wallet remains one of the most secured. However, it is worth noting that an extra layer of protection is needed to be on the safer side. One way of ensuring this is by having the multibit wallet recovery services ready to deploy anytime. They help you provide a backup and an extra layer of security for your assets. 

You have the control

There’s nothing like shared control when you use the multibit wallet. Unlike on exchange platforms, you alone have total control of your assets. Your private keys, funds, and even the entire wallets are yours to use with discretion. There’s no need to worry about third-party keeping tabs on your assets, and you have all the security details in your possession. You choose to share it with whoever pleases you. Although it’s not advisable, you share your wallet’s private keys or details with anybody except the multibit wallet recovery services. You could either have the recovery services set up on your computer or your private keys kept on a separate computer. 

Support from Keepkey

As mentioned earlier, multibit is a subsidiary under the company Keepkey. You have such a big name as this wallet storage service’s owner is another reason you should choose multibit. Keepkey, on the other hand, is a hardware wallet that can be compared to having a USB drive, so right on that drive is all your information. This means before any transaction can be confirmed on the multibit wallet, it must first be approved by the Keepkey OLED confirmation services; hence, KeepKey is an extra layer of protection for your assets.

With this, it becomes somewhat impossible for hackers and viruses to attack your assets. So, if there are any reasons why you should choose the multibit wallet, the support from KeepKey should be given maximum consideration. There are not many crypto wallet services with such levels of security. Again, instead of keeping your assets locked on an exchange platform, have them stored in a crypto wallet because all of these services are more accessible on wallets than exchange platforms. The multibit wallet is a secured software on its own; having an extra layer of security from the multibit wallet recovery services makes it impossible for your asset to be hacked

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