Take Your Backyard Night Camping to Next Level with O Lantern 2 Lite

Take Your Backyard Night Camping to Next Level with O Lantern 2 Lite

If you want to have a great night camping experience in your backyard or even on the outskirt of your town, light is the most important thing you’ll need. 

When you have a quality camping lantern you don’t have to spend stumbling in the dark. You get your campsite illuminated; you can walk around and navigate the dark trails, read books inside your tent and so much more. 

Olight is best known for its flashlight but their LED lanterns are also pretty reliable. The demand for Olight lanterns is only increasing. Many backpackers and campers are showing interest in the ever-growing line of Olight innovative lanterns. 

What to Look for in a Camping Lantern?

Without light, an overnight trip can soon turn into a nightmare as soon as the sun goes down. These are a few things that make a lantern ideal for camping.

  • Brightness – A camping lantern should be bright enough to light up a campsite. If it can’t light at least the camping area you better find a better one. Keep in mind that brighter light tends to drain the battery faster. 

Until and unless your camping area is not exceptionally large, a lantern with 200-400 lumens will do the work. If you prefer reading inside your tent, 40-80 lumens is a comfortable low setting. 

  • Battery Life – For backyard camping or nearby outskirt camping, an Alkaline battery is a better option because these types of batteries are convenient enough to buy, use, and carry.

For longer camping, hiking, and trekking trips, the rechargeable lantern is a better option because it can last 2 or more nights on one charge. On top of that, you don’t need to carry extra batteries, which add less weight to your backpack. 

In terms of battery, both alkaline and lithium work best in different situations. If you own a chargeable lantern don’t forget to charge it before your adventure trip. And for non-rechargeable lanterns like O Lantern 2 Lite, make sure to carry extra battery backup. 

  • Durability – It doesn’t matter where you’re camping, durability should be on your list. You don’t want your smart lantern to break like the traditional lantern as soon as it gets hit or falls. 

It should be able to take some falls from a standard carry height and should be able to deal with a rough environment such as wind, water, and heat. 

  • Weight – If you have to use the old-fashioned lantern that runs on kerosene you know that you can’t carry them with you everywhere you go. They are not only heavy but they also have delicate glasses that can break. 

Modern LED lanterns are not only lightweight but you even tie them to your bags while hiking or trekking. If you’re car camping or backyard camping, weight might not be an issue but if you are hiking far into the wild, less weight is better. 

  • Add Features – Many modern lanterns also have extra features like battery indicator, SOS flashing modes, and more. The more features a lantern has the more it will cost. 

These are the five most important factors you should consider when looking for a camping lantern. I know finding the right camping lantern can be daunting, that’s the reason I have figured out the perfect backyard lantern for you. 

What So Special About O Lantern 2 Lite 

Most people think a lantern with a rechargeable battery is a better option but that’s not true. It all depends on personal preference and the purpose of a lantern. 

If we take a look at O Lantern Classic 2 Lite, this lantern is run by a 4AA which might be a disadvantage for many. But for a person who is looking for a lantern that delivers an even 360-degree light, this might be the best option. 

There is no such thing as bad batteries or good batteries. The need of an individual is all that matters. 

Talking about O Lantern Classic 2 Lite, this product is an Olight-tech retro LED lantern with AA batteries. It has all the specifications and features that an ideal backyard camping lantern would have. 

Let’s look at some of the specifications and features of O Lantern Classic 2 Lite.

  • Classic Look – O Lantern 2 Lite represents click barn-style lanterns. If you’re someone who loves to collect old-school-style lanterns this one could be one on the list. 
  • Light Color – This lantern comes with two warm light options, warm orange, and white light that can be interchangeably used. To change the color all you have to do is simply rotate the stepless-dimming knob. 
  • Lumen – This lantern features 10-240 lumens with a stepless dimming option. Orange light can last up to 105 hours with 10 lumens and up to 3.5 hours at 130 lumens. Whereas the white light can last up to 6 hours at 120 lumens. On top of that, both lights are delivered in an even 360-degree. 

Most campers find 100 lumens to be sufficient to light up most camp areas. On the lower end, 50-70 lumens will give you a softer glow which is best for them inside a tent. 

  • Battery – O Lantern 2 Lite uses 4 AA replaceable batteries that are easy to buy and carry. This lantern also has a battery indicator to let you know when you need to change your battery. 
  • Durability and Portability – Like any other modern LED lantern, O Lantern 2 Lite also has a portable handle for carrying and hanging. This lantern also has an all-metal housing that can withstand natural elements. It also has an IPX5 rating.
  • Uses – You can use O Lantern 2 lite in many situations such as during a power outage, for backyard camping, inside a tent, for ambient light, and decorating. 

Any brighter lantern with changeable batteries is best for occasional use. But if you’re looking for a mix option that can be both used during a power outage and for camping, O Lantern 2 Lite is your good-to-go option. 

Gas Lantern vs. Electric Lantern

There’s no debate here. The only benefit of a gas lantern nowadays is more in the experience itself than anything else.

99% of campers have shifted from old traditional lanterns to modern-day lanterns. Today’s lantern not only produces more light but also has a long-lasting battery, they are durable and more convenient to carry. 

Though rechargeable battery lanterns are widely used, conventional alkaline batteries are still a popular option. Alkaline batteries can hold their charges for years at a time whereas lithium batteries will gradually lose their capacity over time.

Plus, once a lithium battery runs out, you have to wait for it to charge, which isn’t ideal in the middle of the woods. Alkaline batteries, alternatively, can just be swapped out on the go, drastically improving a lantern’s effective runtime.

Get a Cozy Vibe with O Lantern 2 Lite

This elegant and practical retro-style O Lantern Classic 2 Lite can be a great addition to your campsite, backyard, or emergencies.

The brightness, dimming capability, light color, and batteries are a few things that make a good lantern. However, different lights excel in different settings. To maximize the value of your purchase you have to consider where and how you intend to use your lantern. 

Once you own this lantern it’s time you start trying it out at the different campsites, on different occasions, and even for decoration purposes. Choose from some destinations, load up your sleeping bag, and enjoy your adventure. Don’t forget the extra batteries!

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