Green Flags That Tell for Sure: This Older Woman Is Interested in You

Green Flags That Tell for Sure: This Older Woman Is Interested in You

Men have always been drooling over hot mature woman, and that’s no wonder. So many films are shot, novels are written, and songs are sung dedicated to their beauty. They are capable of winning any man they desire, and, in fact, not a single young girl could compete with their experience, wisdom, and seduction skills. If you are dreaming about spending a night with a passionate cougar, there’s one thing clear. You need to know how to read the signs that can tell you for sure – she wants you!

She’s flirty all the time

How a woman acts around you can tell a lot about her feelings. Flirting is a powerful weapon that no man can resist, especially when a cougar comes into play. If she answers all your questions in a few words, avoids looking you in the eye, and tries to leave the conversation as quickly as possible, most likely she finds you unattractive. But if she smiles softly when you’re talking about something, makes eye contact, touches her neck and décolleté to get your attention, that’s a good sign.

On the other hand, if you are a shy type that prefers seeking a cougar online; it’s still easy to tell if she wants you. If when using a dating site to seek senior hookups, a woman you reach out to in private messages acts in a playful manner, asks tricky questions, and always leaves some things unspoken, it means she’s flirting with you. It’s an obvious sign that you caught her interest; and the chances are that you’ll soon meet her for a hookup. Just act bold and ask her out before someone else does because despite how many cougars date online these days, there are as many willing to hook up a hot senior lady.

She always has time for you

Every mature woman is always occupied with work, hobbies, domestic chores, and so on. But you can tell for sure that she is interested in you if she finds time throughout the day to chat with you. It even doesn’t matter what topic she chooses to discuss – be it something about her day or the last film she watched. Even though many people imagine a typical “cougar” as a woman who always talks about sex and tries to seduce you during the first few minutes of the conversation, many of them prefer to test the waters first. In fact, this “getting to know” phase can last up to a week before you meet for an actual date.

If she accepts your invitation to meet, it’s also a green flag. She made room in her tight schedule to hang out with you; which literally means that she sees you as a potential hookup partner. Especially if she’s all flirty during the date, even if it’s just “coffee after work.”

She asks if you mind an age gap

A pretty odd question to ask if you are not interested in a person romantically, isn’t it? Exactly! If, despite her obvious attractiveness and self-confidence, she still acts a bit insecure and tries to figure out whether you like women older than yourself, it’s a sign that she’s into you. The best way to answer such a question is to mention your love for senior women and provide an explanation for your words. For example, say that you love their experience and how they look, think, and behave. This way, you’ll ignite her interest and boost her confidence; and a steamy night of passion won’t be long in coming.

She often stresses that she’s single

There is absolutely no reason to remind the other person that you are single and currently open to suggestions over and over again. Unless, of course, you are trying to hint that you are considering them as a potential partner. Sounds pretty reasonable, doesn’t it? So, if a woman you’ve met offline or on a dating site occasionally reminds you that she’s currently single; that’s a good sign. Don’t be shy and ask her out.

She sends you messages at night

You lay in your bed late at night and receive a message from her saying, “I can’t sleep, you up?” Some wouldn’t pay much attention to it, but that’s a huge hint that shouldn’t be ignored. The fact that it’s you who she thinks about when she can’t sleep implies that she’s definitely interested in you. In fact, late-night conversations are a powerful tool that can help you seduce any woman.

The nighttime is made for sincerity and deep talk, so next time she contacts you at night, offer her to discuss anything she wants, and if things get spicy, a little sexting will help make her think of you even more. The more she thinks about you, the higher chances of you hooking up with her very soon.

If you, like many men around the world, can’t resist the charms of a senior woman, it’s not surprising. Don’t give up your desire to hook up with a cougar; instead, follow it and find the woman of your dreams!

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