How are Online Casinos Evolving in the Modern Age?

How are Online Casinos Evolving in the Modern Age?

If you traveled back in time to the year 1994, you’d be faced with a vastly unusual world compared to the one that exists today. One of the most shocking differences would be the non-existence of the behemoth online casino industry. Back then, Microgaming invented the first ever online casino software, and the Isle of Man-based company couldn’t have conceived the seismic impact this would have on the world.

Playing that first-ever edition of an online casino now would be like giving a VCR to a young adult and asking them to figure it out. The games back then were rudimentary, clunky, and nowhere near as enjoyable as the ones that we have now. Luckily, the industry has evolved at a lightning pace, and it is now at the cutting edge of technology. Indeed, in another 30 years, the sites that exist today will seem ancient to players of the future.

The Offers and Promotions are Changing

In the 1990s, the early online casinos didn’t need to provide tantalizing offers and bonuses to attract players. Players were drawn to the sites because of the new experience that could be found. As interest in online gambling spiked, the number of sites players had to choose from exploded. This is when the lucrative welcome bonuses that have become synonymous with online casinos first emerged.

As the industry has ballooned in size, the deals available have grown and improved too. Now, along with traditional welcome bonuses, sites have special features in place to reward players for their loyalty. A prime example of this is Paddy’s Wonder Wheel, a special wheel of fortune that players can spin each day to win random rewards. These range from free scratch cards to live casino bonuses, and even cash in some circumstances.

According to research from OutboundEngine, it’s five times cheaper for companies to retain customers than it is to attract them in the first place. That’s why providing them with incentives to keep coming back to a site is a great idea. The spinning wheel bonus is one that certainly appeals to casino players, as they come to these gambling sites for games of a random nature. The unpredictability of the wheel adds an extra element of entertainment to the whole experience.

In a short space of time, online casinos have gone from giving out deposit match bonuses only, to deposit matches and free spins, to daily rewards for loyal customers. As more sites crop up and add to the fierce competition, these bonuses are going to continue to evolve and get even better. That’s great news for the players, who are set to benefit from the intense rivalries between sites.

Rise of Hybrid Games and New Mechanics

When internet casinos first started, the primary mission of developers was to digitalize the games found in the sites’ land-based counterparts. The top studios still try to do this, and games like online roulette and blackjack are now more advanced than ever. However, they have also turned their attention to creating new titles that are specifically geared toward online casino players. Besides that, there are also new mechanics and ways of playing creeping into classic game genres.

One of the most notable hybrid games of recent times is Slingo, which combines aspects of slots and bingo. It boomed in popularity alongside the rise of the online bingo sector; as it offered casino players a way to get into the ball draw pastime. It also meant that bingo fans had a reason to play slots as well. Slingo was invented in the 1990s, but it never had the chance to take off until the stars aligned; and the online casino and bingo sectors became the titans they are today.

In the slots market, the games have advanced at an astonishing rate; and the titles now barely resemble the ones that came before online casinos. They now come with a wide range of new mechanics; with the Megaways engine being an excellent illustration of how far the genre has come. This innovative add-on allows the reels to morph in size, enabling a multitude of new win lines. The invention proved to be so popular that its developer, Big Time Gaming; franchised it to other studios to take advantage of.

After successfully recreating table games online, developers have begun to work on ways to keep traditional offerings like roulette and blackjack fresh and relevant in the modern casino climate. This has brought about an array of new strains, with Multihand Blackjack; and Lightning Roulette representing two popular options among online players.

Live Casino Offerings Could Lead to Even More Immersive Experiences

Online Casino

One of the greatest achievements of the online casino industry has been bringing live casino games to players in their own homes. Now, it’s possible to log on to an online casino and feel as if you’re sitting across from a real-world dealer.

Sometimes, you can even talk to them and other players, giving the sense that you are really at a casino. Thanks to advancements in technology, these games are getting more immersive by the year. Still, it feels as if the games around now are the gateway to something even more amazing.

For some time, virtual reality has been pushing its way toward the mainstream; and it could soon be time for the technology to take off. According to CBS News, 2022 will see an influx of new VR users around the world; paving the way for mass adoption throughout the rest of the decade. When this happens, there’s no doubt that it will be seen across the online casino sector. VR could combine with live streaming to make fully immersive games. Microgaming has already toyed with VR; and there’s no doubt that the studio will have a big part to play in its future.

Online casinos have come a long way over the last few decades; and the sites that came before are barely recognizable now. The fantastic news is that the industry is still moving forward, and it will get even better. In another few decades, people will look back at today’s sites and view them as archaic.

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