What kind of tech do online casinos in Canada use to keep their clients safe?

What kind of tech do online casinos in Canada use to keep their clients safe?

One of the big problems of gambling websites in all parts of the world is related to the safety features they provide. Despite the fact that most gamblers do not pay any attention to the security options while gambling, people in some parts of the globe, like online casinos in Canada, care about them. Hence, many sites try to come up with a variety of tools.

Speaking of Canada, the country is home to a variety of operators, and this is a market in which Zodiac Casino has to significantly improve on the things it offers to compete with the best. Fortunately, the brand succeeded and quickly became one of the hottest options for new and experienced users. 

Of course, providing quality services and interesting bonuses in Canada is fun and important, but it is not enough to allow a given gambling operator to stand out from the rest. The brand also needs to implement the latest tech advancements in the business so that it can guarantee the security of its clients. While talking about this tech, this article will go over all of the things that you may find while browsing some of the leading sites for iGaming in the country.


Even though this tech is not new, it remains one of the go-to options regarding online security. There are different kinds of encryption technologies that people can choose from, and all of them have something interesting to offer in terms of security.

An important thing to remember when discussing encryption is that there are different technologies, depending on whether they target people’s personal information or banking details. The security system for the first group includes an SSL certificate built into the platform itself.

However, when it comes down to the encryption for the payments, most casinos use the systems provided by the specific payment provider. In other words, you have to be really careful when choosing your deposit option because not all of them use the same level of security. E-wallets, for example, are more secure than bank cards.

Random Number Generators

Have you ever wondered how online casinos determine who wins when playing casino games? There are a couple of popular techs that focus exclusively on that, but most of the big names online casinos in Canada that have loads of casino games only offer the Random Number Generator (RNG). 

In case you are not aware, the RNG is a special system that determines the winner when playing certain types of casino games. Usually, this security tech is integrated into slots and progressive jackpots, but there might be many exceptions. 

The RNG is a special algorithm that ensures people have equal chances of winning. It is very closely related to the Return to Play rating, which some casino games have. The latter shows the percentage of returns that the given game will give; and it has to work in conjunction with the RNG system.

Blockchain tech

Canada is one of the most innovative countries in the world; so it probably does not come as a surprise that many people who want to gamble online use cryptocurrencies. Most sites with a license from the local regulators have yet to offer digital currencies; but the offshore sites available in the country have those options.

Besides that, there are tons of casinos and sports betting platforms that only focus on cryptocurrencies. Those sites have some pros and cons, but when it comes down to security, most people believe they’re on another level.

Thanks to blockchain technology, these sites can provide people with a unique gambling experience. Users have the chance to make transactions where they do not need to share any of their private information. Since Bitcoin and the other popular options are based on this tech, users can make payments; and even receive their winnings without involving their bank, e-wallet, or something else.

Auto scanners

Albeit not as popular as the other security technology; some of the leading names in Canada regarding online casinos and betting also have special auto scanners. Those things are relatively new, but there are at least a couple of variations that do different things.

The most common auto scanner does exactly what its name suggests. It scans the website for different activities; and can automatically shut it down or disable specific options if it notices any suspicious activity.

However, there are special kinds of scanners that are only available for some of the more sensitive sections, such as the deposit and withdrawal. Those things have to ensure that people will be able to make a safe transaction and that no one will be able to access the sensitive data. 

Artificial Intelligence

Even though most people and gambling websites, for that matter, do not use AI for security reasons; some of the most innovative brands decided to take advantage of the new tech.

AI is incredibly popular right now, and some gamblers even use its tactics while playing to achieve better results. However, when it comes down to security, this tech can do wonders as long as it is used right.

Nowadays, there aren’t that many security systems that focus solely on AI because the tech is relatively new. Yet, considering the speed at which it’s growing, it is highly likely to see it in the future.

Artificial Intelligence has the capability of becoming the next big thing in online gambling. It will be very interesting to see if the leading online casinos in Canada; and other parts of the world will take advantage of it. However, considering its importance, it will be surprising if we don’t see it in action sooner than we think.

Final thoughts

Despite the popularity of some security features, not all Canadian casinos and betting sites use them. This means that players must check about those things before trusting the brand with their personal and banking details. The process may take a few minutes, but it will be worth it.

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