Ultimate Guide to the Best Online Casinos in Estonia

Ultimate Guide to the Best Online Casinos in Estonia

Gamblers worldwide are always searching for the best conditions to play online, and Estonia is one of those markets. In this article, you will find the list of the top online casinos in Estonia

The Best Online Casinos in Estonia

Online gambling has been expanding since the global pandemic hit up. Also, It is considered to be more flexible, universal, and diverse for gamblers worldwide. Some markets have totally adapted to the new reality of the digital world, and Estonia is one of them. In this article, you will find the list of the top online casinos in Estonia. 

Casino activity in Estonia is a popular way to span time both for beginners and professionals. The regulation law for gambling activity is called the Estonian Gambling Act. The legislation experts note that the regulation laws in Estonia are effective and well-built. The authority gives an opportunity to apply for the license to any company, operator, and provider. 

The regulatory establishment is responsible for the offline and online gambling markets in the country. Each EU operator has an option to become one of the best online casinos in Estonia.

However, the lottery market is an exception. The only licenser for the lottery operation is the state-owned lottery company, which exclusively provides lottery activity in Estonia.

One of the main reasons for the Estonian gambling market being most promising is the permission to work for offshore companies. Moreover, not only do the native citizens have access to gambling, but also the foreign ones.

The Estonian gambling market is considered to be the most liberal system for European online casinos. To be honest, gambling and online casinos in Estonia are wide and varied sectors, which include particular qualities. 

Top online casinos in Estonia


Nutz offers more than 2 000 games to users worldwide. Additional to the regular games, customers get bonuses of €30 and 50 free spins. 

The website has a user-friendly interface, which guarantees an enjoyable experience through gambling.


Up to €500 bonus is one of the most attractive on the list. After the registration, customers get access to more than 3 500 games from various providers.

Boost casino

Considering a welcome bonus, the operator’s generosity becomes so attractive to the new players. 100% up to €250 and 50 free spins. 

Players have access to the huge game collection of more than 2 000 offers.


One of the most popular online casinos in Estonia offers 100 free spins to new customers worldwide. The game library is also impressive in its variety and uniqueness. More than 2 200 games are available to play.


More than 1 336 games are available for gamblers worldwide at this casino. The bonus system is unique and attractive. Up to 1 000 euros is given to every single new registered player. 

How Does Online Gambling Work in Estonia?

Unlike other EU markets, Estonia is one of the most open markets in Europe. The regulation allows people to play with no legislation breaching. But still, it is essential to identify the licensed casinos on the market. The list of such legal operators takes a place on the official Estonian Tax Customs Board website.

The total number of licensed gambling operators around Estonia is 25. They all have websites, including apps for the customers. The operators also can run several casinos at the same time, as it is not banned by the regulation. However, currently, it is hard to count the exact amount of online casino establishments, especially offshore companies.

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