Kuwaiti Players and Online Gambling

Kuwaiti Players and Online Gambling

All forms of gambling are illegal in Kuwait, but online gambling is a grey area. Kuwaitis take advantage of this loophole and love to online gamble!

Do Kuwaitis Gamble Online?

Since it is illegal to gamble in Kuwait, where do players in this region gamble? A country in the Arabian Peninsula, it shares borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia and sits at the tip of the Persian Gulf. With a Muslim-majority population, laws and regulations are based on Shari’ah law and follow the Quran. As it goes, gambling is outlawed and yet gambling enthusiasts continue to place their bets and try their luck. How do they get around this legal limitation?

History of Gambling

There is no history of casinos or gambling in Kuwait. It has long been a region ruled by Islamic emperors and kings who outlawed all forms of gambling, according to Shari’ah law. Even in more modern times, land-based and internet casinos have continued to carry an illegal status. Although it may sound harsh to some, those who are of Muslim faith would agree this is a fair ruling that keeps with the traditions of their religion. 

If a person is caught engaging in gambling, there is a small fine as a penalty, but those organizing the gambling face a more severe punishment, including imprisonment. However, this does not deter some and illegal gambling does occur in this country as underground gambling dens. 

What about Online Gambling?

Local authorities are aggressively proactive about enforcing anti-gambling laws for land-based organizations. There have been many cases of authorities arresting those involved with land-based gambling dens and other illegally operating gambling establishments. Therefore, wise Kuwaitis take extra precaution and turn to online gambling as a better way to fulfill their desires. 

Online gambling is a safer alternative for gamblers who don’t have access to land-based casinos. For some players, this is due to distance. Maybe there is no local casino and they have to travel far in order to find a land-based casino. For others, like those in Kuwait, this is more problematic because it is a matter of the law. Legal ramifications are a very strong deterrent. 

Online Gambling as a Viable Alternative

Online gambling provides an easy solution to a difficult situation. However, can it really be that simple? When considering the illegal status of gambling in Kuwait, it is clear that online gambling would also fall under this category. So while in theory, it is very much illegal; in practice, it is different. Online gambling is typically not prosecuted and authorities in Kuwait don’t strictly enforce this law. 

Since this is a convenient loophole for Kuwaiti gamblers, many head to their laptops and mobile devices to play their favorite games and place bets. With that being said, while online gambling is a safer option, it is not a “safe” option. One should always take care to be discreet. It should be noted that foreigners and expats in Kuwait are free to gamble online. It is only illegal for Kuwaiti citizens. 

Safety and Security

Seasoned gamblers in Kuwait know what measures to take to mitigate risky behavior that might alert authorities. These measures do not require being a computer whiz but mostly just common sense and a web tool. The first consideration is knowing which online casino website or operator to play with. Some will block players from Kuwait and others are simply not trustworthy. Find a trusted source like MySer-Gambling that has vetted the best kuwaiti casino sites

In addition, a VPN is a handy tool that encrypts the user’s internet traffic and protects his or her identity. It is a minimum recommendation that will greatly improve safety and security. Another recommendation for players in Kuwait is to select virtual wallet payment options like Skrill, Neteller, or cryptocurrencies. These are more discreet than bank transfers and/or credit cards. 

Favorite Games

Kuwait players love to play casino games and Online Gambling. Sports betting on races is a popular pastime and many players love to bet on horses or greyhounds. For these players, UK-based casino operators would be a good choice for online casinos. Other popular favorites are casino games like Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat. 

Slot games are additional favorites that draw in many players because oftentimes they are fairly simple and easy to learn. These are great for mobile gaming and a natural choice for the many people in Kuwait who have access to a smartphone. In addition, live casino gaming is another option that has increasingly turned more mobile.  

Play Safe and Stay Safe

Gamblers in Kuwait face some challenges in pursuit of playing their favorite casino games. There is nothing quite like the thrill of placing a bet and winning a tidy sum of cash. However, with illegal ramifications, this thrill can quickly sour. This is why online gambling has completely altered the gambling landscape. More and more Kuwaiti gamblers are turning to their mobile devices for the convenience of gambling from anywhere, an abundance of options, and safety from authorities.

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