OP Heroes in Dota 2 That Need A Nerf

OP Heroes in Dota 2 That Need A Nerf

Within Dota 2, there are more than 100 heroes, each of which has a unique range of abilities and strengths. Yet, certain heroes are substantially more powerful than others, to the point where they can become game-breaking. These heroes, known as overpowered (OP), can ruin the experience of other players. Therefore, the focus of this article is to identify the top OP heroes in Dota 2 that require a nerf.

The Current State of Dota 2

Before we dive into the details of the top OP heroes, it is crucial to recognize the current state of Dota 2. Dota 2 is a game that is continuously changing and improving. With each update, new heroes, items, and gameplay mechanics are introduced. However, with each of these updates, certain heroes become too overpowered, which makes it challenging for other heroes to be competitive. Presently, some heroes are too strong and require a nerf.

Top OP Heroes in Dota 2 That Need a Nerf


Puck has been a substantially overpowered hero for quite some time. This hero’s ability to control and elude enemies with its abilities make it extremely hard for other players to slay. Its abilities consist of phase shift, jaunt, and illusory orb, making it nearly impossible for opponents to catch. He is one of the most powerful mid-lane players during the early game. Thus, Puck requires a nerf to create a fair and balanced game environment.


Viper is another hero in Dota 2 that requires a nerf. This hero’s ability to slow down enemies and cause poison damage is tremendously overpowered. Its abilities include poison attack, nethertoxin, and viper strike, which make it nearly impossible for other players to compete against, especially if the Viper player is experienced and knows the proper Viper build. Therefore, Viper requires a nerf to create an even playing field.


Spectre is one of the most powerful heroes in Dota 2, and many players consider it to be overpowered. Her ultimate ability, Haunt, allows her to create illusions of herself and all enemy heroes on the map, dealing damage and applying Spectre’s Desolate ability. This can be incredibly powerful in team fights and can quickly turn the tide of a battle in Spectre’s favor. There is no wonder Spectre has the highest win rate of 55.8%.

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Pudge is a hero in Dota 2 that has a reputation for being overpowered due to his ability to hook and isolate enemy heroes, making them easy targets for his team to take down. His signature ability, Meat Hook, allows him to throw a chain that hooks onto an enemy hero, pulling them towards him and dealing damage. In addition, his Rot ability deals continuous damage to enemies in a small area around him, making it difficult for enemies to escape.

However, despite his strengths, Pudge is not without weaknesses. He is a melee hero with a slow attack speed, making him vulnerable to kiting and disables. Be that as it may, he is still the most-picked hero with a 27.87% of pick rate in regular matches and similar in Dota 2 professional matches


Necrophos’s ability to heal allies and cause damage to enemies with its abilities simultaneously makes it incredibly overpowered. Its abilities include death pulse, heartstopper aura, and reaper’s scythe, making it significantly difficult for other players to compete against. On top of that, he has a good ranged attack and is relatively easy to play. As a result, Necrophos requires a nerf to ensure fairness in gameplay. 


Lycan is another hero that could definitely use a nerf in Dota 2. This hero’s ability to inflict damage and move rapidly with its abilities makes it overly overpowered in the game. Its abilities include howl, feral impulse, and shapeshift. He is probably the most OP mid-hero in 2023. However, he is a melee hero that is relatively complex to play, and has one of the lowest pick rates in the game, with only 2,7%, even though the win rate with this hero is in the Top 5, over 55%. 


In conclusion, there are several heroes in Dota 2 that are considered overpowered and require a nerf. These heroes, including Puck, Viper, Spectre, Pudge, Necrophos, and Lycan, have unique abilities that make them extremely powerful and difficult to compete against. As the game continues to evolve with new updates and mechanics, it is essential to ensure fairness and balance in gameplay. 

The developers of Dota 2 should carefully consider the strengths and weaknesses of these heroes and make necessary adjustments to create a more even playing field for all players. By addressing these overpowered heroes, Dota 2 can maintain its status as a competitive and enjoyable game for all players.

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