10 Completely Free Phone Number Lookup With Name

10 Completely Free Phone Number Lookup With Name

Tried everything to find a number you needed? Here is the top free phone number lookup that can help you search for different phone numbers.

People frequently need a free telephone number query when they get unknown calls, and they profess to be some fake association. Or when they recollect an old companion and need to re-join with them, a reverse query is everything that they need. 

In addition, To find any target details or to secure your loved ones, we need a telephone number query with a name that can furnish you with all the required information. Here is how to do cell phone lookup in quick steps. 

Follow the article below to learn about the top 10 free phone number lookup platforms. But, first, let’s understand what exactly phone number lookups are. 

Phone Number Lookup with Name – What is it? 

A telephone number query assists with discovering the identity of your preferred telephone number. Its data set is utilized to find out an individual’s data with numbers. It provides data about an individual’s name and addresses through telephone indexes accessible on the Web. In addition, if that individual has made his Facebook on the number, you can likewise search for it. 

phone number lookup

The Phone Lookup administration looks through the private data sets, cell catalogs, and other public records to give the necessary data of any individual. 

Also, With the help of a telephone query administration, the client can get data including name, sex, current city, state, and family members. With a telephone number query, you can undoubtedly see whether the other call is a trick or genuine.

Best Phone Number Lookup

However, Here are some of the best Phone Number Lookup that provides the name of caller ID through their number along with other information.

  • CocoFinder
  • PeopleFinderFree
  • Findpeoplefast
  • NumLooker
  • Instant checkmate 
  • Intelius 
  • TruePeopleSearch 
  • ZabaSearch 
  • PeopleFinder 
  • Spokeo 

CocoFinder – User-Friendly, Fast, and Free 

CocoFinder offers totally free phone queries with name searches. This web index has a magnificent standing. It’s been featured by several famous media channels and is frequently applauded for its ease of use. 

phone number lookup

Here are some features that make CocoFinder unique. 

  • You get on-point data 

CocoFinder is one of those uncommon administrations that really figure out how to uncover meaningful, cutting-edge information. Also, They pull their ventures from billions of information bases, including public and private-owned records. 

  • It’s limitless free telephone queries 

You can look into telephone numbers totally free. The assistance upholds US-based numbers, both landline and versatile. You can even get the data on telephone clients like their name, false names, area, and a current spot of home. However, you may require a foundation report for more information. 

  • Your protection is ensured 

This platform doesn’t track your own information or store it. Any pursuit you make with CocoFinder will be completely mysterious and safe. Further, on the off chance that you wish, you can reach them and opt-out of having your data being found by their internet searcher.


PeopleFinderFree is an amazing people lookup platform that endows users with a handful of great features. Also, With this application, users identify phone number, age, and date of birth, current address, arrest records, court records, relatives, traffic tickets, vital records, background check, contact numbers, sex offemdor data, and criminal records. 

PeopleFinderFree phone number lookup


FindPeopleFast provides insight data on individuals, including their photographs, address, criminal history, property possessions, family members, and more. Also, Putting things in context, the quick individuals search administration assists you with looking into bits of contact data and other pertinent data you may have to discover free of charge. 

However, you may enter the complete name of the individual you are gazing upward. This incorporates the first and last name. You may decide to work with just one name, yet be careful that this may not give you a limited or precise outcome, particularly if it is an extremely regular name.


NumLooker phone number lookup

NumLooker is the world’s best phone number lookup administration with names for Cell Phones, VOIP, and Landlines 100% free. You would now be able to perform a free converse telephone query utilizing NumLooker. 

Enter the telephone number you are attempting to utilize the structure beneath and click on the “NumLooker” button. Moreover, NumLooker is a totally free instrument for telephone number inquiries.



TruthFinder is an absolutely free cell phone query with names utilized for looking into telephone numbers, locations, and criminal records of different people. Also, It provides a dim web knowledge administration that gives data about financial balance numbers, telephone numbers, driver’s permits, Mastercard subtleties, informal organization records, and phone numbers.

Instant Checkmate  

Instant checkmate acts as a genuinely free telephone query lookup service that provides exact data about an objective. It has a colossal information base that is associated with a public search record. Yet rather than giving straightforward and a couple of insights concerning the objective, a reverse query of Instant checkmate provides point by point data of the objective. 

Intelius phone number lookup

Intelius phone lookup query takes its qualities from its name as it provides wise reserve telephone query administrations. Like the other applications, clients also have the alternative to do background verification on the proprietor of the telephone number they are looking for. 

The consequences of Intelius are really restricted when contrasted with the other better applications on this rundown. Interestingly, the pursuits should be possible quicker. 


TruePeopleSearch provides background verification and telephone query subtleties. It is more like looking for anybody on Google. Since it simply requires entering the name or telephone number of an individual and pulls off the most extreme results of the objective. 

Also, It provides an instant individual verification to the clients simply by requiring the objective’s essential data like his name or telephone number. 


ZabaSearch has grown among a couple of legitimate organizations that claim to furnish their clients with the best pursuit abilities. However, one of its top features is the reverse telephone query that gives significant results after entering the targeted individual or entity’s telephone number. 

Moreover, the client can look at nearly anything from address to looking through criminal past and surprisingly close to home subtleties through this application. 

PeopleFinder phone number lookup

PeopleFinder provides data about an individual simply by requesting his name, telephone number, or address. Also, The software requires precise telephone numbers, dates of birth, and exact age by requiring an objective’s name. 

It likewise provides work or organization data from his previous history. Be that as it may, the telephone query administration gives all private data, including his area, full identity, and web-based media accounts, with validity. 


Spokeo attempts to provide data through a number, name, address, or email ID. Also, If you enter the location in the reverse address query, the application gives current and past inhabitants, landowner, and area history. If the objective has any criminal records or conjugal records, the product additionally gets to it and presents it.


phone number lookup administrations offer different ways to discover the target’s data. These different ways incorporate hunt by name, reverse telephone query, and address query. However, The hunt by name platforms would request the name of the person and give data that incorporates the objective’s complete name, date of birth, age, and schooling. 

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