Why Buying a Portable Second Screen for Laptop is a Good Idea for Traders

Why Buying a Portable Second Screen for Laptop is a Good Idea for Traders

Multitasking can be tricky while using a laptop, especially if you are a trader who needs to have several windows open at once. Furthermore, if you frequently travel, carrying a full-size monitor around isn’t practical. What to Look for in Portable Second Screen for Laptop?

Welcome to the world of portable monitors! Portable screens come in various sizes and shapes, from small, lightweight models to larger, more robust models.

These hi-tech external second screens are an excellent addition to your work setup. Buying Duex Plus portable second screen for laptop from Mobile Pixels can give you access to more screen space to boost productivity. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned trader, invest in a portable second screen for your laptop to get more work done in less time. 

How Can Traders Benefit from a Portable Second Screen for their Laptops? 

While portable monitors that we connect to a laptop are not recent, they have become more prevalent in recent years. As a result, several renowned monitor manufacturers have released upgraded portable monitor screens with the latest technology. 

For traders, having extra monitors help save valuable time and provide a better understanding of market data, price changes, and other helpful information. They may simultaneously observe essential indicators like the OBV, MACD, and RSI to identify profitable buying/selling opportunities. 

What to Look for in Portable Second Screen for Laptop

Portable Second Screen

A laptop’s portable second screen performs well for personal and professional use. For example, a second screen makes studying charts and browsing your preferred news website easier. If you are a trader, setting up a dedicated home station with a laptop and a portable screen can improve your trading skills. Investing in a quality portable monitor setup is one of the best moves you can make when trading stocks. 

Here are some critical factors to look for in a portable second screen for laptop. 

High Resolution

A high-resolution monitor is crucial for traders because legends, titles, and sidebars on graphs may become fuzzy on lower-quality monitors. In addition, getting a high-resolution portable monitor will make it easier to track everything without any trouble. Trading involves studying a lot of figures and data; a high-resolution monitor means you can quickly see everything. 


If you need a monitor for multitasking, a small display will not be the best fit for your needs. However, small size is beneficial if you have a small work setup or travel frequently. 

It all comes down to what you use your portable laptop screen for and how much physical space you have for setting up the screen. 


Any portable monitor without a touchscreen can be used with a PC or a Mac. In addition, specific models can work with other operating systems, such as Linux or ChromeOS. Hence, if you need to use a portable monitor with any of those operating systems, you need to double-check the specs. 

Ergonomic Design

You can adjust an ergonomic display according to your seating position for increased comfort. That’s why you must buy an ergonomic portable screen that you can easily change. For instance, you must be able to tile, swivel, and adjust the height easily. Also, since trading involves working long hours, using a portable second screen for a laptop will help you work without stooping or straining your neck.

Blue Light Filter

Portable Second Screen

For any professional, who uses several monitors, blue light filters can offer numerous benefits. Computer screens generate blue light, a high-energy light that can strain the eyes and disrupt sleep.

As a trader, you often use multiple monitor screens. That means blue light enters your field of vision, not just from the front but also from the sides. Hence, traders should always buy a portable screen with a blue light filter to reduce eye strain.  

Final Thoughts

Traders typically study economic conditions, market trends, and financial instruments. They also investigate the strategies used by other traders, analyze risk management techniques, and practice trading strategies in simulated trading environments. They may also use sophisticated analytical software and research tools to identify new trading opportunities and monitor their positions. A portable second screen for a laptop can be a great addition. 

Setting up multiple computer monitors ensures a trading workstation is well-organized and easy to use. In addition, a portable second screen for a laptop is a handy accessory for helping traders stay productive. Following this guide can help you buy the best portable screen that makes studying charts and figures easier. 

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