Recover USB data on Windows PC

Recover USB data on Windows PC

ITop Data Recovery allows you to recover lost photos, documents, etc. from external hard drives, flash drives, SD cards and other removable storage devices. You can also use this tool to retrieve your previously deleted files from the recycle bin or from damaged storage media due to formatting, partition loss or virus attack. To begin with data recovery with iTop Data Recovery, follow the steps below;

Connect the USB drive to your computer

Plug your USB drive into your computer, go to the iTop Data Recovery site, then download the software and install it to your PC. Open the program and choose USB Storage Device from the list of options. Click Scan to find lost files.

Right-click on the USB drive and select Properties

Plugging in a USB drive on your computer may not yield any response from the device, or Windows may display a USB Device Not Recognized message. If this happens, you can do several things to help you recover your device. First, check if the drivers for that particular device are installed by following these steps:

1) Press CTRL + F to search all files on your computer and type drivers without quotes;

 2) Open the result with Extensions (e.g., C:\Users\johndoe\AppData\Local\Temp)\Programs and Features;

3) Double-click the iTop Data Recovery Recuperar datos de usb icon and follow the prompts.

Go to the Tools tab and click Check

iTop Data Recovery is an application that helps you recuperar data from your computer or device. You can use it if you want to get your photos, videos, music, documents and other files back. This software supports all types of storage media including hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, SDHC cards and flash disks. iTop Data Recovery also helps you undelete files from your internal or external drive and from formatted volumes. The interface is intuitive so anyone can use it without problems. All the instructions are detailed in the help file which is easy to find and read when needed.

If prompted, choose to scan and repair the drive

iTop Data Recovery is an excellent tool to use for any issue related to your USB drive. It will help you recover any lost or deleted files from your USB drive, and it can also be used to scan and repair the drive if need be.

Wait for the scan to complete

iTop Data Recovery will scan your device and show you a list of recoverable files. It has an easy to use interface and is compatible with all versions of Windows. You can also preview the file before recovering it.

Another feature that makes this recovery software great is that it’s lightweight, which means it won’t take up too much space on your computer or slow down your system when running scans or opening folders.

This is a good program for those looking for a free way to recover deleted photos from their phone, as long as they don’t mind waiting for the scan process to finish.

Once the scan is complete, you should be able to access your data

The first step is to download iTop Data Recovery from their website and install it onto your computer. Once you open the program, you will be prompted with an option that says Recover from USB. Click this, and then insert the device into your computer. A scan will automatically start, so just wait for it to finish. When the scan has completed, you should be able to access all of your files.

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