10 Best Sites About Rental History Check for Free In 2021

10 Best Sites About Rental History Check for Free In 2021

How to Check Your Rental history for Free Using Online Platforms? Here are 10 Best Sites About Rental History Check for Free in 2021.

Today, landlords can screen their tenants to ensure they get quality tenants. Although there are various ways of screening a tenant, getting a rental history check report is important. 

Sites About Rental History Check

Besides landlords carrying out a rental history check on their tenants, some websites provide a free vehicle history report. For details, checkout VinPit here

Also, The more information a landlord knows about a tenant the better. In this post, we share the 10 best sites about rental history check for free. 

1. RentPrep(Best Rental History Check Site)

The rental history check reports on this website are done by FCRA certified agents. So, the rental checks take longer than but they provide a human touch to the tenant search. 

Sites About Rental History Check

It is a reputable platform in the screening and real estate industries. Thanks to its association with the National Apartment Association, TransUnion Credit Agency, and National Association of Professional Background Screeners. 

The RentPrep checks provide details such as address history, bankruptcies, eviction reports, judgments, and liens. On this website, it will cost you more to get a national criminal and sex offender report. 

2. Cozy 

On this free property management website, landlords get tenant screenings. The reports are instant and usually emailed to applicants and landlords on the same day. Cozy’s credit reports take into account the recent activity of the applicant and their total debt. 

However, The background checks consider details from national and county records for sex offenders and criminal history. With Cozy’s background reports, you get personal information, evictions, homeland security search, and civil search. 

3. TransUnion SmartMove

SmartMove is an online screening service that involves tenants. It provides background and credit screening services. However, it allows residents to protect their private details like social security numbers from landlords. 

In addition, The site’s ResidentScore is a result of analysis from credit reports, late rent payments, breaking leases, and past evictions. On this website, applicants can choose to pay for their screenings. Should you need a vehicle history report, check out this VIN decoder

4. LeaseRunner A Rental History Check Platform

Another remarkable online rental screening website is LeaseRunner. It provides screening directly from an apartment listing website. Also, The website offers background tenant checks including evictions, judgment amounts, credit reports, and financial profiles. 

The screening starts once applicants allow the release of their details. On this website, no account is required. It is the perfect website for landlords with few properties and looking for simple reports. 

5. Experian 

However, The online screening service involves tenants and mostly provides credit-related checks. Other aspects the website provides landlords include public record filings like evictions, tax liens, bankruptcies, and foreclosures. 

The platform charges prospective tenants for the credit report as well as the tenant screening fee. Experian gives landlords private access to the report. Also, the platform allows landlords to share the reports with trusted people. 

6. Avail

On this website, landlords get access to applicant’s criminal background checks, eviction history, and credit reports. The screening involves tenants and provides insights as well as red flags that help landlords. 

A rental history check on this website provides details such as job history, free income verification, and rental history. However, credit and criminal searches attract a fee. It is a top-ranking website for landlords who wish to screen tenants while managing their properties. 

7. Intelius

Intellius is another top background check website that lets users access personal details, criminal records, and marriage history. It has a monthly package known as Premier Plus that gives users unlimited searches. 

Even though this website is not designed for screening tenants and lacks details like financial status, it is perfect for some landlords. 

8. MyRental (Rental History Check and Helping Site)

This website helps independent landlords, property managers, and real estate agents. On this website, landlords can obtain the rental history of their applicants. The website provides details such as address history, criminal background, and multi-state criminal record searches. 

It also comes with unique features like landlord acceptance rate and safe rent score. Also, Landlords use these tools to decide if a tenant qualifies or not. It allows landlords to receive screening results on their dashboards. 

9. TurboTenant 

The platform was established in 2015. It has been used by more than 300,000 landlords in property management, tenant screening, and marketing. Just like Avail, it is another all-in-one website that is great for landlords, property managers, and real estate agents. 

The website supports landlords with a maximum of 100 properties. Also, it allows tenants to complete rental applications online, pay for screening and submit results to landlords. Although it is free for landlords to post and market their listings, screening tenants attract a fee. 

10. National Tenant Network

With 35 regional offices across the US, this platform boasts dedicated agents that help screen tenants for landlords. It is among the oldest tenant screening companies with over 35 years. 

The platform is perfect for landlords who want to quickly screen their applicants and get recommendations. It gives applicants a score on a scale of 0 to 100 to make it easy. 

Last Word On Rental History Check Sites 

In conclusion, Performing a rental history check is worth the time and cost involved. It is always better to pay a small fee upfront instead of risking thousands of dollars in damaged property

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