Selecting Give-Away Gear That Folks Actually Want

Selecting Give-Away Gear That Folks Actually Want

Whether you’ve got a company picnic coming up or you’re marking a major milestone in your organization’s history, there are plenty of occasions where you want to give away t-shirts, coffee mugs, or stickers. If so, you’ll want to get gifts Gear that impress your audience.

However, oftentimes these commemorative gifts end up in the trash. The following steps could help make your next giveaway a huge success.

Pay Close Attention to “Use” Value

Most folks probably don’t need a parka if your office is in Miami. This seems obvious, but it’s still a common mistake for companies to pick gifts people won’t use. It’s wise to think about the team members and what unique things they could benefit from.

For example, many people are trying to reduce the use of plastic grocery bags. You can get reusable bags that make it easy to ditch plastic. Even less environmentally conscious people will still be able to find a lot of uses for reusable bags.

Ultimately, the more useful a gift is, the more likely consumers will use it. That’s as true for free giveaway gear as anything else.

Make Your Flare Unique

Many companies put their brand front and center when coming up with giveaway gear. Sometimes that works, especially if your logo and branding truly stand out. However, some folks don’t want to feel like walking billboards.

Instead of focusing exclusively on your company logo and brand, consider ways to integrate your brand into custom designs that feature patriotic themes or other interests. Or you should skip company branding altogether. If the Fourth of July approaches, women’s and men’s patriotic t-shirts may become more valuable.

Sure, your brand might not take center stage, but at the end of the day, your good deeds and focus on your audience can shine in the spotlight. Ultimately, this could provide the most benefits for your team members and the organization as a whole.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Organizations can select reusable bags, patriotic gear, weather-appropriate attire, or whatever else. Still, if they skimp on quality, the result will almost always be the same: The goods will most likely end up in the trash bin or collecting dust at the back of the closet.

Quality is a crucial factor, no matter your product. With t-shirts, this includes high-quality fabrics that will last, shirts that offer a good fit, excellent graphics, and all the rest. With reusable bags, if a bag starts to tear or is uncomfortable to use, it would quickly falls out of use.

Ultimately, custom gear can strengthen your brand and improve your work culture. However, you should ensure that any such gear is useful, interesting, and high-quality.

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