Shaggy Mullet Haircut

Shaggy Mullet Haircut

The shaggy mullet hairstyle was trending in the 70s, and it is back. This time, women are free to experiment with their hair, hence the birth of the different mullet hairstyles. The style is characterized by shorter strands at the front and crown area, which grow longer at the back of the head. The hairdo gives an illusion of more volume, fashion, and personality. 

Women who want to try the mullet hairdo are advised to get an experienced stylist. You should also research and consult with the stylist for the best mullet style, depending on your face shape and hair texture. Your style also depends on how crispy you want the bangs to look, which you should discuss with the stylist. If you are ready for the mullet hairdo, here are some styles to try. 

Mullet With Curtain Fringe

If you want to bring out the inner pop star in you, go for the mullet shag with bangs. The stylist uses a razor to style the hair in a choppy texture. Ensure your strands are dry before you begin cutting them to blend the layers of different sizes perfectly. After the shave, use a shampoo to keep your strand and scalp clean and moisturize hair oil. 

Long Wolf Cut

Are you looking for a sexy haircut with more volume and body? The wolf cut is yours to try. Ask your stylist to add a flirty bang to make the style more appealing and exciting. If you have thick hair, reduce the weight to allow the layers to have more movement. You can use a styling cream that suits your hair’s texture.

Shagged Mullet

The shagged mullet will look good on you if you have blonde or balayage hair. The shag on the mid-length hair gives the wearer a rock chick vibe. Add a choppy baby bang and shorter crown layers. The haircut adds dimension to make the layers more visible. 

Feminine Choppy Mullet

The feminine mullet requires you to have long layers. The stylist makes them hang behind the ear on the sides and leaves the back hair lengthy. There are more bangs on the side of the face that hug your face to give the style a retro feeling. The stylist adds more bangs above the eyebrows and styles the entire hair into a beachy wave. 

Edgy Shaggy Pixie style

You can try the edgy shaggy pixie mullet if you don’t mind the shaggy hairdos. It is soft and leaves the wearer looking more feminine. It is also easy to style, although you will need more salon visits than the other hairstyles. Ask your stylist to give a shirt textured bang because they make your eyes more noticeable. 

Shoulder Length Wolf Cut

The shoulder-length wolf cut has two incorporates different hair lengths. The longer strands are longer than the front and side ones, and there is a visible disconnection. The hairstylist adds rounded layers and a full bang to the hair if you have a wider face. To style the hairdo, blow dry with a round brush. It creates volume and bends the top layers. 

Shagged Out style

Don’t let the year-end without trying the shagged out mullet hairdo if you have long hair. The shoulder-length hair is visible with a bang slightly above the eyebrows. Your stylist will use a razor and other cutting tools to style the shaggy mullet. Then, add styling creams to keep the hairdo all day. 

Short Shaggy style

You don’t need long hair to style the shaggy hairdo because short hair can also be styled. However, the shaggy hairstyles are not for the weak because you will create attention in most places you go. The stylist adds textured layers and shorter bangs to ensure your eyebrows are more visible. This hairdo ensures all your facial features are visible. 

Short Style With Choppy Layers

The short mullet with choppy layers is a hairstyle borrowed from the 90os. The stylist uses a razor and sheer carving techniques to create pockets of textures. You should use the right products to keep the style. 

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