Is a Sharksnado a real thing? Is There a Sequel to Sharksnado?

Is a Sharksnado a real thing? Is There a Sequel to Sharksnado?

Sharksnado is a science fiction comic disaster film produced in 2013 in the United States for television and directed by Anthony C. Ferrante. 

The story describes a waterspout that brings sharks ashore in Los Angeles after it has sucked them out of the ocean. The Sharknado film franchise kicks off with this, the first installment. The picture didn’t take long to gain a cult following because of its over-the-top plot and dramatic flair. 

Overview of Sharksnado

If you’re a fan of science fiction and disaster films, Sharknado is sure to be a wild ride. Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, the 2013 television film is an action-packed epic that follows the chaos caused by a waterspout carrying sharks out of the ocean and onto the streets of Los Angeles.

The story begins when the tornado-like waterspout approaches the California coastline, bringing a swarm of hungry sharks. As the sharks begin to wreak havoc on the city, a group of brave individuals must team up to save the day. 

Group Includes

This group includes Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering), Nova Clarke (Cassie Scerbo), April Wexler (Tara Reid), and George (John Heard). With their courage and ingenuity, they must face the sharks head-on and attempt to prevent mass destruction.

The movie is full of thrilling action sequences as the group finds themselves in the eye of the storm. From the shark-infested waters to the streets of Los Angeles, they fight against the odds to save the city from disaster.

Sharksnado is a great watch for those looking for an adrenaline rush. The special effects and stunts will have you on the edge of your seat. It also serves as an important reminder of how powerful natural forces can be and how important it is to respect them.

If you’re looking for a wild ride, sharksnado is sure to deliver. With its combination of suspense, action, and humor, it’s sure to be a memorable experience. So, get ready for the ride, and don’t forget to bring a towel.

Origin of the Concept


The concept of sharksnado was born out of the imaginations of screenwriters Thunder Levin and Anthony C. Ferrante. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Levin revealed that the creative process of the film began as an idea he had to make a movie about a tornado filled with sharks.

The idea came to Levin one day while watching a movie in a theatre. He wrote down the idea and the rest is history.

The Movie 

The movie was filmed in Los Angeles, California, and the casting was done in weeks. The stars included Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, John Heard, and Cassie Scerbo.

Release of the Film

It’s been almost seven years since the release of the cult classic, Sharknado. The film, released in 2013, was met with both praise and criticism from fans and critics alike. The movie, written and directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, follows a waterspout that sucks sharks out of the ocean and brings them ashore in Los Angeles.

The film follows the characters of Fin (Ian Ziering), April (Tara Reid), and their friends as they attempt to survive the shark-infested storm. The film contained many memorable scenes, including a great white shark eating a helicopter and Fin cutting his way out of a shark with a chainsaw. Sharknado also had iconic lines, including “Sharknado doesn’t care who you are” and “Let’s go kill some sharks!”

The film was an instant cult classic and spawned five sequels, including the recently released Sharknado: The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time. The film has also become a favorite for horror and comedy fans, thanks to its pop culture references and confusing plot points.

Sharknado has become one of the most recognizable franchises in pop culture, with merchandise, comic books, and even a spin-off series, Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. 

Description of the Waterspout Bringing Sharksnado

The waterspout in Sharknado, a science fiction comic disaster movie, is a powerful force that brings sharks ashore in Los Angeles after it has sucked them out of the ocean. Also, the waterspout can lift large amounts of water, along with the sharks, onto land.

The waterspout is a dramatic and dangerous sight as it swirls around the city and carries sharks to the shore. Also, the waterspout is so powerful that the sharks it carries can cause destruction and devastation. Also, the waterspout can also create a vacuum in the ocean, which can suck up more sharks and bring them ashore.

The Waterspout in Sharksnado

The waterspout in Sharknado is often portrayed as an unstoppable force of nature that can cause destruction and chaos wherever it goes. Also, it is a powerful reminder of the power of nature and the potential destruction it can create. It is also a reminder of the danger that comes with nature’s power and the consequences it can bring.

The waterspout in sharksnado is a dramatic and frightening sight, reminding us of the destruction and destruction that powerful natural forces can cause. Also, it reminds us that nature can create destruction and chaos and that we should always be aware of the potential danger of powerful natural forces.

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What can you expect from a midnight screening of sharksnado? Well, for starters, it’s an excellent opportunity to gather with fellow Sharknado fans and enjoy a movie that continues to be a cult classic. Get ready to laugh, cheer, and scream as you watch the movie unfold.

This midnight screening of sharksnado at Regal Cinemas and Fathom Events will be an unforgettable experience. 

Pre-show Event

The screening will start with a pre-show event. In this pre-show event, you’ll get to see exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, behind-the-scenes footage, and a sneak peek at what’s to come. You’ll also get to experience the interactive sharksnado trivia game. The winner of the trivia game will receive a special prize!

After the pre-show event, you’ll get to watch the movie. Get ready to laugh, cheer, and scream as you watch the movie unfold. You’ll also get exclusive clips and footage you won’t find anywhere else.

Sharknado was a movie that made a huge splash when it first came out. Now, you can experience the cult classic in a new way at a midnight screening at Regal Cinemas and Fathom Events. Make sure to buy your tickets now, as these screenings will sell out quickly.

A Waterspout That Brings Sharksnado

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. The waterspout that brings sharksnado has arrived! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’re missing out on one of the most entertaining films of the last decade.

The waterspout that brings sharksnado is a powerful force of nature that brings thousands of sharks out of the ocean and onto land. As the waterspout travels across the landscape, it brings a storm of sharks that rain down onto the city of Los Angeles.

The movie, sharksnado, follows the story of a group of people who have to face the might of these sharks as they rain down from the sky. 

Notorious Disaster Movie

Despite being a notorious disaster movie, sharksnado has gained a considerable following due to its tongue-in-cheek approach to the genre. From the outlandish premise of the waterspout bringing sharks to Los Angeles to the ridiculous special effects, there is much to love about this movie.

The movie also provides a great platform to discuss the possible repercussions of climate change. It paints a vivid picture of the power of nature and how it can affect people’s lives when disrupted. It also highlights the need for preparation and planning in the face of unpredictable events.

The Film’s Success

The film’s success was due to a combination of factors, including its clever marketing, the meme-worthiness of the film’s tagline “sharknado,” and the sheer absurdity of the plot. The film quickly gained a cult following and achieved a level of success that many low-budget films fail to reach.

Sharknado’s success is a testament to the power of low-budget filmmaking. With the right amount of creativity and marketing, it is possible to achieve massive success, even on a shoestring budget. The film is a testament to the power of a good story, proving that you don’t need a huge budget to make a successful film.

Pros and Cons 


The Sharknado series has become a cult classic, with six total films over the years. Also, it’s been praised for its over-the-top special effects and B-movie charm, but it’s also been criticized for its campy plotlines and reliance on tropes. 

So, what should you make of the Sharknado series? Let’s look at the pros and cons of the franchise.


  • Creative and Fun Storylines: The Sharknado series is known for its incredibly creative storylines and fun plot twists. The series has managed to keep its plots fresh and entertaining throughout six films.
  • Great Special Effects: The special effects for the Sharknado series are top-notch, especially considering the budget. The shark attacks are awe-inspiring, thanks to a combination of CGI and practical effects.
  • Campy Humor: The Sharknado series succeeds because it never takes itself too seriously. The campy humor and over-the-top moments add to the fun of the franchise.


  • Overly Familiar Tropes: The Sharknado series relies heavily on tropes, which can make the films feel predictable and formulaic. It’s a shame that more original ideas weren’t used, as the franchise could have been even better.
  • Poor Acting: The acting in the Sharknado series isn’t particularly impressive, and some performances are downright cringe-worthy.
  • Overused Gimmick: The Sharknado gimmick has been used in all six films, and it’s starting to get a bit tiresome. A few fresh ideas would have been lovely to breathe new life into the franchise.

The Sharknado series is fun, campy entertainment with special effects and creative storylines. However, it has flaws, and viewers may be tired of the overused gimmick and overly familiar tropes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sharksnado has become a cult classic since its release in 2013, and with its release on Blu-Ray earlier this year, it’s sure to stay in the spotlight for some time. 

Many fans have questions about the film, so here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Sharknado.

What is Sharknado?

Sharknado is a science fiction comic disaster film directed by Anthony C. Ferrante and released on Syfy in 2013. Also, the plot follows a waterspout that brings sharks ashore in Los Angeles after it has sucked them out of the ocean. The film stars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, John Heard, and Cassie Scerbo.

Is Sharksnado Based on a True Story?

No, Sharknado is not based on a true story. The film is a work of fiction that uses natural disasters and extreme weather to create a thrilling narrative.

Is There a Sequel to Sharksnado?

Yes, there are five sequels to Sharknado. 

The other sequels, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, and The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time, all follow the same characters as they battle sharksnado around the world.

Is Sharknado a Horror Movie?

No, Sharknado is not a horror movie. While it features some intense and suspenseful moments, the film is more of an action-comedy than a horror movie.

Who stars in Sharknado?

The main characters of sharksnado are played by Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, John Heard, and Cassie Scerbo. Also, the sequels also feature appearances by other actors, including Mark McGrath, Vivica A. Fox, and Gary Busey.

Is Sharksnado on Netflix?

No, Sharknado is not currently streaming on Netflix. However, the film is available on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.


The conclusion of sharksnado is a thrilling and memorable one. Also, after a long and hard-fought battle, the heroes of Sharknado can overcome the odds and save Los Angeles from the onslaught of man-eating sharks. 

Throughout the movie, characters such as Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) and April Wexler (Tara Reid) demonstrate their strength and courage as they fight to protect the city they love. Fin and April lead the fight against the sharks and ultimately succeed in protecting the city. 

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