Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Story, and Characters

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Story, and Characters

Shimoneta Season 2 Confirmed Release Date, Characters, and all updates. The movie is ready for release on the 23rd of June 2021 it’s delayed due to Covid-19.


Shimoneta’s meaning is “boring world”. Shimoneta Season 2 is basically and produced by Japan. This is the translation of a boring world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn’t exit the novel into Japanese. This is a famous series all over japan. Shimoneta is based on the manga series and this is also based on the light novel of the manga series. This famous movie series is written by a famous writer named is Hirotaka Akagi.

Also, this series is illustrated by Japan’s famous illustrator named is Eito Shimotsuki. The Japanese people are loved to watch anime series and they are die-hard fans of this kind of anime series. This series is based on the manga anime series which is published in the year 2015.

This series is comprised of 12 episodes. Also, This series becomes more fascinating and thrilling after its first season is released. The fans are waiting for the 2nd season of this Shimoneta. So let’s start with the whole detail related to this movie.

The plotline of Shimoneta Season 2:

The story is very interesting and amazing. And this is about a dystopian alternate from Japan. The story is something about those times where the people live in cages. Also, they imposed some harsh rules to live in those cages. They are not permitted to harsh and mocking. They are not even allowed to perform any independent activity for their selves. So the story is the start of a person who wants to make his identity and his voice noticeable in front of the people of the world.

He makes many plans for this kind of living so he decided to get free from this prison kind of life. He every day makes a new plan against the government to get free his people from these toxic rules and regulations. The hero of this series is Tanukichi Okuma. He entered the high school of his hometown. Also, He wanted to make a friendship with his girlfriend named is Anna Nishikinomiyo. Anna is also his crush in his school time.

Suddenly someone kidnapped Tanukichi and his life completely changed when he comes to know about the organization that has secretly published the magazines against the government. The terrorist is called the blue snow. Then Tanukichi starts to follow this organization. This organization will publish prohibited images that are banned from the government. However, This is the aim of publishing this kind of stuff is just to challenge the government against its rules and regulations. The whole first season was completed in the year 2016.

The casting and characters of Shimoneta Season 2:

Many characters in Shimoneta Season 2 become very famous and popular in season 1. So here we discuss all the detail about this movie series along with all casting and characters. The main characters are mentioned here in this column:

Tanukichi Okuma:

Shimoneta Season 2

Tanukichi Okuma is the main and lead character of the Shimoneta Season 2 movie. He is an innocent type of protagonist guy but he is searching for his crush’s favor and affection so that he is trying to searching his love but he finds to meet the terrorist named blue snow. They kidnapped him and makes a plan to contribute to his teamwork against the government rules.

Anna Nishikinomiyo:

Anna is the main lead of this movie and she is the old crush of the hero of this series. She is studying in high school but she has no interest in the Tanukichi. She has the one main aim in her life to catch the blue snow terrorist group. But when she finds that tanukichi is also part of this secret organization. But overall Anna is a very beautiful and intelligent girl.

Otome Saotome:

Otome is another female character in this movie series. She is a great artist and can draw every kind of artwork. Once she saw tanukichi in the SOX organization and then she starts to threaten him. But she soon realized that the SOX organization is working secretly for the welfare of the people then she takes interest in this organization and also starts learning their unique artwork.

Hyouka Fuwa:

Hyouka Fuwa Shimoneta Season 2

Hyouka Fuwa is a very sharp character in this movie series. She is a very sharp learner and she can tell the future of the people. However, She often sees in the organization but she is not the official member of the SOX so she is just the fonder about the organization. She is even sharp like a cat.

Raiki Guoriki:

Raiki guoriki earlier not like the main hero Tanukichi in Shimoneta Season 2 movie. Because he is the son of an ex-terrorist. Then he soon knows all about the Tanukichi and starts to like him. Raiki learned about the Tanukichi from the organization of SOX. 

Kosuri Onigashira:

Kosuri is a very romantic girl. Also, She learned many romantic acts and tactics from the SOX organization. She uses her romantic tantrum for what she wants to achieve in her life.

Matsukage Nishikinomiya:

Matsukage is one of the oldest characters in this movie series. He is the father of Anna and he is also the big politician of the country. He is one of them who made this kind of worse rule for the rest of the people.

Annie Brown:

Annie Brown

She is the Japanese demonstrator and she is also teaching the hand motion sensor of her students. She knows a little about Japanese and she is not known about the language of American.

Sophia brown:

Sophia is the mother of Anna and she is the main and leading one of the culprits who impose this kind of rule.

The trailer and promo of Shimoneta Season 2:

The trailer of this Shimoneta Season 2 will be released on the 23rd of June 2021. It is a confirmed date for releasing the trailer and promo.

The final words:

Shimoneta Season 2 will be the best anime movie series that is proudly brought to you from Japan. It is the best and thrilling movie. The release of the new season will be soon published in 2021. The fans can watch this movie on Netflix, fun Imation and crunchy roll. We hope after reading this article you can get all information about Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Story, and Characters.

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