Slots and the different types available to try

Slots and the different types available to try

Slot games have been a popular staple within the casino landscape for decades.

There are many different visuals you may see along the reels, which can greatly vary based on the type of slot game you’re playing – and there is a lot to choose from – from games like Ages of Fortune to Fishin Frenzy Even Bigger Catch!

If you want to explore some of the different types of Slots you can find either at a land-based or online casino, read on to discover more…

The most classic slot

Some of the most original slot machines feature three reels and are often seen as the embodiment of traditional slot gaming.

These types of Slots originated in brick-and-mortar establishments, but you can also find them online if you prefer a more retro gaming experience.

They have the most straightforward designs with classic symbols, including sevens, fruits, bars, and bells.

But will you try your chances at creating some matching combinations, or do you want to try some other Slots that have evolved from this most classic variation?

Fruit machines

These are variations of some of the most classic Slots and are especially popular within the UK.

They come with unique features, like ‘nudge’ or ‘hold’ buttons, so you can try your chances of landing matching icons on the reels.

They can even offer an extra level with other features, so will you be spinning a classic fruit machine anytime soon?

Video Slots 

After classic Slots came video Slot, which revolutionised the slot gaming landscape, as they use digital technology to level up your gaming experience.

This includes more advanced visuals, extra features, and a wider array of themes to try.

Video Slots often consist of five or more reels, so there are more opportunities to try your chances at gaining some successful symbol combinations.

And with themes to suit what you like, including ancient Egypt and sports, there’s plenty to try.

Within a game, there may also be extra features, like free spin rounds and chances to multiply payouts. 

This isn’t it – try a video slot to see what you can find…

3D Slots

These Slots incorporate three-dimensional visuals and graphics. 

3D Slot provide great storylines, so not only are you getting great visuals but you can find a slot that suits you.

They aren’t as widespread as some of the more classic forms of Slots, but as technology further evolves, you’ll find more of these great games.

Cluster pays Slots

Usually, with Slots, you’re successful if you see matching combinations along lines, but cluster pays are different.

In these games, success is based on clusters of symbols rather than specific paylines, so when a group of matching symbols forms a cluster, they often explode or disappear. This makes room for new symbols to drop in.

These Slots also usually come with cascading reels, where symbols fall from the top to create the potential for more clusters to be formed! With so many Slots to choose from, what will be your next game?

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