How to Facilitate Healthcare Concerns with Space Management Solution? 

How to Facilitate Healthcare Concerns with Space Management Solution? 

Employees know that they are spending a large portion of their lives at work (over one-third of their lives, to be precise). So, it is only natural they expect employers to deliver on the healthcare front. If you’re wondering how a space management solution can solve your employees’ hybrid workplace healthcare concerns, read on.

And the pandemic has only strengthened this sentiment. 66% of employees are worried about contracting COVID-19 at the office. On the contrary, employers are afraid that the reluctance to come to work will impact workplace productivity and deadlines.

The middle-ground now is building a workplace that prioritizes employee health and safety. And thankfully, a space management solution can help with it.

However, If you’re wondering how a space management solution can solve your employees’ hybrid workplace healthcare concerns, read on.

Five Ways to Facilitate Healthcare Concerns With a Space Management Software

1. Implement Employee Screening

The last thing you want is to do is compromise the health and safety of all your employees within the office. And an unchecked infected employee can do just that. This is why you need an employee health screening protocol at the entrance of your office if you don’t have one already. Even better if you can install a space management system with a built-in employee screening tool.

An employee health screening tool can help you safely conduct employee screenings, including automated temperature checks, sending health questionnaires, etc. In fact, some software allow you to keep track of employee vaccination status and other key health information too.

Keep in mind that employee health and personal details are sensitive information. So, only install effective space management software that establishes anonymity in the checkup process. This ensures that the information is secure and relieves employees from fear of being stigmatized.

2. Enable Contactless Access

Employees can contract COVID-19 and several other infections through physical contact with inanimate objects or surfaces. One way to reduce the instances of infection spread is to reduce the number of contact points in the office. 

These days, many space management solutions have contactless access control modules to help you enable touchless access to your facility. Once the space management solution is installed, employees can use QR codes to check-in and out of the facility.  

What’s more, the tool can also record employee details like temperature and personal information as employees pass through the entrance. This, in turn, makes contact tracing efforts easier.

3. Enforce COVID-Appropriate Behavior

The pandemic isn’t over yet. Hence, masking and physical distancing, especially in crowded office spaces are a must. However, ensuring all your employees follow COVID-appropriate behavior at all times can quickly get exhausting. Reminding employees individually to abide by guidelines can become downright impossible. But, a workplace management solution can help you with it.

With a space management solution that prioritizes employee health, you can automate mask detection. The mask scanners can detect whether employees are wearing masks and deny entry to those not complying with the rules. 

What’s more, with workplace health and safety solutions, you can also get the digital declaration signed by employees. This way, you can keep employees accountable for workplace safety and ensure that they abide by the office health and safety norms.

4. Manage Floor Occupancy

Overcrowding at the workplace is already an example of poor space management. But given the virus spreads rapidly in closed, enclosed spaces (like offices), overcrowded offices are a health hazard too. Sure you need to ensure your employees are working at a safe distance. 

But how do you do it? With a space management solution.

A space management solution keeps track of occupancy in common meeting spaces and allows you to set maximum capacity limits. What’s more, some space management solutions even alert you when space occupancy exceeds the set limit. This helps you take prompt action and bring floor occupancy down as required.

Simply put, you do not have to worry about hosting even a single person over capacity with a space management solution. You can be assured that you are maintaining safe floor occupancy levels.

5. Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a public health strategy that helps identify people who have come into contact with an infected person. This person can then be isolated, thereby breaking the chain of infection. And it is an effective way of ensuring workplace safety in case of a possible infection spread, especially during these trying times.

Today, many space management solutions come with tools to assist you in contact tracing efforts. Along with screening data, space management tools also give you data about employee seating. This means you can easily track an infected employee and people who have come in contact with them and notify them to quarantine themselves.

Wrapping Up

Health-oriented space management is the need of the hour. After all, it prevents the spread of diseases at your facility, keeps your employees safe, and thereby enhances the overall employee experience.

So, give your employees a safe work environment with top-notch space management. Look for a solution like WorkInSync that optimizes your space utilization with real-time data. It also has features like contact tracing, floor occupancy checks, and sanitization workflows. You can book a free demo today to learn more. 

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