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Why Do People Think That Online Betting Will Never Be Legalised In Texas?

In recent years sports betting has taken the world by storm especially due to the big technology transformation that happened. This has caused a number of ups and downs in the Lonestar State. So why do people consider the legalization of online gaming in texas impossible? What has led to the loss of hope? And will things change for Texas residents hoping to wager?

The Legality of Sports Betting in Texas

Currently, sports betting in Texas is deemed illegal by the state. The laws prohibit sports wagering companies from setting up shop in Texas. It’s becoming increasingly probable that Texas will allow sports betting. In addition to Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban, prominent Texas sports club owners Tilman Fertitta and Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks have publicly stated their support for legalized sports betting in the state of Texas. Until one or two of these sports betting, legislation are eventually passed during each parliamentary session, new ones will be submitted every time. According to one industry analyst, if this happens; Texas sports betting may create revenue amounts comparable to those of New York. Mobile sports betting firms in New York generated $1.6 billion in wagers in the first month of operation, which began in January. The state’s coffers got roughly $58 million thanks to a tax rate of 51 percent.

Offshore Betting Sites

Thankfully there is no law that prohibits the use of offshore online betting sites. When it comes to sports betting, offshore bookies are your only legal option. Thankfully you can find loads of information regarding virtual sports wagering in Texas including several bookie reviews, bonuses, bet type variants, and more on the internet. Offshore sites are usually associated with a bad reputation, but like most taboos, they are without good reason. Most offshore bookies use authority sites such as the Malta Gambling Authority & UKGC for licensing. Having a license means good business for the bookie as the license is a badge of honor for players looking to wager.

How to Bet on Sports In Texas

A wide range of betting options are available to you, whether you’re wagering online or at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook. The handle is the entire amount of money that a sportsbook takes in for a given event, which includes all bets placed on the outcome of that event. Against the spread: Football is king in Texas; thus spread betting on large games will be popular in Texas sports betting. The favorite is denoted by a negative sign in this betting system, which handicaps both teams equally. Want to wager on anything other than the final score of a game? Try a proposition bet. A prop bet is a gamble on a certain result inside a game or match other than the ultimate score. For example, a prop bet in pro baseball may be on whether a player for Texas hits a home run or if a starting pitcher for Houston can make it through seven innings in a huge game.

Difficulty Legalising Sports Betting In Texas

Representative Eddie Lucio III introduced House Measure 1275, a 15-page bill, to the Texas legislature in 2019. The bill contains measures that would allow Texans to wager online and on their mobile devices. The law included further provisions, such as Gambling in Texas would be under the purview of the Texas Commission on Licensing and Regulating, any bet on sports would be subject to a 6.25 percent levy and bettors would be able to gamble on both professional and collegiate sports with this new wagering option. However, this plan, and any move to allow sports betting in Texas; would need a vote to change the Texas Constitution. Gambling is illegal in Texas because of a constitutional prohibition, not because of normal legislation. As a result, getting any legislation through Congress will be extremely difficult. As well as two-thirds of the votes from each chamber; it must put to a vote and passed by the general public.

When will Texas Finally Have Online Gambling?

Before the year 2023, it looks like legal sports betting will not be available in Texas. Because the Texas Legislature only meets on odd-numbered years; legalization in Texas will have to wait another two years if it is not passed in 2021. In Austin, there is a strong anti-gambling sentiment in the legislative body. The majority of Texans are not averse to sports gambling. There was a recent poll performed by the University of Texas – Tyler that revealed 43% of Texas residents support legal sports betting; while another 31% were unsure. Only 26% of those polled were completely opposed to it. Most remarkably, these percentages were nearly the same across political parties – with the exception of white evangelicals; who were more opposed to further growth. Even so, just 44 percent of that group felt strongly enough to oppose sports betting implementation. Interestingly, the same poll found that more than half of those polled were in support of allowing casinos in the state to open up shop. Older people, on the other hand, are the most likely to vote and donate to political campaigns. In Texas, this group has a negative view of gaming. As a result, in Texas, it’s not uncommon for a vociferous minority of dissatisfied citizens to exert influence on state officials. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick have both been outspoken opponents of casino expansion throughout their terms as governor and lieutenant governor, respectively.


Out-of-state gambling interests also contribute heavily to the political campaigns of Texas lawmakers. A good example is the Chickasaw Nation; which operates the WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma (about an hour north of the DFW Metroplex). The Chickasaw Nation has contributed more than $15 million to political causes, many of them in Texas, over the years. Even while the public appears to support the idea of sports betting in Texas; there are a number of significant political barriers that must be cleared before the issue can be debated in the state legislature. Election results in 2022 might be the strongest predictor of a probable shift in this situation.

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