An Artist’s Guide To Marketing Music On Spotify

An Artist’s Guide To Marketing Music On Spotify

Introduction to Spotify Music Marketing:

Spotify is a music streaming service available to the public. It is one of the biggest, most accessible, and affordable platforms of its kind. Spotify Music Marketing offers numerous benefits to intending and current artists. However, you need to know how the platform operates “behind the scene” to make the best out of it. Here are tips that will help you to benefit from Spotify.

Acceptable content

It is easy to get music on Spotify since the platform accepts all types of artistic expression. Except for hateful, infringing, or illegal ones, most content is accepted on the platform. Are you wondering whether your music will be welcomed on Spotify or not? Check its list of prohibited content before you upload yours.

Create a profile

The “Spotify for Artists” feature allows creators to have control over their content on the platform. Besides allowing you to update your artist profile, you can see listeners to your music and even sell merch. The feature gives you instant verification allowing your fans to know that you are genuine.

The stat on your content will help you determine your fans’ favorite music. It will also aid you to plan promotional campaigns and decide locations to book tour dates. The unique features on Spotify not only give artists control but also allow them to interact directly with their audience on the platform. 

Choose a distributor

If you want to put your music on Spotify, you have to choose a distributor. If you have a label, the label you are signed to will add your music to the platform. Spotify has dealt with some companies to distribute the music of artists who are not signed to any label to the platform. The distributing companies also receive royalties on behalf of the artists.

Though DISTROKID is Spotify’s preferred distributor, the streaming service also recommends CD Baby, EmuBands, TuneCore, AWAL, and Record Union. Besides the distribution of artists’ music, these companies handle the licensing of the content. Before you opt for any distributor, make research. The distributor will take a percentage of your royalty before paying you.

Figure out your promotional options

Playlists are a significant feature on Spotify. Music listeners make use of it but artists can take advantage of it as a promotional tool. The billions of playlists on Spotify offer artists opportunities for growth. Based on algorithms obtained from listeners the platform creates personalized playlists. It also creates editorial playlists and allows listeners to create fan playlists.

Spotify gives new music updates. Once fans follow you on the platform, the “release radar playlist” in their app will show your new music. They will also receive the new release update in their personalized emails. A new feature on the platform uses artists’ new songs for curated playlists.

Artists have to submit their songs to the team’s playlist editors 7 days before their release to considered for the curated playlist. This feature gives artists the opportunity to have their songs on a more public playlist. Besides, it brings more exposure, listeners, and even followers. Also, Spotify shares artists’ tour dates.

Last words on Spotify Music Marketing:

If your music is on Spotify Music Marketing, your task is to get heard. You need a fan base to promote your content. Don’t panic if you are struggling to get fans on the platform. You can release a song on Spotify with the help of our training.

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