Student Films and Reality: The Differences

Student Films and Reality: The Differences

How different are student films from reality? What is Student life Reality? Here are the top script clichés and the real facts that will surprise you! Now you can find out the truth.

Many student films can be very far from reality, as directors and screenwriters try to create an interesting story for the audience. But how different are movies from reality? Here are the main differences that are most interesting.

School Work Load

If you’ve ever watched American Pie and similar films, you might be surprised that students don’t worry about their exams. Moreover, it may seem that they do not even waste time on essays and other papers. This is because writers want to make characters interesting and focus mainly on relationships and conflicts.

Real-life is much more prosaic and complicated. Students have to write essays, term papers, dissertations, and other assignments almost weekly. The educational schedule is quite intense in any college. This is why reality is so different from movies and TV shows. In addition, students often need medical essay examples and other samples due to a lack of time and experience. This is exactly the Student life Reality that you will not know about while watching the movie.

Deep and Thorough Review for Exams

Here is another aspect that should dispel the myths of filmmaking. The fact is that many screenwriters and directors portray students as light-hearted and cheerful individuals who come into the audience a couple of minutes before the tests or exams start. But, as a rule, the whole process of studying and other activities remains behind the scenes. This is the main difference between cinema and reality.

Student life is not just a walk in the park. Typically, you will have to spend 3-5 hours every day dealing with your papers. In addition, you will have a lot of lab reports and tests. That is why free essays on sex education and other samples are salvation for any modern student. Don’t believe films that show the educational process as something overwhelmingly positive and simple.

Lack of Time for Personal Life

As a rule, not all students realize how difficult the educational process can be. Part of the reason for this carelessness is modern cinema. For example, you should pay attention to the “Never Back Down” movie. The main characters have enough time to learn martial arts, build relationships and relax with friends. How can they combine all these activities and not get low grades?

The problem is that movies and TV shows are created by people who are not interested in authenticity. The main challenge is to attract as many people as possible to the cinemas. Unfortunately, the Student life Reality is much harsher. If you want to get a good education and are willing to take the time to write all your papers, then you have to say goodbye to a lot of fun activities. Plus, your main desire is sleep and relaxation.

Not Too Much Partying

And here is the most inaccurate aspect of student life on which hundreds of Hollywood films are built. If you are a naive person, you may think that most modern students are carefree and happy people who spend their lives partying, traveling, and relaxing. But the reality is that your college or university life is not like the “My Super Sweet 16” reality television series.

Most likely, you will have to study hard or even work in the evenings, as student debt is a big financial burden on any family budget. The only activities for modern students are infrequent walks with friends, joint shopping, and infrequent trips to cafes. In Student life Reality they don’t have time to go out and drink gallons of alcohol and not get a hangover. But you are unlikely to learn the truth from Hollywood movies.

Family Life

Any student film is based on the conflict between children and their parents or relatives. In part, this decision can be justified by creating interesting story arcs and character development. However, if the main character does not change and realizes any important life truths, the film will not be very interesting.

The reality is much simpler. The fact is that only a few teenagers manage to get an educational grant. Typically, parents have to pay for college or university. This is why families always support students. Few parents conflict with their children and do not believe in their success. That is why many conflicts in films are greatly exaggerated and do not correspond to reality.

Constant Fights and Conflicts

Here’s another cliche found in most films. The writers believe that many aggressive people consider it their duty to offend all newbies and weak people in every school, university, or college. But, unfortunately, the Student life Reality is that only a few educational institutions have problems with student aggression, racial discrimination, or drug trafficking.

Of course, you may have a conflict with any of your peers. But this does not mean that any mutual claims should develop into a fight, psychological pressure, or even shooting. Most of the conflicts in films are too exaggerated. No one will kill you for stepping on someone’s foot or saying something inappropriate. In addition, any aggressive student will be immediately expelled for any bodily injury.

Fraternities and Sororities

These social organizations are like hobby clubs where people can get support and advice from other students. However, modern cinema portrays fraternities and sororities as a branch of Hell on Earth or as authoritarian organizations that can ruin any students’ life. The reality is much more prosaic.

Students join such social organizations because of quotas and certain educational opportunities. Moreover, there is no struggle between Sigma Phi, Delta Phi, and other organizations. Therefore, you do not have to fight with representatives of other social groups or perform humiliating actions. In addition, fraternities and sororities do not have any important leverage on students, so you should not be afraid of this.

Final Words on Student life Reality

Films are created to make people have fun, empathize with the main characters, and experience strong emotions. But the real-life of any student is very different from Hollywood scenarios. As a rule, you will have little free time and a lot of assignments. However, this is quite justified, because your whole life depends on a good education. That is why you should not perceive the educational process as an easy walk in the park.

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