The Benefits of Platonic Relationships

The Benefits of Platonic Relationships

Do people spend too much time focusing on romantic and sexual relationships? Maybe not. It’s perfectly natural to want someone to love. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing that. However, what many people neglect are their Platonic Relationships. It’s just as important to cultivate close, meaningful friendships as it is to find a lover.

If you haven’t made these relationships a priority in your life, you’re truly missing out. You’re also not alone. These connections are often the first to go when life gets hectic. That’s a shame because close friendships truly make life better.

What is a Non-Romantic Relationship

A non-romantic relationship can be a friendship, but that’s not all. Your platonic social connections may include your best friend and many others with whom you have built a large social group. That’s not all.  Your work acquaintances, neighbors, and others who are part of your life but not as lovers or deeply involved friends. It’s important that you have these connections for your own mental health.

Platonic Relationships Fortify Your Social Circle

There is practical and emotional value to having a larger social circle. First, having a large network of platonic friends can really be handy. While you shouldn’t form friendships based solely on what you get out of the exchange, your platonic social circle could be a potential resource when you need help of any kind. That might be references or recommendations for jobs, help with major tasks, and other favors you need in a clutch.

When you have a large circle of friends, you are in a better position to:

  • Participate in shared hobbies 
  • Have people to communicate with
  • Ask for advice and opinions
  • Provide your own advice and opinions

If you take the time to develop your friendships, there will always be someone there for you. Whether you need help moving, an extra player for pickleball, or just someone to hang out with, you will be happy you have plenty of friends around.

Close Friends Are a Source of Support

It isn’t that you can’t count on a romantic partner for emotional support. You can and should be able to rely on them for that. It’s just that you need friends too. The emotional support they offer isn’t necessarily better. It’s just different. Also, sometimes the support and encouragement you need is directly related to your significant other. That’s when you need a good friend with no romantic or sexual attachment to you.

You Can be Yourself With Your Friends

Once you settle into an authentic, comfortable friendship and Platonic Relationships you can truly be yourself. Ideally, you can feel safe around a romantic partner. However, there is always at least a little pressure to be at your best. With friends, you have people with whom you can share your uncomfortable truths.

Friends Bring New Perspectives And Views

Friends can make you an interesting person. If you build a strong friend circle with a diverse group of people, you are already on your way to becoming well-rounded. When you regularly spend time with people who have different backgrounds, experiences, and world views you learn so much. Perhaps more importantly, you develop a strong sense of empathy that comes from understanding others.

Non-Romantic Relationships Improve Mental Health

Loneliness and isolation absolutely take a toll on your mental health. Spending time with friends may not be a cure for mental illness, it certainly has a positive effect on you. Have you been feeling exceptionally sad, restless, or bored lately? Try to spend time with your friends. When you make human connections with people you enjoy, you don’t just meet a basic human need. Your brain releases feel-good chemicals that can improve your mood and outlook.

Friendships Are A Source of Affection

Non-sexual physical affection is so important. People need to experience verbal and physical expressions of affection quite frequently. This type of interaction connects us to others in ways that are undeniably meaningful. It’s imperative that all of us experience this kind of connection that isn’t all about sexuality and the baggage that can come with that.

How Do You Develop Platonic Relationships?

If you want to develop more friendships, you have to make a time commitment. It truly is a matter of spending more time with the friends you have, and making an effort to develop new connections. 

Pursue your hobbies and get out there with people who enjoy the same things. Volunteer in your community. Talk to people at parties. Also, consider streamlining the time you spend working on your romantic life. If you want to find a romantic partner easily try Hily app. This will allow you to find someone to date quickly so you can focus on these friendship connections.


Everybody needs friends. If you are lacking in close personal friendships your mental health may suffer. It’s also quite lonely without someone to hang with, offer great advice, or be the person who offers practical help when you need it.

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