The safest online gaming payment methods

The safest online gaming payment methods

Video gaming is a hobby enjoyed by many across the globe, yet in recent years the way we play video games has drastically shifted to an online presence. As of 2021, there were an estimated 3.24 billion online gamers across the globe, with Asia accounting for the highest number of video gamers worldwide at 1.48 billion. Here we will discuss top forms of safest online payment for gaming online

These statistics show just how far the industry has come from the days where teenagers would hang out in arcades to get their video gaming fix, or gamers had to dial up to the internet on their pc and install the game on a disk in order to play. Yet, these new methods of online gaming on apps, streaming platforms and wifi connected consoles mean; that gaming payment methods have also dramatically changed. 

While providers like 777 casino offer a range of secure payment methods, it can often be a challenge for online gamers to know if they are on a trusted site or using a payment method that protects them from ever increasing online fraid. 

Below, we’ll take a look at the top forms of safest online payment for gaming online. 

Visa debit and credit cards

Visa debit and credit cards are one of the most traditional payment methods to opt for, but with good reason. Thanks to a global standard called PCI DSS; online merchants must conform to certain standards when handling and storing users’ card details. Some of the benefits of a PCI compliant online merchant include: 

  • A reduced amount of data breaches where your card and other personal information can be stolen.
  • Gamers have peace of mind that their security is being put first
  • The merchant is meeting a baseline of global standards where you can be sure your transaction is in safe hands. 

In addition, Visa has their own online protection system that aims to make payments more secure. Working closely with online merchants, visa payments are subject to rigorous checks that ensure it is in fact the card holder and no one else making a transaction. In order to check if a merchant is working with Visa for safer payments, look for the Visa Secure badge on the gaming website. 

While inputting your card details into a site isn’t the most convenient option for making online payments; it is one of the most secure which means having to get up; and go find your bank card to set up a new game or subscription purchase is well worth it. However, one thing to consider is that if you’re using an offshore provider; there is a chance you will be charged conversion fees if payment is in a different currency. 


As an online payment solution, PayPal has rapidly become one of the most popular online payment methods in the world. When you sign up with paypal, you only have to input your bank and card details once; then after this they are safely stored so you don’t have to do this again. 

Not only do PayPal transactions provide more privacy than using a visa credit or debit card by using end-to-end encryption for every transaction, it also offers consumers much more protection. If there is an issue with a transaction; gamers are easily able to raise a ticket within paypal and claim back their hard earned cash; while debit card transactions are at more risk. 

While PayPal also charges currency conversion fees, these are often much lower than the rates that standard banks charge, making them a more popular option for international payments. 

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Apple Pay

If you’re looking for a payment option that offers both safety and the most convenience then Apple Pay is an excellent option. Best for players who enjoy mobile gaming on their phone or tablet while on the go; Apple Pay allows gamers to simply use their face/touch ID or phone passcode to make a payment. 

Apple Payments offer more safety in the way that your payment details are never shared with the merchant; and you don’t have to enter any personal or financial details when making the transaction. 

One thing to bear in mind is that there is a payment limit in order to make Apple payments more secure; so if you’re needing larger amounts for the likes of casino games with high stakes; then it’s best to opt for a different payment method. 

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Crypto Currency

While the crypto currency market may have crashed recently, those using a fairly stable currency like Bitcoin have the option of making crypto transactions on participating gaming sites. 

Unlike traditional payments, cryptocurrency is a form of decentralised currency that does not go through a central banking authority. The technology operates on the blockchain, meaning transactions are made across several computers in a peer-to-peer network where payments are much harder to track.

As such, gamers can be rest assured that by paying with cryptocurrency; they have much more anonymity than with more traditional payment methods. In addition, as payments do not go through a central banking authority, transactions are usually much quicker; improving the overall gaming experience for consumers. 


Overall, the online payment industry has come a long way in recent years; and has evolved to match the advancements of online gaming. As such, there are a range of safe online payment methods today that mean players should not feel limited as there are many safe and convenient options to choose from to suit each type of gaming experience. 

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