18 Things Guys Do That Girls Love – Attractive Things About Guys

18 Things Guys Do That Girls Love – Attractive Things About Guys

What are The Things That Guys Do That Girls Love? Kissing her forehead and hand, Cuddle in bed etc… are Things Guys do That Girls Like.

Girls may seem very complicated to most guys. There are many jokes about the troubles of understanding what a girl does and doesn’t like. While it is true that every girl is unique and has her own likes and dislikes, most girls would agree upon some things that guys do. Check out our list of things guys do that girls like.

No1: Hold the doors for her

Gentlemen are not appreciated enough. We may not live in the age of knights but there are very few girls that would not appreciate simple gentlemen’s acts such as holding the door for her. It may sound old-fashioned, but it makes a girl feel like a princess. It also shows that you have good manners and that you care about her.

No2: Offer her his jacket

Girls simply love the little things guys do. It makes them feel really cherished. When you offer your jacket, it shows that you are brought up well. It also tells her that you care about her wellbeing. You are prepared to make a small sacrifice and get cold just so she could be nice and warm in your jacket. There is really no downside to this move!

No3: Holding heavier things for her

Yes, girls can do it all! And, yes, they like it when guys offer to do some heavy lifting for them. Whether it is carrying her bags from store to store or boxes when moving, offer to carry something heavy for her. You will get the chance to show her you care for her and don’t want her to get exhausted from heavy lifting. But, you will also give her the opportunity to see you as a strong, fit man. That is what girls are easily attracted to: strong men that care about them and are willing to help them. You may get a reward for your work, if you are lucky enough!

No4: Catching him looking at her

Girls like to look nice. What is more, they like guys noticing that they look nice. But, the best thing to them is catching guys looking at them in awe. It shows true admiration and infatuation. And if you don’t look away when she catches you looking, you hit the jackpot. Girls love that kind of confidence. If you continue looking at her, that will show that you like her and you are not shy or afraid to let her know that. If you smile a little in addition, that would be even better. Its most romantic Things guys do that girls love. It would make you seem playful. And, who doesn’t like some playfulness?

No5: Holding her hand unexpectedly

In later stages of the relationship, it is common to hold hands while walking down the street, for instance. But, there are times that a guy takes your hand and holds it unexpectedly like in a movie theatre or while driving you home after a date. That little unexpected gesture is adorable and sends important messages to a girl. When you hold her hand for no reason, it tells you want to be close to her. It says to her that she is yours and you never want to let her go.

No6: Complimenting her

Who doesn’t like to hear something good about themselves? Girls are no different. Nice little compliments can go a long way. Tell her how beautiful she is or how good she is with the kids. Compliments are especially welcome when they are unexpected. For example, when she doesn’t feel pretty or when they are about something she thinks she isn’t good at, like cooking or driving.

No7: Kissing her forehead and hand

Kisses are always great. But, there are some kinds of kisses that are especially nice. Those are kisses on the forehead and hand. Kissing her hand shows great appreciation. And when you kiss her hand upon meeting with her it is a chivalrous, well-mannered act. One kiss on the forehead shows fondness and tender love. Girls are not immune to these lovely acts of closeness. It’s a romantic gesture that makes a girl weak in the knees.

No8: Telling her she is cute when she wakes up

Not many moments make girls doubt their attractiveness as much as having just woken up. Ruffled hair, questionable breath, wrinkled face… If you tell her that she looks cute just the way she is when she wakes up, you won her heart. This simple thing makes her feel better about herself. She will not forget how you made her feel pretty and loved. Even if she looks completely smudged and swollen, you know she’s still the cutest thing in the world to you. This is most romantic Things guys do that girls love.

No9: Running fingers through his hair

Have you noticed that men on the cover of magazines are often photographed running fingers through their hair? This is not accidental. Girls find it very attractive when a guy does that. The reason is quite simple. It is not only because guys look super cute running fingers through their ruffled hair while smiling. Guys use this move when they are around a girl they like. So, when you do that around her, not only does she find you attractive, she also feels pretty good about herself, knowing why you did it.

No10: Wrapping arms around her

Is there a feeling more safe and satisfying for a girl than having her man wrap his hands around her? Girls love when guys do that. It is a really nice protective gesture. It shows that you are always there to protect her and that you cherish her deeply. Girls usually close their eyes and sink deeper into the embrace when a guy wraps his hand around them. It means that they are genuinely enjoying it.

No11: Giving her cute nicknames

Almost every couple has a habit of creating cute nicknames for one another. Girls adore that. They love giving guys nicknames and also being called all sorts of cute names by their boyfriends. It is so cute because it shows real closeness and intimacy. It is also a sign of being crazy in love. Giving her nicknames means you know her and her idiosyncrasies well. You adore her and find her so maddeningly cute that calling her by her name is not good enough. So you came up with several cute nicknames and she loves that!

No12: Listening to her rants about anything

You know how girls can go on and on and on about all sorts of things that guys are both clueless and simply don’t care about? Whether it is a fight with her best friend or discontinuation of her favorite mascara, girls can rant for hours. It doesn’t matter to them if you don’t actively engage in their angry outbursts. They appreciate it when you listen to them while they rage on. It doesn’t matter that you have no idea what eyelash curler looks like or how many Kardashians there are. She will be thankful for you sitting through her rants, nodding and offering one-word responses instead of leaving the table or your apartment.

No13: Telling her stories from his childhood

Girls love listening to your childhood stories. If they get the chance, they will ask your friends or family members. But, it is better if you tell them. Your willingness to share your stories with her shows her that you are serious about the relationship. You don’t talk about childhood pets with a one-night stand, right? Talking about personal stuff like that means opening up to her. It means that you are sharing your life story with her. Girls know how to appreciate that.

No14: Praising her in front of others

It is one thing to compliment her when you two are alone, but it is another level to praise her in front of others. Not to mention bragging about her to your friends and family. This shows that you are truly proud of her and happy to be with her, and not just trying to flatter her. This makes a girl feel great about her and like you even more!

No15: Neck kisses

We have already discussed kisses. But neck kisses are something else. Almost every girl would melt after a nice neck kiss. The neck is a sensitive area that responds well to touch. Kisses on the neck send shivers through the body. It is an intimate gesture that is sweet and sensual at the same time. In addition, it feels like the guy is really putting effort into being close and intimate with his girl.

No16: The way they smell

The smell is one of the first things girls notice about the guy. For many girls it is on top of their must-have lists for their boyfriends. Girls simply love when guys smell nice. Perfumes for men are very attractive and girls easily notice a guy who smells nice. But research shows that guy’s natural smell is an instant turn-on for ladies. It is due to the pheromones that have a physical and hormonal influence on girls.

No17: Paying attention to her needs

Most girls would agree there are several things that guys should pay attention to. Important dates, favorite movies, birthday wishes… Paying attention to her needs shows you really care. You can show her you pay attention to her quite easily. Do the dishes when you know she had a hard day at work. Remember she likes to have a bath after a long week. Buy her the book she wanted to read for ages. She will be grateful for you paying attention to her needs and desires.

No18: Cuddle in bed

Many guys like to have their own space in the bed. They tend to sleep with a girl the same as they do when they are alone. They are sending the message there is no space for a girl in the bed. This is why girls love a guy who cuddles in bed. It is very nice and comforting and it shows you two are really close and intimate. These were some of the things most girls would probably agree are very cute and attractive when guys do them. It’s really the smallest, simplest gestures that are actually the most important. This is most interesting Things guys do that girls love. What do you think?

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